Meet “Sheismichaela”, Michaela Mendez: Age, Height, Boyfriend

Michaela Mendez, recognized by her online persona Sheismichaela, has carved a place for herself in the digital realm as a prominent YouTuber. Her journey to prominence unfolds through engaging video content shared on the YouTube platform.

Beyond her role as a YouTuber, Michaela wears multiple hats in the busy world of social media entertainment. Her influence extends to the modelling sphere, showcasing versatility in her online presence.

To unravel the essence of Michaela, we delve into the various facets that contribute to her online persona and explore the dynamic personality behind the screen.

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Early Personal Life

Born on 25 July 1994 in Santa Clarita, California, Michaela Mendez is a proud Leo. Her formative years unfolded in the embrace of a multicultural family, surrounded by the love and camaraderie of parents and siblings. Her father is of Norwegian descent, and her mother is African-American. There isn’t much more known about them, unfortunately, but Micaela has two sisters and three brothers, though little is known about them either. As for her upbringing, this is also a mystery, and her fans are left to guess about her childhood.


In June 2019, Michaela Mendez proudly walked across the stage, donning a cap and gown, to receive her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing—an accomplishment that marked the culmination of her academic journey.


Michaela started her YouTube journey on 19 February 2017, marking the inception of both her online presence and burgeoning modelling career. Her social media footprint is nothing short of impressive, boasting over 206,000 followers on Instagram, 55,000 on Twitter, and a substantial YouTube subscriber base of over 600,000, complemented by more than 330,000 on TikTok.

A dynamic social media personality, Michaela thrives on platforms including Instagram and YouTube. Her ascent to fame truly started in the same year she first began posting content, when she entered a relationship with YouTuber Nathan Boucaud. This connection became a central theme on both their channels, particularly on NatesLife, featuring prominently even after their parting.

As Michaela and Nate’s relationship unfolded, she seamlessly transitioned from cameo appearances to active participation on his channel. From assisting in challenge videos to engaging in vlogs, she emerged as a captivating personality in her own right.

Drawn to the dynamics of their relationship, viewers began to sympathize and appreciate her individuality. However, as their popularity surged, so did the experimentation with content, with Nate finding lucrative opportunities in pranks, often pushing YouTube’s monetization policies with hidden camera recordings.

The intimate details of their personal lives, sometimes unintentionally revealed, garnered both admiration and criticism. While Nate faced backlash for his prank-centric content, undeterred, initiated her own prank videos, occasionally seeking assistance to playfully reciprocate.

As their videos progressed, deeper issues infiltrated what once appeared to be an harmonious relationship. The intensity heightened, reaching a point where a seemingly harmless prank involving sticky notes in Nate’s car triggered a genuine display of anger from him. Subsequently, Nate’s abrupt cessation of activity on the platform fuelled speculation, as he selectively purged content from his channel, retaining only the last year of their relationship before seemingly bidding farewell to YouTube.

In contrast, Michaela, resilient and forward-focused, had already ventured into solo content creation two years prior. In the wake of Nate’s withdrawal, she officially announced their breakup on her channel, disclosing the shift in her life.

Her relocation to Las Vegas, where she embraced the companionship of a self-proclaimed but unnamed Best Friend Forever, became a prominent narrative. While her videos hint at a connection with this new friend, their status remains elusive, oscillating between a dating phase and an unspoken acknowledgment, reminiscent of a relationship in its early stages.

Michaela’s Instagram showcases her flair for captivating photography, drawing in a growing audience with each stunning post. Renowned for her collaborative spirit, she frequently joins forces with fellow content creators on YouTube.

As her followers multiplied, the retail giant Fashion Nova approached her, in recognition for leveraging Instagram models to showcase their trendy products. Renowned for its budget-friendly yet chic clubwear, the company sought to capitalize on her influence to amplify its brand.

Interesting Facts

Michaela has diverse tastes in music, with artists like The Weeknd, Future, and the legendary Michael Jackson topping her list.

Her go-to drink is the indulgent Mocha Frappuccino, while the scent of Gucci Bamboo perfume and body sprays like Dark Kiss and Pink Warm & Cozy adorn her collection.

For movie nights, classics like “Lean on Me,” “Coming to America,” and “Moonwalker” are what she prefers.

She follows the content of Jake Paul, Jeffree Star, Logan Paul, James Charles, and Keemstar.

Despite her early track and field pursuits, asthma forced her to halt, revealing a lesser-known facet of her childhood.

Her fashion journey began as an “emo girl in the corner,” crafting her own outfits with a unique touch.

A dog lover at heart, she grapples with allergies, contemplating a hypoallergenic Yorkie as the ideal pet.

Her aversion to germs, especially those lingering after unclean hands, stands out as one of her major pet peeves.

Believing in the ‘Law of Attraction,’ she distances herself from perpetual negativity, as explored in her reading of “The Secret.”

Coffee jitters aside, she opts for tea, even though it acts as a strong diuretic.

Looking ahead, she aspires to open a med spa facility, showcasing her entrepreneurial goals.

With a knack for languages, she navigates short Spanish conversations, and picks up a few Arabic words through connections.

Acknowledging past struggles, she opens up about battling depression and OCD.

Dreaming of a romantic beach date in San Diego, Michaela shares a glimpse into her ideal rendezvous.

Later Personal Life

Michaela finds joy and companionship in her relationship with her boyfriend, 4JAY. Together, they recently celebrated a momentous occasion—the arrival of their daughter, Khazi, marking a significant phase in Michaela’s personal journey. Finding more information about 4JAY has proven difficult, so it’s not quite clear how the two met.

Physical Characteristics

Michaela is quite short at 5ft 5ins (165cms), and weighs about 140lbs (64kgs). She has stunning dark brown eyes and long, brown hair.

Net Worth

As of late 2023, Michaela’s net worth stands impressively at an estimated  $2 million, a testament to her thriving career on YouTube.

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