How old is “You are my Sunshine” Morgane Stapleton? Her bio, birthday, songs, husband Chris Stapleton, twins, kids

• Morgane Stapleton is a 36 year old songwriter and singer from Nashville, Tennessee.
• She met her husband, Chris Stapleton, in 2003, and wrote the majority of songs for his debut album • “Traveller”.
• She is a mother of four kids, and has a fifth one on the way.
• Her net worth is estimated at around $3 million.
• She updates her Instagram profile regularly, with 150,000 followers.

A songwriter and singer, Morgane Stapleton is a 36-year old mother of four kids, but who often accompanies her husband, Chris Stapleton, on his music tours and performances. Morgane Hayes Stapleton was born on 25th January 1983, in Nashville, Tennessee, and grew up under the influence of country music, so it comes as no surprise that she makes a living by writing that particular type of songs. However, there is a lot more to discover about Morgane, so stick with us and read all about her bio, songs, husband, kids, and so on.

Early childhood and education

Despite being a well-known songwriter, Morgane tries to keep her private life away from the public eye. That could be the reason why we do not have a lot of information about her early childhood, but we do know that she started showing her aspirations towards show business at a very young age – she was singing in and hosting school performances while attending her elementary school in Nashville.

It seems that her family stayed in one place during Morgane’s childhood, which saved her from a lot of the typical stress and anxiety that often goes along with changing one’s surroundings. Morgane attended a local college. and graduated with a degree in management and human science.

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How did Morgane become famous?

Even at a young age, Morgane showed her musical talent, and in 1992 she started her career. Her first performances came from singing with her sister, but Morgane soon realized that she was much too shy to stand in the center of the stage and have all the lights pointed at her face, so instead she focused on working behind the scenes, and gradually turned her attention to writing songs. At the same time, she looked for ways to promote her work, and as the story goes – that is how she met her husband, Chris, who turned her life around and also helped her make the move to the A-league when it comes to country music.

Chris Stapleton, Morgane’s husband

In 2003, Morgane and Chris met by chance at a publishing house, but they soon developed deeper feelings for each other. Media reports suggest that the couple was first planning to work together, but Morgane and Chris confess that they didn’t get much work done during their first sessions, because they were so infatuated with each other. However, Morgane did write the majority of songs for his debut album – “Traveller” – which propelled Chris into stardom. Nowadays, he sells millions of copies, and Morgane not only writes songs, but also sings back-up vocals and appears alongside him in his concerts.

Morgane’s Awards and Achievements

Over the years, Morgane has made a name for herself in the music industry. Admittedly, she is often referred to as ‘Chris Stapleton ’s wife’, but her individual achievements are impressive as well. For instance, in 2016 she was among the nominees at the Country Music Association Awards. After signing a deal with Sea Gayle Music publishing house in 2003, Morgane has written songs for numerous celebrities and singers – her biggest hit has been the song “Don’t Forget to Remember Me”, which was released in 2005 by Carrie Underwood. It could be said that this song marked another breakthrough in Morgane’s career in the music industry. Over the years, she has also worked for singers such as Alan Jackson, Le Ann Rimes, Trisha Yearwood, and so on. Morgane’s best known songs include hits such as ‘Somewhere Else to Fall’, ‘You Ain’t Right’, ‘Wings of Your Love’, ‘ You Are My Sunshine’, and ‘ I Will Someday’.

How big is Morgane’s family?

Four years after they met, Morgane and Chris decided to marry, and organized an intimate ceremony, so since 2007 they’ve been living together. The couple has four children, the youngest twin boys Macon and Samuel who arrived in April 2018. Believe it or not, Morgane and Chris do not plan to stop there, and in November 2018 she announced via Instagram that their fifth child is on the way!

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Net worth

Since Morgane writes songs for accomplished and popular musicians, her overall net worth is estimated at around $3 million. Naturally, it is not easy to differentiate her personal assets from the mutual ones which she shares with her husband. According to authoritative sources, Chris currently has a net worth estimated at around $12 million!

Social media presence

Being a mother of four and helping her husband with his music career, Morgane probably does not have a lot of free time. However, she does manage to update her Instagram profile on a regular basis, and her 150,000 followers can often take a peek at her new projects. Also, she sometimes posts photos of her kids, or announces important events, such as about the fifth child!

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