Jeff Devlin’s Bio: Wife Christine Devlin, Age, Married, Net Worth, Family, Height

• Jeff Devlin is a 45 year old licensed carpenter, contractor, and TV personality.
• His career was kickstarted by an apprenticeship and his own custom woodworking company.
• He is married to Christine with whom he has two kids, and lives in a 250 year old Pennsylvania stone farmhouse.
• He has a net worth of over $500,000 and has a large social media following.
• He is close to 6ft tall.

Who is Jeff Devlin?

Jeff Devlin is a licensed carpenter, contractor, and a TV personality who shares his skills and passion for carpentry and craftsmanship through shows such as “Spice Up My Kitchen”, “Stone House Revival”, and “Ellen’s Design Challenge”.

After he completed high school education at Neshaminy High School, Devlin joined as an apprentice for a reputed home remodeler where he properly learned his craft and sharpened his skills. As an apprentice, he got the opportunity to work on over 300-year-old antiquated properties that kindled his passion to learn about history as well. He always admired the hard work, the fine craftsmanship and the attention to detail that went into these home remodeling projects.

He started his own custom woodworking company in 1995, which is still operating successfully, but Devlin’s claim to fame have been through the TV shows that he has done on the HGTV and DIY networks. More recently, he competed in “Ellen’s Design Challenge” TV show, produced by the popular talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.

About Jeff Davlin’s wife Christine Devlin

Jeff Devlin is married to Christine, with whom he shares two children – Reese and Aiden. Jeff describes his wife as calm and patient, and greatly supportive of his work as a carpenter and also a TV personality. Jeff is a loving father and constantly shares his memories with his loved ones and with his fans. His son plays baseball in school, and is often featured in Devlin’s social media channels. Jeff, his family, and his pets live in a completely renovated Pennsylvania stone farmhouse that is over 250 years old – a project that he undertook himself.

Jeff Devlin’s Age

Jeff Dalvin was born on 19 May 1973, a native of Bucks County, Pennsylvania USA, so is currently 45 years old. As someone who has followed through on a passion that he found as a teenager, he is living a fulfilling life doing what he loves for a living. He also believes in staying young by always being active and creative.

Jeff Dalvin’s Childhood

Dalvin’s enthusiasm for carpentry and craftsmanship began at a very young age, and he started working on his first carpentry project when he was only 15 years old. His fond memories while growing up in Bucks County include riding his bicycle across the town, learning to play guitar and also playing tennis.

As a child, he always thought he would be a professional athlete or a singer when he grew up, but the TV show “This Old House” inspired him to consider carpentry as a career, as he had always had a curious mind to see how things are built even as a small child. As soon as he could get an apprenticeship under professional carpenters, he enthusiastically went for it, and was fortunate to learn the craft under many talented carpenters and craftsmen from a very young age, which eventually paved the path to his success.

Before Jeff Devlin’s Fame

Before he became popular as a master carpenter, Devlin had his humble beginnings in carpentry by making birdhouses – he took the discarded wood from a construction site near his house and made birdhouses from them, and sold them at craft fairs in his local church for $5, and made a small profit for about two days’ worth of work.

Devlin also worked as a cameraman on TV shows before he got his breakthrough gig on HGTV as a host. He already had his custom woodworking business running successfully when he was working behind the scenes of a few TV shows on HGTV, including the home renovation show “Save My Bath”.

Is Jeff Devlin Married?

Yes, he is married to his wife of many years, Christine, and constantly posts pictures of the couple and their children on his social media channels. On 10 May 2013, he posted a throwback picture from their wedding day with the caption, “Remembering a very special day in my life!” However, the exact date and venue of their wedding have not been released to the public.

Jeff Devlin’s Net worth

As a popular TV personality who has hosted and participated in multiple TV shows, Jeff Delvin is estimated by authoritative sources to have a net worth of over $500,000. After his stints in the TV shows “Spice Up My Kitchen”, “Drill Team” and “Stone House Revival”, his popularity shot-up further when he attended Ellen’s Design Challenge as a competitor. In recent times, he has a large following on all of his social media channels – especially his Instagram page, which is another revenue stream especially for niche marketers like himself.

The family of Jeff Devlin

Jeff Devlin lives in Bucks County to this day. He resides in his renovated farmhouse with his wife Christine and their 14-year-old daughter Reese and 12-year-old son Aidan. According to his social media profiles, they love engaging in outdoor sports and adventure outings together, including skiing, surfing and paddleboarding. He has also shared his childhood love for biking with his children, and often shares their mountain-biking adventures as a family in his social media profile.

What’s Jeff Devlin’s Height?

Devlin’s height is not definitively mentioned anywhere. He appears to be close to 6ft (1.80m) tall.

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