Martini Artnugan: Wiki Bio, ethnicity, net worth, boyfriend, measurements

• Martini Artnugan is an internet star known as the ‘Queen of Farts’
• She was born in Thailand and currently lives in the US
• She has an impressive following on social media, and has made money through her unique content
• She has a 'Fartini Challenge' which sees her farting on other people in public
• Her body measurements are unknown but she has had lip fillers and breast implants

Fart pranks are jokes that usually performed by guys. But Martini Artnugan definitely breaks that taboo. If you have ever found her pics and videos where the focus is on her attractive body (to be more precise, on her butt), and you wanted to find out more about this Internet star, this is the article for you.

Martini Artnugan’s Personal Information

Martini Artnugan or, as she likes to call herself, ‘a queen of farts,’ was born and raised in Thailand. Her current residence is in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Her birthday is on 11 January, and her Zodiac sign is Capricorn. She’s 29 now. Judging by her posts on social networks, Martini Artnugan has a rather luxurious life, filled with expensive clothes, travels, going out to all kinds of events, trendy restaurants and clubs. She’s leading a healthy lifestyle, and in her spare time, she enjoys exercising and meditation.

‘Queen of Farts’ Career and Net Worth

Martini Artnugan claims that her profession is modeling. Indeed, if we take a look of her earlier posts on social networks, we’ll see that her announcements were related to fashion, posing, and promoting stuff. Her first online appearance happened in October 2012. However, it seems like Martini wanted to step out of the crowd of girls who present themselves as models. There are a bunch of them on Instagram. So she started to fart in public and in front of the camera. And to post that on social media. And to get likes and make money out of it. We have to admit – Martini Artnugan really found a unique way to make herself famous.

Martini Artnugan

Instagram has become the leading social media of today. There you can find many people labeled as influencers. Basically, they do nothing significant, but they have many fans and followers. Thus, Martini Artnugan became one of the sought-after influencers, with almost half a million fans who are barely waiting for her next video or photo. And the content she posts can be funny sometimes, according to number of views on her YouTube channel (over 650,000 for now). Since we don’t have accurate information about Martini Artnugan’s earnings and current net worth, everything is in the domain of the assumption. But if we know that some influencers can earn thousands of dollars for a single post or product review, we can assume that this lady is making good money.

Fartini Contest

If you are a fan of social networks, you definitely couldn’t miss this event – Fartini Challenge. The main star, of course, is Martini Artnugan. The point of the whole thing is that she goes from one man to another, somewhere in the public, lifts her skirt up, and – farts on them. Then the man slaps her buttocks and they both laugh. Interestingly, there’s a tremendous interest in this ‘competition’ among Martini Artnugan’s fans. Many volunteers loving fart fetish want her to do this in front of them, and they have no problem getting it into the public. So Martini decided to go on ‘tour’ all over the globe and to fulfill these kinky wishes. There’s no doubt that her good look and, let’s say, odd profession, will get her a lot of attention in future.

Does Martini Artnugan Have a Boyfriend?

Although this Thai girl is a big star on social networks, there seems to be not much information about her private life. Martini Artnugan is really attractive and there is no doubt that she has many fans. Her farting videos are among the most viewed in the category of fetish on several famous porn sites. We can be sure that no one still put a ring on Martini’s hand, but if she has a boyfriend or not, we will probably find out soon.

Martini Artnugan’s Body Measurements

Body measurements of Martini Artnugan are not known. This natural black-haired lady is not too tall, but she’s quite attractive. And she’s a big fan of a gym. As we can see from her posts, she has a nice body. Also, we can see that she increased her lips and that she has breast implants. Other plastic surgeries and physical characteristics remain secret until this mysterious Instagram star decides to reveal this information.

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