Meet Millie Brown’s younger sister, Ava Brown. What Age is She?

Ava Brown is an 11-year-old English social media personality and model, but best known as the younger sister of the well-known actress Millie Bobby Brown, who gained renown for playing Eleven in the Netflix series “Stranger Things.”

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Early life

Ava Brown was born on 20 January 2012 in England UK, to Robert and Kelly Brown, both born in the UK. Ava is the youngest child in the family, and has two sisters and a brother: Paige Brown, social media personality, actress, and producer born on 27 December 1993 in Bournemouth, Dorset, England; photographer Charlie Brown, born 19 February 1999 in Bournemouth; and actress, entrepreneur, author, and model Millie Bobby Brown, born 19 February 2004 in Marbella, Spain. Paige’s best-known acting role is in the “Help Me Help You” series in 2006 and the “South Dakota” 2017 movie as Allison. However, Millie’s fans know her as the co-producer of the detective movies “Enola Holmes,” released in 2020, and “Enola Holmes 2,” both starring Millie Bobby Brown as the titular character. The sisters founded the production company PCMA Management & Productions, LLC. Charlie was a professional photographer for years but gained renown when he photographed Millie for the 2020 Fall Issue of the Who What Wear magazine cover.

According to People magazine, Robert worked as a real estate agent in Spain and England and moved his family from Spain to the UK in 2008. Kelly was a homemaker who also helped her husband run his companies. Subsequently, Robert had a teeth-whitening business in Windermere, Florida, US, so he risked his financial stability in 2012 when he moved the family to California so that Millie could start her acting career. Sadly, Millie did not land significant roles, forcing the family to move in with Ava’s aunt in England when Ava was two or three.

Thankfully, Millie was cast in her first major role as Eleven shortly afterwards, and the science-fiction horror series “Stranger Things” premiered on 15 July 2016 on Netflix. Consequently, the Brown family moved back to the US in 2015, so Ava primarily grew up in California. Millie played the psychokinetic girl who escaped the Hawkins National Laboratory, inside which the researchers accidentally opened a rift to an alternative dimension. Millie described her family as ‘her best friends and people she talks to and sees daily and loves collaborating with, because they know her and are honest with her.’

Early education

Although her family hasn’t confirmed it, Ava is being home-schooled; Millie and told Glamour UK in 2020 that ‘she loved hanging out with her family, who she thought were the coolest people and genuine friends, so she rarely missed having schoolmates.’


Ava has yet to choose a career path, considering her young age. However, she did attract a fan base through her older sister, Millie, who introduced her to her fans with a video uploaded to Twitter in 2016, in which she held her in her arms and wrote that ‘her little sister was the cutest thing in the world.’ According to Hollywood Life, in early 2017, Millie wished Ava a happy birthday with an Instagram Story, a temporary post on the Instagram social media platform, and called her cheese and a sweet girl. Millie also promised to ‘continue taking pictures of Ava’s growing teeth, give her strawberry cake, take her on adventures, and always snuggle with her after her bubble baths.’

Ava sporadically appeared in Millie’s social media posts and Instagram Stories afterwards. In one, Millie hugged Ava on stage and advised her fans to embrace and love their siblings and treasure their family. In another, Ava held a whiteboard on which she wrote, ‘I ♥ Millie. From Ava’ and Millie called her younger sister an angel in response. Similarly, Millie posted a picture of the two showing a peace sign with their fingers and wrote, ‘best lil sis everrrrr.’

Judging by other infrequent social media posts, Ava enjoyed following her sister to various events, and the two often leaned on each other while sleeping in the backseat of the family car.


Ava rose to widespread prominence as a model in the 2021 spring campaign for the Florence by Mills brand. Millie’s brand, founded in 2020, focuses on clean and natural makeup and beauty essentials for all skin types. In this instance, the company announced the release of Ava’s Mini & Mighty Essentials Kit on 19 April 2021. The kit consisted of a purple cosmetic bag, which contained downsized versions of existing products such as Dreamy Dew Facial Moisturizer, Up a Notch Volumizing Mascara in Black, Get Glossed Lip Gloss in Mellow Mills and Clean Magic Face Wash.

Ava appeared in several promotional pictures, which showed her having a picnic on the riverbank, holding the bag in one hand and petting Millie’s dog, Winnie, with the other. In another picture, she stands beside her sister by the river, both holding flowers. Ava was undoubtedly too young to use the product that she promoted. Hence, Florence by Mills clarified that Millie merely named the kit after Ava, representing a collection of travel-sized versions of existing products that Millie uses.

Sporadic appearances

Ava was mentioned in 2022, when Millie said that having her siblings on the set of “Enola Holmes 2” felt like having a comfort blanket. Although she primarily mentioned Charlie and Paige, she thanked Ava and her parents, who also attended the red carpet event for the movie’s premiere in October of that year. Millie said that ‘she wouldn’t have gotten the role or had her career without her family, so they needed to be there to celebrate it with her.’ Moreover, Ava was sometimes spotted holding hands with Millie’s then-boyfriend, actor and model Jacob Hurley “Jake” Bongiovi, the son of the singer Jon Bon Jovi. He started dating Millie in 2021 and became engaged to her in April 2023.

Although Ava doesn’t have any social media accounts, she’s also appeared in several Instagram Live video streams hosted by Millie on her account milliebobbybrown, which has amassed over 64 million followers. During that time, Ava butted in to comment on Millie’s anecdotes or voice her opinion, also revealing that her favorite movie was “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial,” released in 1982, and she would choose fire-based superpowers if she could gain any, according to TheFamousPeople. Ava also shared the story that her parents told her; her father tried to record a video of her shortly after her birth, but dropped the phone out of excitement and nervousness, which fell straight onto her face.

In another livestream from 2017, Ava said that Millie was their parents’ favorite daughter, and that she liked watching “Stranger Things” despite the series’ rating of TV-14, meaning that she was too young to do so. Finally, Ava has several fan pages that collect media that show or mention her. The most popular one, avafloelizabrownn, has amassed over 3,500 followers, claims that her birth name is Ava Flo Eliza Brown, but the family has yet to confirm that.

Physical characteristics

Ava Brown has light brown hair and dark brown eyes, is 4ft 7ins (1.4m) tall, and weighs about 80lbs (36kgs), as of late-2023.

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