How did Tyler Priddy from “Street Outlaws” (aka Flip) die? Wiki: Death, Funeral, Wife, Crash

• Tyler Priddy (Flip) was a street racer and reality television personality known for his role in the first season of the show “Street Outlaws”.
• He had a net worth of $500,000, earned largely through his television career and street racing.
• He was close friends with Justin “Big Chief” Shearer, and together they shared a love of muscle cars.
• He passed away at 31, the cause of which has never been confirmed.
• His car, El Camino, was adopted by Big Chief's racer Kamikaze and continues to perform well.

Who is Tyler Priddy (Flip)?

Tyler Gene “Flip” Priddy was born on 30 November 1981, in Chickasha, Oklahoma USA, and was a street racer as well as a reality television personality, best known for his participation in the first season of the show “Street Outlaws” before his untimely death. Prior to his passing, he was an integral part of the racing crew, and even years after his death, his memory is kept alive thanks to the show and its cast members.

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The Riches of Tyler Priddy (Flip)?

How rich was Tyler Priddy? As of late-2018, sources estimate a net worth that is at $500,000, earned largely through a successful career on television, plus a significant amount from street racing prior to finding on-screen fame. All of his achievements ensured the position of his wealth.

Early Life and Before Television

Little is known about Flip’s life before television, though his passion for cars had been with him since he was young. He became friends with Justin “Big Chief” Shearer when they were both kids, and connected well because of their shared love for muscle cars. They often spent free time riding their bikes to get to drag races and watch. Flip attended Putnam City High School, and after matriculating started working as a storekeeper. During this time, he developed a love for pro-mods for cars, and also wanted to find a career as a drag racer.

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Flip then joined the construction equipment company Warren Caterpillar, which he served for a decade. His work with the company helped fund his love for cars, mods, and racing, and allowed him to built his car called The El Camino, a 1980 Chevy re-built and modified through parts stolen, borrowed or begged for – Big Chief called the car a ticking time bomb, because he was certain that one day the vehicle would either blow up or cease to move. However, the car proved strong when it came to drag races, and helped Flip win numerous times.

Street Outlaws

With the strong street racing culture in Oklahoma, various racers from Big Chief’s group of friends were approached by television producers with the prospect of a reality show based on their lifestyle. Several future cast members were initially hesitant about participating in the show due to the illegal nature of street racing in some parts of the country. However, many of them decided to give it a go, and the show premiered in 2013, leading many of its racers to fame as well as success. Due to the many racers vying for a camera spot, Flip had to prove himself by becoming one of the top racers in the area; the fact that he was a close friend of many of the show’s cast members was also a plus. He was marketed as a smack talker when it comes to street racing, as he always had a beer or a cigarette in one hand. He proved an integral part of the show’s first season, however, what many did not know is that he passed away just before the first season premiere.

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Priddy’s family, his crew members, and “Street Outlaws” refused to disclose his death or the cause of it immediately. He passed away at 31 years of age, and funeral services were held just a few weeks before the premiere of the show. It was later revealed that his death was not caused by racing, leading to a lot of speculation. The most widespread theory was that he committed suicide, though the method and details are unknown. Others state that his death may have been caused by depression, or it was possible that his wife cheated on him. Not one of the rumors have ever been confirmed.

The reason why most people believe that he passed away through suicide is due to a statement his wife made about suicide, which she talked about just weeks after the public discovered his passing. Others claim that he was careless in handling a gun while drunk, and died of a gunshot wound. He is survived by his wife Morgan Amber Priddy and their four children, and by his brother and parents. His wife has tattoos of their children on her body, and after his death added a skull and wings tattoo in memory of her late husband.

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The Fate of El Camino

Flip’s love for muscle cars was well known, especially as evidenced by his El Camino, the image of which was printed onto his gravestone. Big Chief stored the car for some time, being Flip’s closest friend, and eventually decided to have one of his racers named Kamikaze adopt the car – he was also a close friend of the deceased driver. The car was revamped, upgraded and given the nickname Elco. The car under a new owner continued to perform well, and is still a regular feature of “Street Outlaws”. The car remains as a memory of the former owner, and a tribute to one of the pioneers of the show.

Many of its old parts have been replaced or upgraded since getting a new owner, to help it perform in current competitions that rely on new technology to get an edge, many of which have been featured in the show or in social media. It has also had a lot of paint jobs over the last few years, and according to technicians, it was a challenge to keep the car in the same physical image while upgrading the rest of its tooling.

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