Meet The Alexa Dellanos: A Model, YouTuber, and TikTok Star

Born Alexandra Carolina Dellanos under the sign of Capricorn on 30 December 1993, in Miami, Florida USA, Alexa is a 30-year-old Hispanic model, YouTuber, TikTok influencer and Instagram celebrity. She’s perhaps best known to the world thanks to being the daughter of one of Latin America’s famous TV stars – Myrka Dellanos. Aside from that, she’s enjoyed very little success over the course of her entertainment career since an unspecified date.

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Early life & education: A starry household

Alexa was raised apparently an only child by her father Alejandro Loynáz, who was a doctor, and her mother Myrka Dellanos, a Latin-American US-based TV and radio host, author, socialite and journalist. Her interests from very early on included female aesthetics and glamour, as well as the flash of the cameras, which was probably greatly influenced by her mother’s profession, and the public attention she became used to as part of that family. That said, it wouldn’t be until a while later that she got the chance to truly dedicate herself to this path.

It’s also worthy of mention that Alexa didn’t have the most comfortable of childhoods, as her parents divorced early on, and her mother later engaged in two more marriages, becoming subject of much scrutiny and gossip among Latin-American audiences.

As for her education, Dellanos attended a local high school in her birthplace, from where she matriculated in 2011. Her mother then insisted that she continue pursuing her education, though young Alexa didn’t seem to share this passion, and it’s unclear whether she ever obtained a college education – certain outlets wrongly state that Alexa has a Bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Miami, but that’s her mother’s degree. She did, however, attempt to become a journalist herself, through following a number of courses, but decided against it in favor of social media earnings.

Career: A jumbled mess

Probably the biggest issue with Alexa’s attempt at fame is the fact that she hasn’t been able to make a firm choice regarding the path she would take. Over the course of her Instagram account’s existence, which is the first online platform she joined, Dellanos has deleted all or most of her posts multiple times, virtually resetting the hard work she’d gone through to obtain at least a measure of popularity. The first time this happened was in late July 2017, as reported by Telemundo, at which point she was baptized, thereby supposedly renouncing sexualized public behavior, and other apparent ungodly activities.

She then deleted every single post on her Instagram, at which point she had almost 250,000 followers. Obviously, most of them were there to observe Alexa’s flirtations with complete nudity, as that was the profile she’d built over the years. One would argue that this amount of publicity is an excellent starting point for any Instagram model, but Alexa decided to throw it all away, apparently for religious reasons. She proceeded to rebuild her profile from the ground up, losing numerous followers in the process, and confusing many others.

Still, it wasn’t all lost, as she then also expanded to YouTube and TikTok, creating arguably more innocent content such as lip syncing popular songs and dancing alongside her friends. The said content was mostly featured on her TikTok, while she used YouTube for slightly more personal uploads, such as infrequent vlogs and fashion-related footage. Her Instagram was slowly re-populated with pictures that began to feature increasingly fewer clothes, slowly returning to her glory days. Dellanos must’ve noticed this at some point, having completely wiped her TikTok and YouTube, leaving only a few pictures on Instagram.

Any brand endorsement deals she could’ve snagged along the way were completely lost to another impulsive decision, and her audiences on YouTube and TikTok virtually vanished. As of late 2023 she has over nine million followers on Instagram, but, seeing the average engagement rate on her profile, based generally on the number of comments she gets per upload, coupled with the fact that she has only 33 posts there, it’s apparent that a great number of them were bought instead of earned. Those looking to prove otherwise would have to argue that an Instagram model’s profile managed to grow an entire nine million followers within six years, while literally wiping itself multiple times along the way.

Ultimately, even the most current version of Alexa’s Instagram doesn’t actually feature only modest content, far from it. Her initial goal doesn’t seem to have been achieved, nor the one she set out to have post-baptism. There are no brand endorsements on her profile either, so the origin of her livelihood remains a mystery, although it’s highly likely that her mother’s income and influence can always be used to support the young model’s professional efforts.

Who is her mother?

