Jim Tom Hedrick (Moonshiner) Net Worth, Dead, Age, Wife, Kids, Wiki Bio

• Jim Tom is a prominent TV star and moonshiner
• He began his moonshining career at 15 and has held other jobs such as a plumber, electrician, and ham radio operator
• He became a part of the Discovery Channel series “Moonshiners” and has his own product, ‘100 Proof Unaged Rye’
• His net worth is estimated to be $200,000 as of early 2019
• Little is known about Jim Tom's personal life, including whether he is married or has children

Who is Jim Tom?

Discovery Channel always looks to bring new shows to their public, and has reached into the moonshining community, wanting to showcase the whole process of making this somewhat illegal liquor. “Moonshiners” is the series about people who are making the highly-praised alcohol, and they have become stars over the years. Jim Tom is one of them, being in the business for more than 60 years.

So, do you want to find out more about Jim Tom, from how he got into the moonshining business to his recent career endeavors, and his personal life as well? If yes, then stay with us for a while, as we bring you closer to this prominent TV star and moonshiner.

Jim Tom Wiki: Age and Early Life

Born Jim Marvin Hedrick on the 25th December 1940, in Robbinsville, North Caroline USA, details about his early life remain unknown, since he has quite successfully hidden all the most important details, including the names of his parents and whether he has any siblings. He started working at an early age, and held several jobs before he ventured into moonshining.

Career Beginnings

At only 15 he started his moonshining career serving as a sugar supplier, and would haul sugar by boat to a national park, where his employer had a distillery. However, this didn’t last long as he would soon discover that he could start moonshining on his own. During this time he was working in several other positions since moonshining is illegal, and he needed something that would bring money. As a result, he was a plumber, electrician, ham radio operator, and vehicle maintenance guy; furthermore, he explored his singing talents, releasing a couple of country songs, including “Golly That’s Good”, which actually became a hit.

Jim Tom

Rise to Prominence

He never stopped moonshining, and the hard work eventually paid off. He became a part of the new Discovery Channel series “Moonshiners”, alongside other moonshiners Josh Owens, Tim Smith and Mark Rogers, among others. Thanks to the show, Jim became a prominent reality TV personality, and his product was seen by many across the US and other countries as well. This resulted in corporate success, since Jim started selling his own moonshine, ‘100 Proof Unaged Rye’, through an endorsement deal with the Sugarland Distilling Company. Until 2016 Jim was a regular on the show, however, after that he appeared sporadically, making only a few appearances. Because of this, many thought that Jim was having some serious health issues, even that he might be dead, as a long time followed his last appearance in the show without news.

Is Jim Tom Dead? Health Issues

Jim is now nearing his 90th birthday, so it’s normal that he began to experience health decline, however, he has actually just become a little slower, and nothing else is wrong with him, so he’s certainly not dead. On the other hand, he experienced a horrifying accident back in 1962, when he was only 22 years old. It was the Halloween night and Jim and his girlfriend’s sister’s husband raced on the road, with Jim riding the 1961 Starliner 390. At a curve, Jim riding over 115mph hit a1955 Ford Station Wagon, which was heading towards him. The collision was heavy, and Jim was left with a head injury and broken leg, but doctors managed to save him, and he left the hospital with several stitches in his head, and a steel rod in his leg.

Jim Tom Net Worth

Since launching his career when he was 15, Jim has held numerous jobs, all of which helped him to increase his net worth, although it wasn’t until 2012 that he became known to the world. After he was chosen for the cast of the reality TV series “Moonshiners”, Jim’s net worth started to increase rapidly. So, have you ever wondered how rich Jim Tom is, as of early 2019? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Jim Tom’s net worth is as high as $200,000. Pretty impressive, don’t you think?

Jim Tom Personal Life, Wife, Marriage, Children

What do you know about Jim Tom in his personal life? Well, he is a storyteller, we give him credit for that, however, the most important stories from his life remain untold, including if he is married, and does he have children?  What we do know is that Jim has often been in trouble with law enforcement officers, ironically mostly for being drunk on his own product, but never for moonshining. Whenever they tried to find something illegal in his production, there was nothing, and anytime Jim was arrested for being drunk, or for disorderly conduct, he would soon be released from jail.

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