Lisa Kelly trucker from “Ice Road Truckers” Bio: Net Worth, Darrell Ward, Husband, Family, Wiki

• Lisa Kelly is a 38-year-old reality TV star who appears on History Channel’s “Ice Road Truckers”.
• She was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan and moved to Alaska at 6 years old.
• She has a Commercial Driver's License and worked at Carlile Transportation before appearing on the show.
• She is married to Traves Kelly and they live in Wasilla, Alaska with their pets.
• Lisa has an estimated net worth of $500,000 and is popular with 70,000+ Twitter followers.

Who is Lisa Kelly?

Lisa is a 38-year-old reality TV star ,who has appeared in the History Channel’s “Ice Road Truckers”. Lisa is a petite blonde with brown eyes and a height of 5ft 5ins. She has one sibling.

Lisa Early Life

Lisa Kelly was born on 8 December 1980 under the Sagittarius Zodiac, in the Grand Rapids area of Michigan.  When she was six years old, the family including an unidentified sibling moved to Sterling in Alaska. Her parents were both in the medical field, but from an early age, their daughter decided she did not want to pursue that career, instead showing an interest in an out of office lifestyle, and driving in particular. Truck driving attracted her because ‘it looked interesting’. Lisa also took some art lessons, and learned to play the piano.

As a youngster, she was the state champion in freestyle motor-cross, also had a stint delivering pizzas, and at one time she worked as an attendant at a gas station, but most importantly as a school bus driver, using the income to pay for training in truck driving. Having earned her Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) she applied for and got a job as a trucker, with Carlile Transportation.

Lisa Kelly Career

With Carlile Transportation Lisa began on a van, but with time gained enough experience to drive the big trucks on which she practiced every time she got a chance, and soon she was hauling loads on the Dalton Highway. When History Channel’s reality TV series “Ice Road Truckers” needed a female trucker, Lisa Kelly applied andwas accepted, for season three. Up to season five she was the only female trucker in the show, then took a break in season six of the show for personal reasons.

“Ice Road Truckers” traces the lives of the drivers of enormous rigs as they put their experience and skills to the test  against the rough, icy roads of Alaska and other far-flung areas. Their determination to get their loads to their destinations safely and in time is extraordinary. Lisa would later partner with fellow IRT trucker Darrel Ward to begin a hauling company, but unfortunately Ward lost his life in an airplane crash on 28 August 2016.

In the series “Ice Road Truckers”, Lisa accepts that she has a lot to learn in the business of hauling huge loads along some of the most treacherous roads in Alaska. She is also involved in “Deadliest Roads” which is a spin-off from the Ice Road Truckers. In India for example; she drove her truck along mountain passes with sheer drops; some of the drivers she was with even quit. Lisa at one time has to drive her truck at 13,00ft through the Rohtang Pass in the Himalayas, and she’s also driven the Andes in Peru and Bolivia.

Kelly Personal Life

Lisa Kelly married Traves (Travis) Kelly in 2008, after dating for four years; he is an Aleut Native Alaskan, and a dirt bike enthusiast. The couple lives in Wasilla, Alaska. The couple doesn’t have any children as yet, but they share their home with an assortment of animals, including three horses, one of which is the miniature named “Rocky”, plus dogs and cats. During some of her shows, she had a puppy companion in her truck which she named Rampur Jackson, but gave him away to one of the producers when she was through with filming.

Lisa has always been an adrenaline junkie, and among her hobbies she can count hang gliding, skydiving, snowboarding, motocross racing, and she also achieved a once in a lifetime dream when she flew with the US Navy Blue Angels display team in a fighter jet. Her success in the trucking business as well as in reality TV has been due to her determination and hard work. To prove herself in a male-dominated career, she has had to work twice as hard and really pull her own weight. In some cases, her beauty has led to people to doubt her abilities behind the wheel.

Lisa Kelly Net Worth

Truckers are among the poorest paid reality TV personalities; as such, a high income is an exception rather than the norm. Lisa Kelly, however, has not done badly, with reputable sites estimating her net worth to be around $500,000 in 2018. This is in a male-dominated profession, whose female population was 5.8% in 2015 according to the American Association of Truckers. It is estimated that the cast of Ice Road Truckers received a salary of between $20,000 and $80,000 per season

Lisa Celebrity Status

As the only female trucker in Ice Road Truckers for the early seasons, before being joined by Maya Sieber in season five who only stayed for one season, and 22-year-old Stephanie Custance in season10, Lisa Kelly quickly grew popular with the fans. By season 11, her Twitter fan base had risen to over 70,000 followers.

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  1. I am a woman that just retired after 34 years of driving a big truck and I gotta agree it’s a mans world. I respect Lisa and give her credit cuz she doesn’t rely on other drivers to do her work for her. The first thing I learned was if you’re gonna play with the big boys ya gotta play like the big boys and she does! Keep up the good work and stay safe. Give em hell!!!

  2. I give respect for Lisa for all the hard work and keeping up with those guy’s . Rest In Peace Darrell your one hell of a guy taking Lisa under your wing and showing her the way will me you deeply and the ones he left behind in gods name amen brother you’ll be miss. Lisa is one woman that put up with a lot of crap with some of these bosses and she hung in their . Her love and passion to drive semi trucks is awesome. Miss seeing you all driving the in Ice Road Truckers . God bless them all who take their lives of driving to feed their family and friends and risk their lives doing it .

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