Heimo Korth’s Bio: Net Worth, Daughters, Edna Korth, Family, Income, “The Last Alaskans”

• Heimo Korth is a 63 year old American reality TV star best known for his appearances in "The Last Alaskans" and "Flying Wild Alaska"
• He has a net worth of over $150,000
• He is married to Edna Korth and they have three daughters together
• He has featured in various documentaries and TV series, including "The Last Alaskans" and "Surviving Alone in Alaska"
• He has gained a lot of admirers from his appearances in documentaries and TV series

Who is Heimo Korth? Bio and Wiki

Heimo Korth was born on 17 April 1955, in Wisconsin, USA, which means that he is 63 years old, his zodiac sign is Aries, and his nationality is American. He is best known as a reality TV star, who has appeared in “The Last Alaskans” and “Flying Wild Alaska”.

Net Worth

So just how rich is Heimo Korth as of late 2018? According to authoritative sources, this outdoorsman and reality star has a net worth of over $150,000, with his wealth being accumulated from his careers in the backwoods, and through TV series’. He hasn’t disclosed any information regarding his current salary, and any assets such as property and vehicles, but working at a rapid pace has allowed him to make a steady income and be able to take care of himself and their family.

Edna Korth and Daughters

When it comes to Korth’s relationship status, he is married to Edna Korth and the two of them seem to be living a happy and relatively prosperous life together. The couple initially met in Yupik, a village in St. Lawrence Island, which Heimo visited in order to learn how to hunt with the Eskimos. Reportedly they fell in love immediately, and have spent more than 30 years together as of today. The couple welcomed their first child on 29 May 1982 and had two more daughters together, raising them alongside Edna’s daughter from her previous marriage.

Ethnicity and Background

When it comes to his ethnicity, Heimo is Caucasian and has grey hair and blue eyes. Judging from the photos available on the internet, he has a slim figure, probably due to the fact that he spends a lot of time on outdoor activities. Unfortunately, he hasn’t shared information regarding his early life and formative years.

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Career and “The Last Alaskans”

Korth is mostly known from appearing in “Surviving Alone in Alaska”, a documentary movie made by VBS.tv, which portrayed his lifestyle. “Flying Wild Alaska” is TV documentary series, broadcast on THE Discovery Channel, which began in 2011 and ultimately ended 2012, featuring Korth and the Tweto family, based in Unalakleet, Alaska, as they operate the hub operations in that place. It also features segments from bases located in Barrow and Deadhorse, among other places. The series has had three seasons and the total of 31 episodes. In 2015, Heimo appeared in the series entitled “The Last Alaskans”, a reality series which showed the everyday lives of Heimo’s family and four other families who are among the few people living in that region. “The Last Alaskans” was produced by Half Yard Productions and was aired on the Animal Planet and Discovery Channel. The first season of the series had eight episodes and aired in mid-2015, whereas the second season debuted in mid- 2016. Third and the final season had its premiere on 22 March 2018 and its last episode on 17 May.

Interesting Facts

Korth has also featured in a video made by VICE, a renowned entertainment media, released in April 2012 and having been watched by more than six million people so far. The internet was stunned with Heimo’s lifestyle, and many showed their admiration in the comments posted. One fan stated that he thought this was the best documentary VICE has ever produced, with a post reading “Heimo Korth is the superman of the bush. He’s a stud on “The Last Alaskans” always makes it happen. That said, credit to @vicenews for bringing the Heimo Korth’s story to everyone first.”

Social Media

Despite the fact that Korth is not active on any social media, he has his fanclub on Facebook, which often shares interesting facts from Korth’s life. One of their latest posts is a picture of Heimo and his family with the caption “Happy Birthday to Heimo, Colby Danger and Colby’s other gramma Shaleen! Colby is gonna be so lucky to be sharing his birthday with both grandparents!” In addition to that, “The Last Alaskans” has its own Facebook page, followed by 95,000 people. Many fans often write about him, including one fan who wrote  about reading “The Final Frontiersman” by James Campbell, adding that he really enjoyed reading about Heimo in the mentioned book.

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