How is Evan Ide of ‘Chasing Classic Cars’ doing now?

In the world of classic automobiles, few individuals possess the encyclopedic knowledge and genuine passion for pre-World War One cars as Evan Ide. An occasional face on the popular television series “Chasing Classic Cars,” Evan is a true authority when it comes to vintage vehicles that harken back to the early days of automotive innovation. Yet, Evan Ide’s expertise isn’t confined solely to television screens; he boasts the esteemed title of Senior Specialist at Bonhams Auctions, a prominent establishment in the realm of fine art and classic cars. Evan Ide’s journey is a testament to the enduring allure of classic cars and the tireless work of individuals who dedicate their lives to these timeless machines. His story is one of expertise, passion, and a profound respect for the roots of the automotive industry.

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Evan Ide’s role on “Chasing Classic Cars”

Evan Ide’s presence on “Chasing Classic Cars” has been nothing short of multi-faceted and dynamic. In this beloved television series, he seamlessly wears the hats of both a distinguished expert and a passionate owner of classic cars, making his contributions to the show all the more intriguing.

As an expert, Evan’s deep knowledge and passion for vintage automobiles shine through in each episode. His wealth of expertise, especially in the realm of pre-World War One automobiles, adds a valuable layer to the show’s exploration of iconic cars. Whether it’s identifying rare and historically significant vehicles, offering insights into their restoration, or sharing captivating stories about their past, Evan’s contributions have become an integral part of the show’s charm.

Evan Ide’s private collection

In his private life, he’s amassed a remarkable collection of vintage gems, although it’s largely remained out of the public eye. Among his prized possessions, one can find a 1920 Revere-Duesenberg, a 1933 Maserati 8C-3000, and an 1896 Armstrong Hybrid. The 1920 Revere-Duesenberg, in particular, has made its mark on “Chasing Classic Cars,” offering viewers a glimpse of the treasures hidden in Evan’s garage.

He generously shares his enthusiasm and knowledge with the world through his YouTube channel, in which he showcases his extensive collection. The 1933 Maserati 8C-3000 and the 1896 Armstrong Hybrid have found their spotlight on this platform, allowing enthusiasts and viewers to dive deeper into Evan’s automotive world and relish the beauty of these remarkable machines.

Evan Ide on Bonhams

Evan Ide has been an integral part of Bonhams Auctions for over 15 years, currently holding the title of Senior Specialist. With a degree in fine art and extensive museum training from the University of New Hampshire, he initially served as a Curator before becoming a Trustee at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline, Massachusetts. An accomplished author, Evan has penned several books, including “Packard Motor Car Company”, and contributed to “The Stewardship of Historically Important Automobiles.” He also serves as an advisor to prestigious museum collections worldwide.

Evan’s expertise extends to all motorcars, particularly pre-war American makes. He not only holds the role of specialist, but is also an award-winning restorer with his own workshop in Massachusetts. His dual capacity as a specialist and engineer provides invaluable insights to clients.

An avid motoring enthusiast, Evan actively participates in numerous tours and rallies throughout the year. His personal collection features vintage gems like a 1928 Bugatti T44 Roadster, a 1927 Lancia Lambda, and a 1953 Nash Healey LeMans Coupe. This blend of hands-on experience and deep knowledge makes him an invaluable asset to Bonhams and the automotive world.Top of Form

Chasing Classic Cars

“Chasing Classic Cars” is a beloved television series that’s captivated audiences around the world since its premiere in 2008. Hosted by the affable and knowledgeable Wayne Carini, the show takes viewers on a mesmerizing journey into the fascinating world of vintage and classic automobiles.

At its heart, “Chasing Classic Cars” is a celebration of the enduring appeal of classic automobiles, and the passion that enthusiasts and collectors pour into these magnificent machines. The show’s format revolves around Wayne Carini’s adventures as he traverses the globe in pursuit of rare, valuable, and historically significant vehicles. His keen eye and deep understanding of classic cars make him the perfect guide for the show’s viewers.

One of the standout aspects of “Chasing Classic Cars” is its dedication to storytelling. Beyond the mechanical intricacies of car restoration and the excitement of car auctions, the show delves into the personal stories behind these vehicles. The emotional connections between owners and their cars, the tales of rare finds in dusty barns, and the joy of reviving family heirlooms all come to life on screen.

The restoration process, a central element of the show, is both educational and visually captivating. Viewers witness the transformation of classic cars from rusty relics to beautifully restored pieces of history. The skill, craftsmanship, and dedication of the artisans and technicians who work alongside Wayne underscore the show’s commitment to preserving automotive heritage.

“Chasing Classic Cars” has left an indelible mark on the classic car enthusiast community, revitalizing interest in vintage automobiles and their enduring significance. Beyond the television series, Wayne Carini and the show’s team have also hosted numerous events and made contributions to museums, further solidifying their role in preserving automotive history.

With its enduring popularity and appeal, “Chasing Classic Cars” remains a testament to the timeless fascination with classic vehicles. The show continues to inspire and educate, serving as a source of joy for car enthusiasts and an enduring ode to the automotive treasures of the past.

Evan Ide today

Today, Evan continues to be a prominent figure in the automotive world, combining his passion for education and restoration with an unwavering commitment to classic cars. He remains deeply involved in the industry, sharing his wealth of knowledge and expertise with the next generation of enthusiasts.


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On a recent Instagram post, Evan did something out of the ordinary for him – he displayed his own classic car at the prestigious Audrain Concours. His 1905 50hp Thomas Flyer, a remarkable piece of automotive history, took the spotlight. Despite being a vintage vehicle with an aging restoration, it managed to secure a class prize, a testament to Evan’s dedication and his skilled assistant’s meticulous detailing.

Evan’s 1905 Thomas Flyer stands as the only surviving original, making it a true automotive rarity. It represents an era when it was the most powerful American car available, a symbol of innovation and engineering excellence.

Evan Ide’s active role in educating and restoring classic cars highlights his deep commitment to automotive heritage. His recent show success underscores his expertise and passion, showcasing his enduring influence in the industry and the timeless allure of classic cars.

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