Holly Sonders husband, Erik Kuselias’ Bio: Divorce, Fantasy Football, Salary, Net Worth, Ex-Wife

• Erik Kuselias is a television and radio host, best known for his work on ESPN, NBC Sports, the Golf Channel, and other sports networks
• He is a graduate of Brown University and the University of Michigan Law School and a managing partner of the law firm Goldblatt, Kuselias & Rashiba, P.C.
• He has worked on ESPN radio, co-hosted "The Herd" and "Mike and Mike in the Morning", and was the host of the Emmy-Award Winning web-based show “Fantasy Football Now”
• He was married to Holly Sonders from 2012 to 2017, when she caught him cheating on her with Stephania Bell
• Erik has an estimated net worth of $6.5 million, and Holly Sonders has an estimated net worth of over $6.5 million

Who is Erik Kuselias?

Erik Kuselias was born in Hamden, Connecticut USA, and is a television and radio host, best known to the world for his work on ESPN, both radio and television, then NBC Sports, the Golf Channel, and other sports networks. He is currently a host of the morning drive “Sports Radio” show for Genesis Communications in Florida, among other engagements. Do you want to read more about Erik, from his early life to his marriage to Holly Sanders? Are they still together? This and more will follow, so stay with us for a while.

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Erik Kuselias Bio: Early Life, Parents, and Education

Erik hasn’t revealed his exact birth date, apparently wanting to keep this information hidden for now, nor has he revealed the names of his parents, though it is known that has a brother named Chris. During his high school years, Erik was an avid baseball player, and played against and with such future Major League Baseball (MLB) stars as Jeff Bagwell, Mo Vaughn, and Brad Ausmus. After he finished high school, Eric enrolled at Brown University, where he completed undergraduate studies, and then became a student at the University of Michigan Law School, and after his J.D, continued by enrolling at Columbia University, into the PhD program. After that, Erik joined the law firm Goldblatt, Kuselias & Rashiba, P.C., of which he became a managing partner. During his time there, Erik focused on arbitration, rather than cases in court.

Career Beginnings

Erik’s first steps in his television career happened in the early 2000s, when he teamed up with his brother Chris to launch the show “The Sports Brothers”, aired on ESPN. However, Chris left the show in 2005 when it was renamed to “SportsBash”. For the next two years Erik worked on the show, but eventually left his position to pursue other projects. He wasn’t long without engagement, as he was assigned as the new host of the show “NASCAR Now”, in which he provided analyses and news for the ongoing NASCAR season. However, this engagement was only brief, as for the next season he was replaced by Nicole Briscoe. For 2008 he was a fill-in anchor for the show “The Herd”, and then joined ESPN radio, on which he was given his own “The Erik Kuselias Show”. During this time, he also became the substitute co-host for Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic for their show “Mike and Mike in the Morning”, which was on both television and radio. To speak further of his accomplishments at ESPN, he was the host of the Emmy-Award Winning web-based show “Fantasy Football Now”.

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Golf Channel and Further Career

It was in 2011 that Eric’s hard work was recognized by Golf Channel, and he became the co-host of the “Morning Drive”. However, this lasted only a year, as he decided to leave the Golf Channel and join NBC Sports, which also didn’t last long, as he is now back on the radio, and his shows “Sports Radio”, and “News Talk Radio Show”, can be heard in Tampa, Orlando, and Melbourne-Cocoa Beach area through various radio stations.

Erik Kuselias Net Worth

Since launching his career, Erik has worked for a number of television and radio stations, showcasing his skills, all of which steadily increased his wealth. So, have you ever wondered how rich Erik Kuselias is, as of late 2018? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Kuselias’ net worth is as high as $6.5 million, which is pretty impressive, don’t you think?

Erik Kuselias Personal Life, Marriage, Divorce

Erik has been quite secretive about his personal life, however, we have managed to uncover some information about his life outside his career. Erik, while on the air told an employee of ESPN that he would like to fuck her, of which she notified ESPN Human Resources, which resulted in Erik’s suspension from ESPN. This wasn’t an isolated incident, as he was warned before, and earned a label of the biggest douche bag at ESPN. To speak of his romantic relationship, Erik was married to Holly Sonders from 2012 to 2017, when she filed for divorce after she caught him cheating on her with Stephania Bell. Though the two haven’t yet officially divorced, Holly is sure that there is no comeback for their relationship. Erik had one failed marriage even before meeting Holly, however, there are no further details about it as he has chosen not to reveal anything.

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Erik Kuselias Internet Popularity

Over the years, Erik has built a fan base on social media platforms, especially Twitter and Facebook. His official Twitter account has over 15,000 followers, with whom he has shared his most recent career endeavors, but also his own personal opinions, mostly on Fantasy Football and the new NFL season. You can also find Erik on Facebook. So, if you aren’t already a fan of this prominent television and radio host, then this is a perfect opportunity for you to become one, just skip over to his official pages.

Erik Kuselias Ex-Wife, Holly Sonders

Now that we have shared all the major information about Erik, let’s share some facts about his ex-wife, Holly Sonders. Born Holly Niederkohr on the 3rd March 1987, in Marysville, Ohio USA, she is a retired golfer, now sports journalist, best known to the world for her work with the Fox Sports Channel.

She is the daughter of Dan and Sandy Niederkohr, and from an early age she became interested in golf, and would play throughout her high school and university years. She studied at Michigan State University and led the golf team to the Big Ten Conference Championship, among other accomplishments. She graduated with a degree in journalism in 2009, and landed her first job at WBNS-10TV in Columbus. Five years later, Holly joined Fox Sports Channel and was made a remote studio host for USGA events. In addition to golf, she started reporting on American Football. Holly Sonders’ net worth is authoritatively estimated at over $6.5 million, as of late 2018.

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