How Mariah Mallad Became The Most Hated Cosplayer In The World

If you are an avid fan of the art of cosplay, then you might know or have heard about the cosplayer Mariah Mallad, known as Momokun on social media.

Not only is Momokun extremely popular among the cosplayer community, having attracted more than a million followers on Instagram, but Mariah has also gained a lot of attention in recent years as being one of the most controversial cosplayers currently dominating the art.

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Early Personal Life

Born on 19 September 1995 in Detroit, Michigan, Mariah Mallad developed a passion for gaming during her upbringing in the bustling city. From an early age, her love for gaming became a catalyst for her interest in cosplay modelling, a hobby that would eventually lead her to fame and success.

Although there is limited information about Momokun’s family and upbringing, it is clear that her early life played a pivotal role in shaping her career trajectory. The combination of her dedication to gaming and her creative talents formed the foundation for her future pursuits within the cosplay community.


Details about Momokun’s education are limited, as she hasn’t publicly disclosed the specific institutions she attended – details about her educational background, including any universities, colleges, or schools, remain undisclosed.


Momokun’s popularity as a cosplayer is drawn from her multi-platform inspiration, as she cosplays well-known characters from anime and video games. Some of her most noteworthy transformations include Peach, from “Super Mario”, and Lady Dimitrescu from “Resident Evil”.

While her cosplays tend to be accurate and entertaining, Momokun is also known for exaggerating the sexual attraction of the characters she assumes, even taking it to the next level on OnlyFans.

Of course, Momokun’s sex appeal earned her an impressive following, but as many might know, Momokun is one of the most hated cosplayers out there, and it might be because of her over-sexualised content.

In recent years, the cosplayer’s popularity among the cosplay community was met with challenges, and while most people despise Momokun, her dedicated followers express that she’s being bullied by other members of the community, and most believe it’s due to jealousy, and because of her weight.

Interesting Facts

In 2018, while attending a cosplay convention, Momokun’s behaviour raised red flags among attendants and fellow cosplayers, who all accused her of sexually harassing numerous people at the convention.

With video footage of the event depicting her behaviour, even showing how she groped several fans and cosplayers, it was undeniable, and the community quickly took action against Momokun. As a result, she’s been banned from attending conventions, and the Creators Guild also ended any connection with Momokun.

In response to the allegations against her, Momokun took to social media to voice her regret, and blamed her behaviour on her ADHD, stating that her psychological disorder often causes her to behave inappropriately.

This response did not sit right with fans, especially those who also suffer from ADHD. News of her behaviour spread online, and fans began expressing their disgust with Momokun, resulting in her soon becoming one of the most disliked cosplayers in the industry. However, this would only be the tip of the iceberg.


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Even before the accusations that surfaced in 2018, Momokun was under scrutiny for lying to her fans. While her dedicated followers believed that she was the victim of fatphobia, the cosplayer nonetheless tried to lose weight.

She stated publicly that she exercised and relied on a low-carb diet to lose weight, but fans noticed suspicious scars on her belly, and accused Momokun of undergoing liposuction to lose weight.

Of course, Momokun denied the accusations, but during a later video, confessed and admitted that she relied on cosmetic surgery for her quick transformation, and while perhaps not entirely scandalous, her fans nonetheless took it as a serious insult.

Furthermore, following these incidents, many people came forward on social media, accusing her of rude and poor behaviour. Among the accusations, it’s believed that Momokun was racist towards a fellow Asian cosplayer, and another cosplayer accused her of deliberately damaging her costume.

Fans have also stated that Momokun tends to be rude, and even refuses to take pictures with fans at meet-and-greet events. The reasoning for this might even be selfish, as professional photographers expressed their frustration with Momokun.

One photographer stated that she demanded that his pictures be altered to make her look slimmer, and when he refused, she demanded that he hand over the original files, but later published the photos without crediting the photographer.

Momokun has also been accused of raising the prices of photo prints from charity events, allegedly so that she could earn a profit from the charity events, however, these accusations are yet to be ratified.

Another controversy surrounding Momokun was regarding plagiarism, facing allegations of appropriating ideas from smaller creators within the cosplay community. This has resulted in accusations of plagiarism and strained relationships between her and other cosplayers. The matter of intellectual property and originality holds considerable significance in the cosplay community, and Momokun’s conduct has been a topic of scrutiny.

Later Personal Life

Momokun maintains a relatively private personal life, placing emphasis on her career as a model and cosplayer. Consequently, specific details regarding her relationships and dating history are not widely known or publicly available.

Physical Characteristics

Momokun is of average height at 5ft 5ins (165cms) and weighs about 119lbs (54kgs). She has black hair but often wears wigs for her cosplays, so she’s easily spotted with pink, purple, yellow, and even bright pink hair. She has dark brown eyes.

Net Worth

Momokun’s net worth is estimated at over $1 million as of late 2023. Her successful career as a model and cosplayer has been a significant contributor to her wealth and overall success.

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