How did Oompaville Become Famous? His Age, Height, Net Worth

Oompaville, also affectionately known as Papa Oompsie, is an American YouTuber renowned for his engaging content. His YouTube journey unfolds through reactions to memes, commentary on Twitch footage, Omegle adventures, and insightful discussions on YouTube drama and current events.

Beyond the digital world, Oompaville wears multiple hats, demonstrating his entrepreneurial spirit. He proudly held the mantle of creator and CEO of Sour Boys, a company specializing in sour candies, adding a flavorful dimension to his ventures.

So, who is this multifaceted content creator? Join us as we get to know him a little bit better.

Early Personal Life

Caleb Hunter Phelps, widely recognized by his online alias Oompaville, was born on 29 August 1996, in Virginia, USA. Holding American nationality, Caleb still takes pride in his Mexican heritage, adding a diverse layer to his identity.

His roots trace back to Front Royal, Virginia, where he spent his formative years before embarking on a stint in Texas. Despite having Mexican ancestry, Caleb predominantly embraces his Italian heritage too, with a touch of Syrian lineage from his great-grandmother.

The dynamic journey of Caleb led him back to his hometown, Front Royal, after a Texas interlude. However, the winds of change blew him to Frisco, Texas, in early 2021, marking a new chapter in his life.

Navigating the intricate tapestry of Caleb’s personal life, he maintains a steadfast commitment to privacy, especially regarding details about his parents. In this shroud of mystery, and with no mention of siblings, the prevailing belief among his fan base is that he might be an only child. This enigmatic approach to his family background has only heightened the intrigue surrounding Oompaville’s off-screen life; actually, Caleb has a sister and two younger brothers, Humphrey and Gilbert.


During his time at a local elementary school, Oompaville showcased a vibrant curiosity, embodying the quintessential active boy who found solace in perpetual motion. He was homeschooled at one point, but this didn’t keep him back. He was still social and very active.

Whether indoors or outdoors, his restless spirit led him to video games within the confines of his home. Outside, the young Oompaville enthusiastically engaged in spirited games of soccer and basketball with friends, complemented by the liberating activities of skateboarding and cycling.

His educational journey led him through the halls of a local high school, culminating in his matriculation in 2014. It was at this pivotal juncture that Oompaville decided to make his digital mark. In 2018, four years after the inception of his channel, he ceremoniously unveiled his first YouTube video, setting the stage for the content creation journey that would soon captivate online audiences.

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Starting his true YouTube journey with gaming videos, Oompaville underwent a strategic shift in his career in May 2019, which had actually started in 2014. He deleted his gaming content, pivoting toward a focus on reaction videos that encompass memes, Twitch clips, and current news events. This content evolution, coupled with his engaging personality, propelled him to immense popularity, boasting a subscriber count exceeding 4 million on his YouTube channel.

While the reaction videos marked his official foray, Oompaville occasionally indulges his gaming passion with intermittent uploads. Beyond solo endeavours, he collaborates with fellow YouTubers, contributing to the podcast SomeOrdinaryPodcast alongside Nux Taku and SomeOrdinaryGamers.

Diversifying his ventures, Oompaville co-founded the candy company Sour Boys, with Riftyish, serving as its CEO. The company offers two delectable flavors: Rainbow SourBoys and Strawberry SourBoys, available for purchase on his website. Complementing this, Oompaville’s merchandise including shirts and hoodies with his logo, graces various online platforms, including Amazon.

Despite his transition in content, Oompaville’s success remains steadfast. Achieving notable milestones, he reached a million subscribers in July 2019, 2 million in August 2020, 3 million in October 2021, and an impressive 4 million in November 2022. His videos, amassing hundreds of millions of views, underscore his widespread appeal, even though formal accolades have yet to materialize.

While Oompaville once explored Twitch, he eventually transitioned to YouTube due to viewership constraints. His last Twitch livestream was in 2018, primarily featuring the video game “Fortnite: Battle Royale”, with an average viewership of 80+.

Oompaville actively engages with his audience on Instagram, offering glimpses into his daily life. The photos depict his love for nature, a penchant for dogs evident in his pet Pug and French Bulldog.

Looking ahead, Oompaville aspires to extend his talents to acting, having participated in auditions for both movies and TV series, eager for the next chapter in his evolving career.

Interesting Facts

Occasionally, Oompaville finds amusement in playfully trapping people on Omegle, assuming roles such as a female police officer or a Japanese schoolgirl.

His affection extends to the canine world, showcasing a genuine love for dogs.

Beyond his online antics, he’s a dedicated fitness enthusiast, emphasizing a commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Renowned for his creativity, Oompaville embodies a positive attitude and an inner-directed, self-motivated spirit. With a focused and determined approach, he tirelessly works to transform dreams into tangible reality.

His admiration for actors extends to favorites Matt Damon and Robert De Niro, harboring a desire for future collaborations with these cinematic icons.

In the creative realm, 2020 marked a milestone as he composed the music for the short music video “Hardy: Give Heaven Some Hell.”

Venturing beyond the digital landscape, he’s not just a content creator but the entrepreneurial mind behind Sour Boys, a candy company co-founded with YouTuber Riftyish.

A touch of family appears in his content, with his grandma making delightful cameos, and collaborative videos featuring his cousin Clint.

Meet Frankie and Pip, the charismatic duo of dogs that bring joy to his life. Adding to the animal kingdom are Pickle and Little Bean, the feline members of his household.

The signature humour in his videos revolves around creative quirks, including animated special effects, meme soundscapes, and playful pauses, often prompting viewers to caption peculiar images.

Beyond the screen, his interests span a diverse spectrum, from reading and photography to studying, travelling, and the ever-relatable pursuit of internet browsing.

Later Personal Life

In his current romantic chapter, he’s in a relationship with Shyane Cook, choosing to keep the details of their connection private. The move to Frisco, Texas, in 2021 included not just a change of location but also involved Shyane and Clint, his cousin.

Despite the media’s curiosity, he’s maintained a level of mystery around Shyane, revealing only her name while keeping the finer details away from the public eye. In the video “I Tried Using Awful Life Hacks to Make My Girlfriend Hotter,” she briefly stepped into the limelight, contributing to the video’s popularity with over a million views.

However, the intrigue deepens as the video is no longer accessible, leaving fans to ponder the status of their relationship. A scroll through Oompaville’s Instagram reveals a notable absence of pictures featuring the couple, sparking speculation about the current chapter of their connection.

Physical Characteristics

Oompaville is about 5ft 8ins (175cms) tall, and weighs roughly 150lbs (68kgs). He has short dark brown hair and a brown moustache, as well as brown eyes.

Net Worth

As of late 2023, Oompaville’s estimated net worth stands at $2 million, which makes sense when you consider how much content he makes, and the strategic entrepreneurial decisions he’s made so far.

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