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• “Life Below Zero” is a reality show on the National Geographic Channel.
• The show follows the lives of a range of interesting characters in the harsh conditions of Alaska.
• These characters include Sue Aikens, Glen Villeneuve, Chip and Agnes Hailstone, Jessie Holmes, Andy Basich, and Erik Salitan and Martha.
• No cast members have died during filming of the show, though there have been close encounters with danger.
• The cast of the show have estimated net worths of around $500,000 for Sue Aikens, and around $250,000 for the rest of the cast.

Life Below Zero Cast Biography

Every Tuesday night on National Geographic Channel, a reality show called “Life Below Zero” gives us a glimpse of what life in the wilderness of Alaska looks like. The show is produced by BBC Worldwide, and was first aired in 2013. Every episode of the show lasts for 45 minutes, and during that period, the audience can take a quick peek at life under the harsh conditions of often sub-zero temperatures in the remote areas of Alaska. If you happen to be a fan of the show, or you just watch it from time to time – stay with us and learn all there is to know about the cast of “Life Below Zero”, their salary, the new season of the show, and so on.

The cast of “Life Below Zero”

Produced by Josh Freed and Barbara Doran, “Life Below Zero” is a documentary-style show, which has been captivating audiences for some time now. However, the picturesque forests and beautiful landscape are not the only reason why people stick to National Geographic and watch the show week after week. The cast of “Life Below Zero” is responsible for the growing popularity of the series, and a range of interesting characters give this show a unique flavor.

The main protagonist of “Life Below Zero” is Sue Aikens – a 54-year old lady who is living all by herself in Kavik, Alaska. Her adventures and hardships probably attract the most attention, but other members of the cast are also contributing to the overall dynamics of  the series. Glen Villeneuve is also a lone wolf, who moved to Alaska in 1999. His skill set allows him to survive in the freezing cold, and the same applies to all other cast members.

Who are the other members of the cast?

Since “Life Below Zero” is rapidly approaching its 100th episode, many protagonists of the show are well-known to the audience. For example, Chip and Agnes Hailstone are a trademark Alaskan family, and that is why this couple with their seven children play an important part in “Life Below Zero”. They live together on the banks of the Kobuk River, and Agnes has roots which tie her to the land in this area given that her family comes from the Inupiaq tribe.

Jessie Holmes – a hunter, dog sled racer and a fisherman is another lone personality, but his pack does consist of 15 dogs so he is not technically alone in the vast Alaskan wilderness. Similarly, Andy Basich is a member of the show, who spends his time fighting for survival on his own, with his residence being on the Yukon River. Also, Erik Salitan with his wife Martha are among the cast members of “Live Below Zero”.

Did anybody die on the show?

Fortunately, and quite miraculously, no cast members have died during the filming of “Life Below Zero”, as life in the Alaskan extreme conditions is full of risk and impending dangers, especially as they sometimes expose themselves to hazardous situations just for the sake of it, i.e. to create drama and tension for the show.

Sue Aiken was probably the closest to death in 2007, when she experienced a close encounter with a grizzly bear. She survived the incident, but the beast left her with a head injury, a torn muscle, and a dislocated hip as well. After ten days of lying on the grass in severe pains, Sue was found and rescued. Believe it or not, Sue managed to go back to the “crime scene” after obtaining a gun, and she shot and killed the unlucky bear.

The new season of “Life Below Zero”

The eleventh season of “Life Below Zero” premiered on 18th September, and seven episodes have been aired up to now. The show, which has been nominated for several prestigious awards and won three Emmy’s, will even reach a significant landmark during this season, airing its 100th episode on 1st January 2019, and the occasion will be marked by a day-long marathon of the most prominent episodes. Additionally, the new season features a new cast member, named Ricko DeWilde, a native Indian coming from the Athabascan people, who moved away from urban areas 18 years ago.

Net worth

Since the cast of “Life Below Zero” goes by the motto “Live Cold or Die Trying”, it is no wonder that they are toughened by adversity and that they have a real go-getter attitude. However, it is a bit difficult to determine their individual net worth because of the fact that some of them have made more profitable investments than others over the years. The majority of them spend their days hunting for various animals, predominantly salmon, caribou, moose, seal, wolf, and so on. Some of the products made out of these animals are kept for home use and for food, but most parts go for sale.

According to authoritative sources, Sue Aikens has a net worth of around $500,000, while the likes of Villeneuve, the Hailstone’s, Basich and others are estimated to have a worth of around $250,000. The major part of their earnings come from “Life Below Zero”, but some of the cast members run their own lodges and other services. It would seem that life in the Alaskan extreme conditions is not treating the members of the show so badly after all.

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  1. I think you need to bring back Glenn Villeneuve, he marches to his own drum and is highly intelligent, allow him to be him, that’s why we watch LBZ!

  2. I must say this is a great program, but the sad thing is, you omit any subtitles for the deaf, I am not but my friend she is.
    I understand the problem with this, but you have an audience here who find this an escape from the UK normal TV.

    Has the cast ever had a big reunion, or get together at any time. Also I am interested if the brave ladies and gents ever cross into someones part of
    the artic, while hunting, of fuel gathering?

  3. I also am a big fan of Glens he’s so creative and imaginative and he walks the walk! Hunting and fishing! Bring his family onboard that would be great also.

  4. Everyone likes Glen because he doesn’t seen like a phony. To many unmentioned details on singer parts of the show make it suspect, like when Jessee takes off in his boat with 1 dog. Who takes care of they other dogs?

  5. Would like to know if Amanda is still in Port Protection even tho she isn’t on the show. Also Hans and Timbe. Are they still living there?

  6. I always wondered why Glenn does not have a chainsaw, but he does have like a 16′ aluminum extension ladder. How did he get it transported to his cabin??????????????

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