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Born under the sign of Virgo on 4 September 1992, in North Richland Hills, Texas USA, Bunny Ayumi is a 31-year-old Caucasian Twitch streamer and cosplayer. She’s easiest to recognize through her revealing photographs and skimpy dressing style that she always sports while streaming on her Twitch channel. Even though she herself hasn’t done much to deserve fame and fortune, thousands of fans around the world continue to dedicate artwork and hard-earned money to her simply due to the way she looks, especially above the waist. Considering the inherent lack of quality and effort across her content, she’s had a substantial amount of success in her career in entertainment since 2017.

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Early life & education: A story yet to be told

Unfortunately for the would-be scholars of real-life Twitch bunnies, Ayumi is much less open about her past than she is about every inch of her body, so much so that even her real name is unknown to the best-paying of fans. There is still some info on her Facebook account, however, which fits with the fact that the site popped into existence during her teenage years. Therefore, unlike the teenagers and adolescents of 2023, she actually does use Facebook.

According to that, the streamer was raised apparently an only child in her birthplace, by parents of thus-far unknown names and professions. She attended a local high school, from where she matriculated in 2010, then enrolled in North Central Texas College, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science & Engineering in 2014. During that time, she also took associate courses in baking & pastry and healthy cooking at the same institution, then later went on to try and become a licensed practical nurse through the University of North Texas.

Career: Trying it all out

Seeing Ayumi’s average success across every field she made an attempt in, it would be appropriate to call her a jack of all professions, and master of none. While Twitch is her main gig, she’s also tried modeling, cosplay, general content creation, vlogging, and even social media influencing. It takes but a glance to understand that the streamer is desperately trying to diversify her sources of revenue, as she apparently refuses to give in to the pressure and start making adult content. While some fans find that worthy of admiration, others would argue that the footage she does upload isn’t really far off that mark, seeing as an overwhelming majority of it is centered around her cleavage.

While she first tried to grab attention by posting on DeviantArt in 2017, it wasn’t until 3 June 2020 that her first real project emerged – a VTuber personality by the name of Bunny_GIF. The virtual persona that would show up on Twitch streams instead of her real self was a youthful blond human female with long rabbit ears, and physical features greatly resembling the actual streamer, especially her standout virtue. It’s noteworthy in this context that Ayumi did stream without a character prior to Bunny_GIF’s invention, but decided to base almost all of her content around a fictional character regardless – probably another one of her business ideas.

What she didn’t really account for was that the VTuber sphere is heavily polarized in spite of its innocent appearance to an outsider. Ayumi would eventually end up in a storm of back-and-forth slander and accusations, a lot of which, as is the case among VTuber audiences, stem from painfully trivial matters, such as who liked whose drawing. The adults who frequently engage with these fandoms also tend to have both the time and energy to find enough obscure, forgotten Twitter posts, Discord message links and four-hour-stream five-second clips on Twitch to rile up just about anyone who would dare disagree with them – Ayumi felt this wrath first-hand throughout her uneventful VTuber stint.

To the disbelief of most anyone outside the VTuber community, there is an entire Google doc featuring over 40 links and thousands of words explaining the petty VTuber drama that went down on Twitter, a lot of which was centered around Ayumi. These arguments culminated in early 2022, leading the streamer to enter a period of reflection and most likely regret. She ultimately got rid of her bun-self some months later, having completely ceased VTubing on 12 September 2022. Since then, she’s only been streaming her real body and face, mostly doing things alone for her Twitch audience, such as cooking, internet browsing and just chatting.

As of late 2023 she’s been trying her hand at videogames, namely World of Warcraft and For the King II, neither of which she’s very good at. However, her fans don’t seem to care what she’s doing, as long as they get to see her live. In this regard, there isn’t much difference between a Twitch streamer and a cam-girl on an adult site, which makes Ayumi’s decision to stay clothed that much more perplexing. She has also started posting on her YouTube channel on 15 October 2023, featuring oddly-flavored ASMR setups, such as “ASMR Oil Ear Massage 3DIO Free Space Pro LI” and “ASMR Brushing Away Your Worries,” in which she just rubs a regular brush across a microphone. One noticeable difference is that she’s left her chest unaccentuated for the first time since she began making content, and the decision isn’t really turning a profit.

Was she ever a real model?

