Karl Pilkington wife, Suzanne Whiston (BBC producer) Wiki, Married, Split

• Suzanne Whiston is a producer for BBC's "Match of the Day" show and has reported on several sporting events
• She was born in England in 1968 and the details of her early life and education remain unknown
• She started her career in the mid-90s as a producer for the Manchester-based radio station Key 103
• She has her own company, Alrite Productions, and has produced one film, "Karl Pilkington's A Love of Two Brains"
• She has been in a relationship with Karl Pilkington for 25 years and they remain unmarried

Who is Suzanne Whiston?

A girl in men’s soccer; well, she isn’t a player, but a producer. She can be seen on BBC’s “Match of the Day” show, and has reported on such sporting events as the FA Cup in 2004 and 2006 World Cup in Germany, among other events. Suzanne is also known for her long-lasting relationship with radio personality and producer Karl Pilkington.

So, do you want to find out more about Suzanne Whiston, from her childhood to most recent career endeavors and her personal life as well? If yes, then stay with us as we present you the life partner of Karl Pilkington.

Suzanne Whiston Wiki: Age, Early Life, and Education

Suzanne was born in 1968 in England, but further information about her birthplace and birth date remain unknown for now. Furthermore, Suzanne hasn’t shared the names of her parents and their vocations, while also keeping secretive information about where she went to school. Hopefully, she changes her mind and starts sharing details about her early life with the fans.

Suzanne Whiston Career

Suzanne’s career started in the mid- ‘90s, when she joined the Manchester-based radio station Key 103 as a producer. She was mostly working in the sports section, particularly soccer, and her role gradually expanded, and her hard work was recognized by a number of other stations. She started receiving offers, one of which was from the BBC.

Suzanne Whiston

Rise to Prominence

Without second guessing, Suzanne accepted BBC ‘s offer, and was appointed as their producer of the show “Match of the Day”. She worked consistently on soccer events, and in 2004 was sent with the team of reporters to cover the FA Cup. This ultimately led to another successful engagement, the FIFA 2006 World Cup held in Germany, which further increased her popularity, and wealth, as well. She was steadily reaching stardom and popularity while working for BBC in these years, particularly as she was one of few women in sports’ journalism.

Alrite Productions

In addition to her work for the BBC, Suzanne has pursued other projects, including her own Alrite Production company, which has its own YouTube channel. However, for now the company’s plan is still in development, as she has produced only one film, an animation entitled “Karl Pilkington’s A Love of Two Brains”, but this further increased Suzanne’s fortune.

Suzanne Whiston Net Worth

Since launching her career, Suzanne has mainly worked for one of the major English media companies, BBC, which has made her both famous and rich. So, have you ever wondered how rich Suzanne Whiston is, as of early 2019? According to authoritative sources, it’s estimated that Whiston’s net worth is as high as $2 million, which is quite decent don’t you think? Undoubtedly, her wealth will increase in the future, assuming that she continues her career.

Suzanne Whiston Personal Life, Affairs, Boyfriend, Is She Married or Split?

Suzanne has been quite open when it comes to sharing details of her life; she has been in a relationship with Karl Pilkington for 25 years. The two met while working together, and soon started a romantic relationship. Karl isn’t interested in getting married or having children, so the two have remained unmarried until the present day, although they are supposedly ‘engaged’.

A funny story of how they met has followed the two throughout their relationship. Karl wanted a hot beverage while at work, but he didn’t have any change with him for the vending machine. Suzanne came along and inserted the 20p into the machine. and in that way paid Pilkington’s hot chocolate. Then Suzanne asked Karl to do some editing for her, and in return bought him another hot chocolate. Since then, they have been in an apparently happy relationship.

Internet Presence

Suzanne isn’t fond of social media platforms, and can only be found on Twitter, on which she also doesn’t post much. her official page has just over 3,000 followers, and the last post is from 2013. Nevertheless, if you aren’t her fan, this is a great opportunity for you to become one, just skip over to her official page. She isn’t active on Facebook and Instagram.

Suzanne Whiston Love Partner, Karl Pilkington

Now that we have shared all there is about Suzanne, let’s share some information about her life partner, Karl Pilkington.

Karl Pilkington was born on the 23rd September 1972, in Manchester, England, and is a television presenter, comedian, actor and radio producer, who came to prominence after working with Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant’s radio program on XFM.

He went to Ashton-on-Mersey Secondary School in Sale after which he moved to London and started his career. In addition to work on the aforementioned show, he also starred in the TV series “Derek” (2012-2014), then “The Moaning of Life” (2013-2015), and “Sick of It”, which started in 2018.

According to authoritative sources, Karl Pilkington’s net worth is as high as $3.5 million, as of early 2019.

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