Myrka Bárbara Dellanos was born on 27 May 1965, in Havana, Cuba; she completed her bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Miami in 1986. Dellanos first gained prominence in 1992 as a co-host in Univision’s news program “Primer Impacto”, and continued in this role until 2004, the same year she was proclaimed Star of the Year by “People en Español” magazine readers. Her contributions extended beyond journalism, including hosting Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations at the White House, and being appointed by President George W. Bush to the Freedom Corps to foster charitable work. She has always remained steadfast in her dedication to social and humanitarian causes, making significant efforts to assist orphaned children and victims of domestic abuse.

In 2013, Dellanos was named the spokesperson for I Am Second – an initiative offering spiritual inspiration and hope to those grappling with life challenges like abortion, divorce and child abuse. She received multiple honors for her contributions to the Hispanic community, including the Hispanic Leadership Award from the Hispanic Heritage Council, being named Person of the Year by the Organization of Ibero-American Journalists in 2003, and Hispanic of the Year in 2001 by the Direct Marketing Association of America. Dellanos also served as a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations’ International Rescue Committee, aiding refugees.

After an eight-year hiatus from broadcasting, she returned to television in 2013 as a host and contributor on Estrella TV’s “En la Mira” with Enrique Gratas. Ultimately, she’s also an author, with titles such as “Succeed and Be Happy: Things I Learned Thanks to God, My Mom, and Life” to her credit. In March 2022 she began co-hosting Telemundo’s “La Mesa Caliente” – a talk show akin to “The View.” In 2023 she was honored with the spot of a guest judge at the 71st edition of the Miss Universe pageant, held in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Myrka’s impact on Alexa

Part of Alexa’s issues with her career pursuits may stem from having had an unstable childhood due to her mother’s inconsistent relationships. Myrka’s first marriage was with Dr. Alejandro Loynáz in 1991, though it wasn’t destined to last as they divorced in 1998 when Alexa was some months short of five years old. Loynáz reportedly abandoned her and their daughter for ten months, which led to the breakdown of their marriage​​​​.

Myrka married David Matthews in 2000, but their union ended in divorce in 2002 due to challenges in maintaining a long-term connection. She then entered a high-profile relationship with singer Luis Miguel in 2003, leading to an engagement from 2004 to 2005, but prioritized her career over the relationship, leading to its end. In 2008 she married Ulyses Daniel Alonso in Coral Gables, Florida, but this marriage too was short-lived and tumultuous, ending in 2009 after Alonso was arrested and charged with domestic battery and other serious offenses, for which he later apologized to his ex-wife.

Love life: Does she have a boyfriend?

Regarding her romantic involvements, Dellanos is known to have started dating a certain New York City-based street artist named Alec Monopoly in 2017, and it’s unknown when or whether their relationship had ended. Some rumors also claim she used to be involved with Australian musician Ashton Irwin, though neither of the celebrities has confirmed this. Due to Alexa’s social media inactivity, it’s virtually impossible to reasonably connect her to any potential partner, though fans believe her to still be dating Alec near the start of 2024.

What is her net worth?

Some of the most reputable sources on the matter have estimated Alexa Dellanos’ net worth at close to $1 million, although her boyfriend, if still with her, is valued at over $10 million, enabling a rather comfortable lifestyle. If she does make money from anywhere in 2023, it could only be her infrequent Instagram posts through clandestine brand endorsements. Finally, her mother boasts over $16 million in total earnings, enabling Alexa to have a career as inconsistent as it remains near her 30th birthday.

Body measurements: Are her curves natural?

Alexa is 5ft 2ins (158cms) tall, weighs about 118lbs (54kg), with vital statistics of 36-25-35. She has dark brown eyes with dyed golden blond hair, a fully tanned complexion and a body shape often described as voluptuous. The social media star has admitted to The Sun that she had spent over $15,000 on aesthetic improvements, including breast implants, lip fillers, and even enhancements in the gluteal region.

Social media presence

Alexa’s Instagram has 9.3 million followers, her TikTok 2.7 million, her Twitter just over 5,000, and her YouTube more than 35,000 subscribers.

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