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• Liz Bonnin is an Irish-French television presenter, wild animal biologist, biochemist, and former pop singer.
• She was born in Paris, France and raised in Ireland.
• She has a Bachelor's in biochemistry from Trinity College, Dublin and a Master's in Wild Animal Biology from the Zoological Society of London and Royal Veterinary College.
• She is active on social media and is a role model for EDF Energy's Pretty Curious program.
• She has presented various documentaries about wildlife, has won awards, and her net worth is estimated to be over $4 million.

Liz Bonnin Wiki

Why would a beautiful woman decide to spend her life in the often unforgiving world of wildlife? The curiosity to know about Liz Bonnin’s life stems from her association with wildlife and why she chose to leave the glamorous and comforting city life where stunning beauty like hers would make a lasting impact. What does life in the uncertain wild-world look like for a feminine figure whose education and career revolves in uncovering what lies in the remote jungles and deserts and the depths of the ocean? What has her personal life, her love life, family and career been like in a world where only a few would dare to venture? These and other exciting questions will be answered in this fact-finding information-rich content. Please read on as we bring you relevant information about Liz Bonnin.

Who is Liz Bonnin?

Elizabeth Bonnin is an Irish-French television presenter, wild animal biologist, biochemist, and a former pop singer. as is Popularly called Liz, she loves wildlife and is ever proud to live among it. Liz is spending most of her time getting close to wild animals, especially the big cats; she does this as a researcher and television presenter, to care for the needs of the animals and educate the world about them. Through her series of television programs, she has attracted funding for wildlife research, and so is also the recipient of several awards including Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year and IET’s Young Woman Engineer of the year.

Liz Birth, Early life and Education

Liz was born on 16 September 1976, in Paris, France to an Indian-Portuguese Trinidadian mother by the name Bonnie Murray and a French-Martiniquan father dentist, Russ Tamblyn. She was raised in Ireland to where the family moved when she was nine years of age, becoming enthralled with biology and chemistry at an early age in school, and subsequently studied the subjects in college, graduating with her bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from Trinity College, Dublin. Liz continued her study at the Zoological Society of London and Royal Veterinary College, to gain her Master Degree in Wild Animal Biology.

Liz Bonnin Personal, Married and Social life

Liz has successfully shielded her private life from public eyes, however, what is known about her relates to her work; one of which is her role model for EDF Energy’s Pretty Curious program, to enhance adolescent female student’s desire to opt for science-related subjects in school.

Liz is single by marital status; apart from her passing joke of a future husband in a response @TomStubberfield’s tweet in November 2012, to which she tweeted: “My pick between my future husband Sheldon of Big Bang Theory and Dr. Who? What’s not to love” nothing more is heard from her regarding a husband or potential spouse.

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Liz is active on social media user; she is found on Instagram with over 3000 followers and Twitter with more than 46,000 fans. She maintains an athletic body with a height of 5ft 7ins.

Liz Bonnin’s Career

Early in her career, Liz joined an Irish girl pop group by the name Chill, but left the group before recording its first work with Polydor. She then got a job anchoring the IRMA Award with RTE Television in Ireland. Liz then presented more shows on RTE, including “The Den, Off the Rails, Telly Bingo and Millennium Eve: Celebrate 2000. In 2002, she presented the Channel 4 morning show RI:SE which focuses on entertainment stories, and later in the year anchored “Top of the Pops” on BBC UK.

In 2002, she continued with her new found television career as a presenter of animal science on TV stations. The following years brought her closer to her passion for wildlife, and 2005 saw her involvement in science broadcasting when she presented ‘Gadgets, Gadgets, Gadgets’ and featured in various science presentations for the BBC including handling two documentaries entitled “Operation Snow Tiger” and “Animal Odd Couples” in 2013.

In 2015, Liz hosted the BBC Two ‘Stargazing Live’ episodes, and co-hosted the ‘Big Blue Live’ show for the BBC One. Her service continued on BBC Two with the Horizon Program ‘Should We Close Our Zoos?’ – a report raising public awareness of the state of zoos – and also featured in the program ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ on BBC One.

Liz is a wildlife adventurer whose working life brings her into contact with animals both on land and in the sea. She travels across the world to live her passion, and enjoys traveling and exploring new places. In her Galapagos Islands sea life adventure, Liz described her Triton submersible experience as “a sobering reminder of the power of the planet,” a plunge into the depths of the murky ocean in a daring research mission 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador.

She has experienced many other breathtaking wildlife experiences in her career, working with several nature-friendly conservationists around the world. She works extensively as a presenter for the BBC, including her daring stunts with potentially dangerous animals to educate her audience. Her bold encounters with wildlife show her commitment as a bioscience presenter for the television, with her journey into wildlife presentation starting in 2002.

The Liz Bonnin Documentaries

Liz puts in so much energy to present facts about events affecting the eco-system, raising awareness about wildlife and earth science, pop life and big cats. Some of her movies are “Animal Odd Couples”, “Bang Goes the Theory”, “How The Earth Works”, “Drowning in Plastic”, “Nature’s Epic Journeys”, “Cats v Dogs: Which is Best?” , and many others aimed at educating her audience in gaining a new perspective on the various subjects that interest her.

What is Liz Bonnin’s Net Worth?

Liz Bonnin is well paid for the shows she anchors; authoritative sources say that she earns $80,000 for each sponsored work, which contributes significantly to her net worth, as well as other assignments. The Irish-French television presenter’s net worth is estimated by sources at over $4 million.

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