J. K. Rowling’s Daughter Jessica Arantes Wiki Bio, Job, Husband, Net Worth

• Jessica Arantes is the daughter of J.K. Rowling, author of the "Harry Potter" series
• She was born in 1993, in Porto, Portugal, and has two half-siblings.
• Her father was a Portuguese journalist and her mother a British author
• She works as an Instagram model and owns a clothing line called Jc.closefit.
• Her net worth is estimated at close to $1 million.

Who is Jessica Arantes?

Jessica Arantes is the daughter of one of the most famous authors, J.K. Rowling, who has written the “Harry Potter” series of books.

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Jessica Arantes Age, Childhood, Family, and Education Background

Jessica Isabel Rowling Arantes was born on 27 July 1993 in Porto, Portugal under the Leo Zodiac making her 25 years of age. Her parents, Jorge Arantes and J.K. Rowling, named her after the renowned English author, Jessica Mitford. Her mother is a famous British author, philanthropist, and film producer, while her dad is a Portuguese journalist, who married on 16 October 1992 when her mother was 25 years old and an English teacher who had moved to Porto, while her father was a 23-year-old journalism student.

She also has two half-siblings, David Murray and Mackenzie Murray. Her parents separated when she was only five months old, and her mother moved with her to Edinburgh, Scotland. When her father decided to follow them to the United Kingdom, J.K. Rowling filed for a restraining order against him as she cited that he was an abusive husband, and for divorce.

When her mother’s first famous “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” book series was published, Jessica was only four years old. The book became an instant hit and so have all the other books in the series. The story of her mother’s books was later turned into a film series with the same name, “Harry Potter”.

After the divorce, her mother later re-married to Neil Murray, and the couple was blessed with two children, Jessica’s half-siblings. There is no information regarding Jessica’s educational background.

Jessica Arantes Career

Regarding Jessica’s career, she can be describes as an Instagram model who posts beautiful photos of herself, as well as videos with her family and friends. Jessica started her Instagram account in 2013 and instantly started sharing photos; she has now managed to gather almost 7,000 followers. Apart from that, Jessica owns a clothing line called Jc.closefit. She also loves traveling and taking photos while on her exotic tours.

Jessica Arantes Personal Life, Boyfriend

When it comes to Jessica’s dating life, she does not hide anything from her fans. Currently, she is dating her boyfriend Ronny Dias, with whom according to her Instagram account, she is madly in love. Her boyfriend’s career is not known to the public. The couple loves sharing their photos of places they have visited together on Instagram. Jessica also posts photos of herself with Ronny and her dog.

Jessica loves to live lavishly, and her 22nd birthday was no exception. She made sure to throw a huge party for her family and close friends, and anyone who was in attendance can attest to the fact that it was truly a grand party.

Jessica Arantes and her boyfriend

Jessica Arantes Parents’ Marriage and Divorce

Her mother met Jorge Arantes, her first husband in Porto, Portugal eighteen months after moving there. She had decided to relocate to Portugal from London after her own mother passed away, to start afresh. They dated briefly before marrying after she realized that she was pregnant with Jessica. A short time after her parents tied the knot, her dad was called for training and had to be away for several months.

When Jorge finally got back home, he could not find a job. That same time Jessica was born, and the marriage started facing difficulties as Jessica’s father could not provide for the family. The result was Arantes becoming violent towards his wife, and eventually he apparently threw her and young Jessica out of the house. Devastated, J.K. Rowling flew to her sister’s place in Edinburgh, Scotland with her infant daughter. She later filed for divorce, finalised in August 1994. She became a single mother struggling to provide for her child, but things obviously became easier when she published her first book.

Interesting Facts about Jessica’s Mother

Here are some facts about J.K. Rowling:

She loved reading from a young age, and was particularly fascinated with fantasy books that her parents used to read to her. At the age of six, she started composing her own stories and her first story was called “Rabbit” which her mother praised, and Rowling thought of getting it published.

However, seven years after Jessica’s birth, she thought of herself as a failure, because she had just moved from a failed marriage and was jobless with a young child. It was at such a trying time that she was diagnosed with clinical depression, and even thought of committing suicide.

She named one of her book characters after a terminally ill reader: Natalie McDonald was a Harry Potter novels fan who got diagnosed with leukemia. Her mother’s friend wrote to Rowling requesting her to write to Natalie as she was terminally ill. When Rowling got the mail, she decided to send the ending of her novel “The Goblet of Fire” even before it was published, but unfortunately Natalie passed away before she could read the letter. It is then that Rowling decided to name one of the characters Natalie in honor of her avid reader who had succumbed.

Jessica Arante Net Worth

Jessica earns her money from modeling as well as her business of clothing line. Regarding her income, it’s authoritatively estimated at over $100,000 a year, and the amount of the net worth she has managed to accumulate at close to $1 million, no doubt supplemented by her mother if necessary, but which would seem likely t rise anyway assuming that she successfully continues her dual career.

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