Is Claire Abbott dead? Why she disappeared? Wiki, Age, Measurements

• Claire Abbott is an Instagram model, musician, and Canadian born in 1988
• She rose to fame in 2012 and attracted many male and female followers
• She deactivated her social media accounts without warning in 2016
• It is speculated that she left due to the pressures of fame or to focus on her music career
• She is estimated to be worth over $1 million

The internet and indeed social media have produced many stars, one of them is Claire Abbott of the Instagram fame. She emerged on Instagram in 2012 and disappeared at the prime of her career. Her disappearance remains a surprise to many of her fans. In the process, some pranks have created her fake profiles to catch in on her fame. The question many are asking is “where is Claire Abbott?” her decision to quit the scene is still a rude shock. There is no word or a trace of her; she exited her Instagram and YouTube page, and the last update ever see from her was her Facebook page that remains active but passive since 30 December 2016. What could be the reason for her disappearance or could she be dead without anyone knowing? We have researched vital information about her, and we have some useful news about her possible reason for leaving. We also have a clue regarding what is doing at the moment. We also have information about her, personal life and net worth as at the time she quit the scene. If you are her fan and to know what we know, continue reading.

Who is Claire Abbott?

She is an Instagram model, a musician and a Canadian born 22 January 1988. As often the case with social media, Claire didn’t leave much personal detail about her parents or family background. However, information gathered from her social media posting shows she attended high school and was a cheerleader in various sports. Her known highest level of educational qualification at the time was high school.

Her childhood dream was to become a singer, and this was her major activity on social media.

Rise to limelight

Sometime in 2012, a young lady appeared on Instagram who seems to have a spell on people due to her charming beauty, her poetic lifestyle and sweet voice with music. She started posting her songs title ‘Turning Tables’ on social media and soon people began to notice and follow her.

As a charming girl, Claire attracted lots of male fans, and at the same time, many female followers are all over her. She posted a lot of photos, mostly those that reveal her beauty and body endowment. These photos attracted mix comments, which earned her lots of likes and comment to prepare her for the ultimate role of social influencer on social media.

Claire Abbot

A sudden Boost in followership

With her Instagram followers counting up to 65,000, Claire saw the need to intensify efforts to acquire more following. With regular and planned updates, she saw a corresponding growth with every new post she made. According to her, what started as a hobby became a full-time opportunity that defines the future for her.

She extended her reach

She set off on Facebook to Instagram and other social networks including YouTube and Twitter. Her success on Instagram soon spread to other channels making her one of the most celebrated social media stars at the time.

She is down to earth friendly

Claire is not like many celebs because she connects personally with her followers. She is approachable, and her postings show she is natural and not trying to fake who she’s not. This open heart lifestyle attracted more people to her and became the most sort after on social media, everywhere she has her presence.

Fame has its prize

For a young girl without the requisite experience in managing fame, the drawback of celebrity life started catching up with Claire. While many fans would naturally express their affection, some took it to the extreme. While experienced celebrities understand this side of their fame and have adequate resources to manage it, the sudden burst of popularity for the unprepared can be detrimental.

Raunchy compliments, sycophantic praises, and unsolicited advances are all part of the celebrity life whether male or female. There is also the side which could cause the unprepared to derail on their goals if not quickly nipped in the bud.

Where is Claire now, could she be dead?

Since 2016, Claire has vanished from social media. She deactivated her Instagram with so many followers and didn’t give any warning to that effect until she was nowhere to be found. The same action was taken on her Twitter account – deactivated! She didn’t disable her Facebook and YouTube account, but these accounts are dormant, even as we compile this report.

Claire Abbott is not dead

Obviously, Claire is not dead, and this is good news for her fans. As we can see, she is a promising young girl with a dream. Available evidence shows she may have discovered the destructive effect of the fame on her dreamed career and decided to quit to make necessary corrections.

Speculations about Claire’s disappearance

There is no official information regarding her where about, but people want to find a reason for her decision. A school of thought suggests it may be that inappropriate photos of her may have leaked which could be the reason she disappeared to cover her track. While other schools of thought felt she might have retraced her step to building her music career.

Her music goals

Going by her posts, Claire loves music and would one day want to write her own song and perform it. This suspected to be the reason for not deactivating her Facebook and YouTube social channels to use them as launchpad at the right time. Her collection of posts on YouTube reveals so much about her love for music. Whatever is the case, we hope she would surface soon to tell her story.

A new twist and more credible explanation

In one of her posts, she once posted a picture of herself in the hospital about her struggle with the bipolar condition. According to her, she has been with the mental illness for many years struggling with depression, anxiety and other maladies which may have crescendoed into a more significant problem of unmanaged fame

Personal life


Claire is a charming young lady with a beautiful body figure. She is 1.65 meters tall, weighs 62kg, with a waist size of 32 inches, her hips are 35 inches, and body measurement is 39-25-35 inches. She is on US dress size 4, and US shoe size 7.5.

Who is her boyfriend?

There is no information about who she’s dating. However, she had her picture with Dan Bilzerian posted in 2015, but finding shows it was just a social connection not a love affair between the two. She was focused on her social fans building in her active days without any romance or love affair with anyone.

What next to expect about Claire

From all indications, she will be back with a new plan. Her first incarnation into the limelight was because of her music. But event overtook that, and she became more popular than she bargained for at the time. Following the manner of her disappearance, it is possible she deactivate her Instagram and Twitter accounts to take a break. She might have left her Facebook and YouTube to have the leverage to launch back herself quickly when she returns.

What is Claire’s net worth?

Although Claire was a successful social media celebrity, she earned amazing fame, but it is at the point she could start to reap the benefits of her popularity that she disappeared. However, she is estimated to worth over $1 million.

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