While certain artists have created works in her image, it would be quite farfetched to call Ayumi a model, seeing as she hasn’t ever actually modeled for a photographer or artist, or even to sell a piece of clothing. The fact that her physical appearance is considered perfect by many female Twitch streamer fans doesn’t equate to Ayumi suddenly having an entirely new profession. There are several pornographic drawings of the streamer, created by or for various fans, although the Bunny herself doesn’t have much to do with that. The closest she gets to modeling for a real enterprise is having a company such as SteelSeries briefly sponsor a headset for her. That said, she doesn’t appear to be making a significant income from sponsorships either.

So, where does the real money come from?

Although her Twitch fans won’t really see this in her social media links, Bunny Ayumi does indeed have an OnlyFans account. However, she avoids accusations of doing adult content by having no posts there whatsoever. What most fail to take into account, though, is that private commissions are conducted with absolute secrecy, and all an adult content creator really needs to do to achieve lucrative business deals on the website is to simply have an account there. In theory, Ayumi could be doing 100 commissions per day, simply without ever posting even one of them. For this reason, there actually have been pornographic leaks featuring the streamer, and that’s just about her least-favorite career highlight.

Love life: Who is she dating?

Bunny Ayumi is generally considered either lesbian or bisexual, seeing as she has by all accounts had some sort of romantic involvement with another Twitch streamer, whose career is very hard to distinguish from her own. Known as SwimsuitSuccubus, or simply Susu, this creator is somewhat more of a YouTuber than Twitch streamer, but the stuff on offer in her content is quite similar to that which Ayumi peddles on her pages.

What’s interesting is that Susu was part of the aforementioned Twitter scandal, having accused Ayumi of ‘harassment, manipulation, and abuse.’ Responding to Layna’s claims of unfulfilled obligations and damaging character statements, Bunny acknowledged her actions as hurtful, and even offered apologies, contending that some incidents were taken out of context. The situation escalated as other content creators who do pretty much the exact same thing also voiced their concerns

In response to the unfolding drama, Bunny expressed openness to challenging discussions with those harboring animosity toward her. LaynaLazar, with over 70,000 Twitch followers, presented a detailed account of her deteriorating business ties with Bunny, alleging unmet obligations and subsequent character defamation. Following Layna’s statement, Susu disclosed enduring emotional abuse from Bunny for years, and announced a break from streaming and social media. Approximately 12 hours later, Bunny responded on Twitter, admitting to being “sassy and abrasive” but emphasizing personal growth. Regarding her relationship with Susu, Bunny characterized it as a consensual, open, poly-relationship, urging privacy.

Despite acknowledging her faults, Bunny claimed that many aspects were misconstrued. LaynaLazar countered, asserting Bunny’s continued abrasiveness. Meowri also accused Bunny of ignoring discussions and unfriending her. Bunny refuted unfriending claims, expressing a willingness to address disputes yet again. AdmiralBahroo, a male VTuber linked to Bunny, faced accusations from Layna of involvement in sabotaging her reputation as well, to which he responded dismissively, leading to additional allegations from Layna. The drama expanded to even involve D&D streamer Arcadum, accused of emotional abuse towards multiple women in August 2021, and then it all spiraled even further, into endless mountains of Twitter posts that confuse rather than clarify.

What is Bunny Ayumi’s net worth?

Some of the most credible sources on the matter have determined that Ayumi’s accumulated wealth is over $1.5 million, garnered thanks to persistent involvement with her audience through a number of mostly unsuccessful endeavors, although they all combine into a decent income. Naturally, her livelihood source that dwarfs all other constantly s is the seemingly non-existent OnlyFans account that she has, on which she is believed to be constantly negotiating remunerative transactions.

Body measurements: How tall is she?

Bunny Ayumi is 5ft 6ins (167cms) tall, weighs around 132lbs (60kgs), with vital statistics of 36-28-37, bra size 35B, and a build generally described as voluptuous. She normally has pitch black hair, though she may dye it from time to time, along with light brown eyes and a noticeably pale complexion, most likely achieved deliberately with beauty products or filters.

Social media presence

Ayumi’s by-far most important account is her Twitter, featuring over 1.2 million followers. Her Instagram comes in right after with 800,000+ followers. She has more than 275,000 fans on Twitch, 45,000 on Threads, and 35,000 on YouTube. Finally; she also has a Discord server with over 10,000 members.

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