Is Fabio Jackson related to Michael Jackson? His Age, Surgery

Fabio Jackson

The social media sensation Fabio Jackson, has amassed over ten million followers thanks to his imitations of the widelt designated King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Many netizens ask if Fabio is in some way related to him, due to the striking resemblance between the duo; however, we can confirm that this isn’t the case.

For someone with so many followers, Fabio is surprisingly private when it comes to sharing details of his life. We do know that he’s British, was born in 1993 or 1994, and has previously undergone cosmetic procedures such as a rhinoplasty. Some social media users have accused Fabio of photoshopping, or somehow editing his videos, but as far as we can tell, the TikToker doesn’t use any filters.

Fabio is also active on YouTube, and his most popular video to date chronicles the time he met the famous Michael Jackson impersonator Tobey. Other videos are “Get ready with Fabio Jackson”, “Fabio Jackson does the one chip challenge?”, and “Make-up transformation!”, which have all been viewed tens of thousands of times.

As you can tell, Fabio doesn’t limit himself to impersonating Michael with his eerily similar dance moves. The social media sensation also does challenges, his version of popular TikTok trends, and other content such as make-up videos or storytimes. Fabio’s YouTube channel dates back to 2013, and his first two videos were “Black Ops 2” gameplay recordings. An almost decade-long hiatus ensued, until his next uploads, and as Fabio’s face wasn’t visible in his first videos, there’s no way of knowing what he used to look like.

Fabio’s internet fame has also opened him up to hate comments from netizens who accuse him of supporting Wade Robson’s allegations in “Leaving Neverland”, the explosive 2019 documentary in which Wade and another accuser claimed to have been sexually abused by Michael as a child. ‘True fans know that in 2019 I actually made a video saying Wade Robson is a liar,’ Fabio said in a TikTok video.

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In the same video, Fabio defended himself against racism claims. ‘I don’t know where these [allegations] come from,’ he said somberly, adding that he has friends from all over the world, and loves different cultures.

The third claim that Fabio spoke about was that he defends Joseph Jackson, Michael’s father, for allegedly abusing his children during their Jackson 5 days. ‘Joseph Jackson was brought up in a different era from us, and in that era, that was very common behavior,’ he explained. ‘Violence is never the way.’ Lastly, Fabio denied having surgery on his face or body. (The video, which was uploaded to YouTube in 2022, was recorded and uploaded prior to the TikToker’s rhinoplasty.)

Although Fabio was previously active on Instagram, but these days he only uses TikTok or YouTube. It’s unknown whether he’s in a relationship, or what his sexual orientation is.

Celeb Lookalikes

There are plenty of famous impersonators around the globe who make a living imitating A-listers. According to talent manager Kevin Weiler, professional celebrity impersonators can earn up to $10,000 for a corporate event or private party, which makes it a lucrative career for those interested. However, most impersonators and look-alikes have unrelated day jobs, and prefer not to make it their whole personality.

The name Paige Neimann may not sound familiar, but the Ariana Grande impersonator has over ten million followers on TikTok, and has gone viral dozens of times thanks to her resemblance to the pop singer.

Born in 2004, the lookalike garnered public recognition in 2019, when Ariana herself noticed her thanks to a viral TikTok video. Teen Vogue and other outlets reached out to contact Paige, who said that strangers had been telling her for years that she looked like the singer.

According to Paige, she began posting selfies and Musical.lys videos of herself dressed up as the “Side to Side” singer when she was 12 years old. With time, she perfected Ariana’s then-signature make-up look thanks to online tutorials, as well as the pop starlet’s famous high ponytail. Like Fabio, Ariana was also accused of photoshopping, but denied the claims. It also helps that Ariana and Paige are both half Sicilian, and share many features.

Thanks to the first rush of attention, Paige signed to a talent manager who wanted to help her get into acting and singing; however, her crossover into the mainstream entertainment industry didn’t pan out, so she stuck to social media posts and videos.

However, Paige is not exactly a beloved public figure, despite her large followership. She has often had to disable her Instagram comments due to the amount of vitriol and backlash she receives from Ariana fans, who even accuse her of being the reason behind the singer’s drastic physical change. (From 2021 onwards, Ariana lost a lot of weight, ditched the high ponytail, and revamped her look).

Nevertheless, Paige continues to do what she knows best. Despite receiving thousands of hate comments for recreating Ari’s album covers, bridal looks, and live performance outfits, Paige has found a way to make her unusual career work for her. In September 2023, the brunette walked for Creators Inc at New York Fashion Week, and she even has an Only Fans account via which she posts adult content.

While some celeb lookalikes are happy to play their role, others, such as Sidney Beckles, claim that resembling famous faces has made their life difficult. Sidney went viral in 2023 for detailing the perks and downfalls of being a celeb lookalike. Her resemblance to actress and humanitarian Meghan Markle has led to her receiving dozens of unpleasant comments from trolls, which is due to Meghan being such a polarizing figure.

There are, however, upsides. According to Sidney, she is often invited to free drinks whenever she goes out, as people are convinced that she is secretly related to Meghan. ‘I’m never trolled in person, just online,’ she added. ‘Most of the hate is directed at Meghan specifically, and just telling me that I shouldn’t be proud to look like her.’

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