How did Will Buie Jr become an actor? His Age, Height, Net Worth

Will Buie Jr

The child actor Will Buie Jr. was born on 25th March 2007, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, and made his acting debut at the age of ten in “Gifted”. In the same year, he had an uncredited role in “The Last Movie Star”, had his first recurring gig as Brad Jr in “Daytime Divas”, and made guest-starring appearances in episodes of “Red Blooded” and “Modern Family”.

According to an October 2019 interview, Will began auditioning for roles after being inspired by Disney star Ross Lynch. ‘He was the person who made me want to start acting,’ Will said, adding that “Austin and Ally” was his favorite show. At the time, Will also claimed that if he ever met Ross, he’d thank him personally.


Although Will and Ross have yet to cross paths, the Atlanta native has forged an impressive career in just a handful of years. He landed his breakthrough role In 2018, as Finn Sawyer in the kids’ show “Bunk’d”, created by Pamela Eells O’Connell and which premiered on Disney in summer 2015. The “Jessie” spin-off is currently in its seventh season, and has helped launch the careers of actors such as Skai Jackson and Karan Brar, racking up dozens of award nominations along the way.

In a promotional interview, Will shared that he received the news of his role in “Bunk’d” while he was on a flight back to Atlanta from Los Angeles, after his second screen test at Disney. ‘Normally my team likes to have conference calls for big news, but my mom begged them to email when they found out, since we were going to be on a long flight,’ he explained.

Each episode took around five days to produce, with three days dedicated to table reads, rehearsals, blocking, and school, and the last two days for filming. Will described it as ‘fun’ but ‘busy’, adding that the actors had to do plenty of wardrobe changes, and take breaks for studying and lunch. It wasn’t all work, however, as he and his castmates would often play basketball and go to the ice cream trucks hired by the writers and directors.

“Bunk’d” is set in a fictional summer camp, and Will just so happens to have attended many day camps throughout his childhood, due to his parents’ working hours. Archery, climbing, rafting and other outdoor activities were common at said camps, so filming for “Bunk’d” was almost second nature for the young actor.

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Will’s other great hobby is cars. According to the Disney alum, he loves to build models and watch YouTube car reviews – a pastime of his since he was just four years old. The well-rounded child star also previously participated in kid triathlons, and shared that he likes to make unusual food combinations, such as smoked salmon with capers and onion on breakfast cereal.

Like any working actor, Will has faced plenty of rejections along the way, but he’s learned to take it all in his stride. ‘You have to learn to keep a positive attitude, and realize that everything happens for a reason,’ he told Yay OMG! Magazine.

Will has been playing Finn Sawyer for five years, but he’s also squeezed in other projects. From playing a male music video model for the Milo Manheim single “We Own The Summer”, to guest-starring roles in “This Fool”, “Raven’s Home”, and “Bobcat Goldthwait’s Misfits & Monsters”, the actor has been working overtime to expand his fanbase.

His hard work has certainly paid off, as these days, Will has over 150,000 Instagram followers and counting. His artistic social media feed mainly consists of professional photoshoots or vacation snaps, but he’s also shared photos with close friends at his high school’s homecoming dance in October 2023. In the same year, the actor travelled to France, Vienna and Budapest.

Will doesn’t have any upcoming projects that we’re aware of, but he’s been spending more and more time in Los Angeles for work reasons, so will possibly be moving there to focus on his career; in March 2023, he was photographed at a Disney PR event alongside other rising stars. He also makes sure to support his close friends on their professional journeys – for example, in February 2023, he congratulated singer McKenna Grace on her first-ever live show. ‘I am so proud of you! This is only the beginning!’ he wrote alongside a black-and-white photo of the duo.

Personal Life

Given Will’s wholesome image as a Disney actor, he may be choosing to keep his private life to himself until he begins transitioning to more mature roles. However, a Google search of his dating history immediately links him to Scarlett Estevez, a fellow actress who was also born in 2007, and has had roles in “The Grinch”, “Dew Drop Bugs”, and – you guessed it – “Bunk’d”.

Many fans of the show have been wanting to see Scarlett and Will together since she joined the cast of the show in 2019, and it’s true that the actors have maintained a close relationship even after she left the series in 2021 to pursue other projects. With a fanbase of millions on TikTok and Instagram, and many high-profile partnerships, Scarlett had her first taste of showbiz at just three years old, when she booked her first commercial and reportedly displayed a knack for the performing arts from her early years.

In September 2020, the first rumors regarding Will and Scarlett began circulating online when the actress posted an Instagram Story of herself and her co-star, accompanied by the text ‘So happy you’re back’ and a heart emoji. Will replied by saying ‘Sooo good to see you live and in person… I missed you so much’, and fans’ imaginations ran amok. Since then, the acting proteges haven’t provided any insight into their relationship, so we can assume that they are just close friends.

An updated biography lists Will’s height as 5ft 6in (168cm). He’s reportedly worth close to $500,000, thanks largely to his Disney paychecks, and other projects.

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