Lindsay Capuano: Instagram Model and Social Media Star

Lindsay Capuano hails from Connecticut, USA, and is renowned as an OnlyFans Model and a social media influencer.

Lindsay has gained fame for her bold and captivating imagery on various social platforms. Her path to stardom was solidified when she fearlessly asserted that her religious beliefs don’t impede her career.

In the world of social media, Lindsay wears multiple hats – she’s an influencer, an adult model, and a prominent personality, all within the American context. Notably, she shares her adult content exclusively on her OnlyFans account, a journey she embarked on back in 2015. Her dedication to curating engaging content for her followers has been unwavering, and her sassy videos and captivating imagery consistently captivate her dedicated audience.

Adding to her creative endeavors, Lindsay has been delighting her TikTok fans since 2017. Her content consistently enthralls, often showcasing the results of her dedicated gym workouts, especially in videos highlighting her Big Bust. And for those who may not be aware, there’s a hidden talent – Lindsay is also a singer, further enriching her diverse repertoire.

Let’s get to know this beauty a little better, and look past the surface of her appearance.

Early Personal Life

We don’t know much about Lindsay’s early years. She was born to her parents on 30 June 1998, in Connecticut. It’s believed that her parents are a well-to-do couple from Chicago. Apart from that, there isn’t any data available online. We don’t know who her parents are, what her childhood was like, or whether or not she has any siblings.


It’s unclear what kind of education Lindsay had. It looks like she wants her past to be private, which most of us can respect.


Lindsay’s passion for modeling ignited during her college years, prompting her to establish an online presence. Over time, her consistent and enticing content began drawing significant attention, thanks to her captivating looks and a penchant for showcasing her allure.

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As her popularity surged, Lindsay found herself presented with a host of enticing projects, including collaborations with CraveOnline Media (which has since changed its name to Mandatory), a prominent men’s lifestyle platform headquartered in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Lindsay has been lending her modeling prowess to various online retailers, most notably CK and Brandy Melville, often gracing her photos with their stylish outfits.

Furthermore, Lindsay has participated in photoshoots for PSD Underwear, a brand known for its affordable luxury undergarments and celebrity-endorsed lines.

Apart from working with brands, Lindsay continues to create content for her social media accounts as well as her OnlyFans account. She’s been creating content on this adult website for many years, and knows exactly what her fans want to see.

She also sings, having released ‘Shotgun Love’, which she proudly shared with the world in 2022. It’s rumoured that Lindsay is working with big-shot and award-winning record producers to make new music that will soon be revealed on iTunes and Spotify. Only time will tell if these rumours are true.

Interesting Facts

At home, Lindsay boasts an impressive collection of plush toys; she particularly loves teddy bears.

When it comes to leisure, she thoroughly enjoys traveling alongside her close-knit group of friends.

She exhibits strong basketball skills, and she enjoys playing this sport quite often.

In a well-liked Instagram post, she shared a picture of a striking blue Lamborghini, referring to it as her dream car.

Later Personal Life

Lindsay’s name hit the headlines due to her connection with Bryce Hall, a social media personality and boxer. In November 2022 Lindsay Capuano shared a video featuring Bryce on her TikTok account, in which Lindsay and Bryce can be seen sharing an intimate moment with a kiss.

Subsequently, online speculations and rumors started circulating, suggesting that Lindsay and Bryce might be romantically involved. However, Bryce has never officially acknowledged their relationship in any interview. This isn’t the first time Bryce has kept tight-lipped about his relationships, even after dating someone for a few months. Apparently, he kept quiet about his romance with Addison Rae as well.

With that said, some fans feel that it’s possible that their kiss was a strategic move aimed at garnering increased attention, and a larger audience on social media.

Physical Characteristics

Lindsay is considered a very attractive young woman who weighs about 116lbs (53 kgs), and is 5 ft 3 ins (1.60 m) tall, with long blonde-brown hair. Her eyes are blue that can look green, depending on the light.

Net Worth

Lindsay has an estimated net worth of $1 million as of late 2023. Her OnlyFans account is likely to be her biggest source of income, though her work with brands also brings in a good amount of money for the beauty.

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