Heather Dinich (ESPN) Wiki Bio, age, husband, family, net worth, kids

• Heather Dinich is a renowned sports journalist.
• She graduated with a bachelor's degree in journalism from Indiana University.
• She is currently employed by ESPN.
• Heather is married to John Dutton and has three sons.
• She has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

Who is Heather Dinich?

Heather is a renowned name in sports journalism; she joined ESPN way back in 2007, and since then has been making a name for herself. She has primarily worked for ESPN.com, as a writer, though she has also contributed to such TV shows as ”Mike & Mike” and “ESPN First Take”, among many others.

So, do you want to find out more about this successful sports journalist, from her childhood years to most recent career endeavors, including her personal life as well? If yes, then stay with us for the length of the article, as we cover the life and work of Heather Dinich.

Heather Dinich Wiki: Age, Childhood, and Education

Heather Dinich was born on the 25th October 1974, in Indiana USA, the daughter of Dave Dinich and his wife Carol, and grew up next to two siblings, becoming interested in sports at a rather young age. She went to Pottsville Area High School, from which she matriculated in 1997; during her high school years, Heather was a part of Tide Lines, the students newspaper. She enrolled at Indiana University, from which she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in journalism.

Career Beginnings

Following her graduation, Heather joined The Washington Post as an intern, covering men’s college basketball, and eventually came to prominence with the story on the famous coach Bobby Knight. This made her quite popular, and attracted an offer from Centre Daily Times, where she was appointed as a reporter. She remained there for two years, during which time she covered Penn State Football, but due to frequent disagreements with head coach Joe Paterno, she was forced to seek employment elsewhere.

She wasn’t long without engagement, as she joined the Baltimore Sun, where she worked as a sports journalist, reporting on the University of Maryland’s men basketball as well as football.

Heather Dinich

Rise to Prominence

She remained at the Baltimore Sun for the next three years, before she received a life-changing opportunity. She was approached by ESPN to join their online platform, ESPN.com, which she accepted, and was appointed as the Atlantic Coast Conference writer. Gradually her role at ESPN.com improved, and she also started her own blog as a part of ESPN.com. Six years after she joined ESPN, Heather was promoted to ESPN television, and since 2013 she has been covering the College Football Playoffs, and has a wide range of other engagements, such as being the host of the podcast show “Championship Drive”, which airs on ESPN radio.
In addition, Heather is also involved with the Association for Women in Sports Media and Football Writers Association of America.

Heather Dinich Net Worth

Since launching her career, Heather has become a rather successful sports journalist. Since 2007, she has been working for ESPN and this has contributed significantly to her wealth. So, have you ever wondered how rich Heather Dinich is, as of early 2019? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Heather Dinich’s net worth is as high as $3 million, while her annual income is close to $100,000. This is pretty impressive, don’t you think. Undoubtedly, her wealth will increase in the upcoming years, assuming that she successfully continues her career.

Heather Dinich Personal Life, Husband, Marriage, Children

What do you know about Heather in her personal life? Well, she hasn’t been very open when it comes to sharing details from her private affairs, but we have managed some interesting facts. Heather is married to John Dutton, and the couple is blessed with three sons, William, Benjamin and John Jr. The family resides in Annapolis, Maryland USA.

Heather Dinich Internet Popularity

Over the years, Heather has become quite popular on social media platforms, especially Twitter and Facebook, though she can also be found on Instagram. Her official Twitter account has over 34,000 followers, with whom she has shared her most recent career endeavors, among many other posts. She is also quite popular on Facebook, with around 6,000 followers, and has shared videos and stories that showcase her work. You can find Heather on Instagram as well, though, she has only around 2,000 fans on this social media platform.

So, if you haven’t already become a fan of this prominent sports journalist, then this is a perfect opportunity for you to become one, just skip over to her official pages, and see what she is up to next.

Heather Dinich, Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

Do you know how tall Heather Dinich is, and how much she weighs? Well, Heather stands at 5ft 7ins, which is equal to 1.7m, but her exact weight is unknown. However, she has kept a slim figure, despite three pregnancies and is rendered quite sexy by the public. She has brown eyes and the same hair color.

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Olivia Wilson is currently a reporter for AffairPost based in London, United Kingdom. Prior to joining AffairPost in September 2018, she was a entertainment reporter. Olivia studied journalism at Cardiff University, graduating in 2010.

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