Meet the TikTok Star Nicolas Sturniolo: Age, Siblings, Gay, Dating

Nicolas Sturniolo is an American internet celebrity and TikTok sensation. As a highly popular content creator, he’s captivated millions with his delightful comedy videos, engaging lip-syncs, and lively dance performances.

Nicolas is an integral part of the social media ensemble known as the ‘Sturniolo Triplets,’ alongside his brothers, Christopher and Matthew. Together, this trio has garnered significant acclaim on TikTok and YouTube, showcasing their talents through entertaining challenges, dance routines, and lip-sync performances.

If you’re eager to learn more about Nicolas and his dynamic presence, stay tuned for an exploration of his life and career so far.

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Early Personal Life

Nicolas Sturniolo was born on 1 August 2003 along with his two brothers, Christopher and Matthew, and spent his formative years in a well-established Christian family in Somerville, Massachusetts, USA; they also have an older brother, Justin.

His father, James, is professionally engaged in business, while his mother, Marylou, has dedicated herself to homemaking.


Nicolas received his early education at a local high school in Somerville, Massachusetts, before progressing to higher education at a local university in the same city. Currently, he’s pursuing his graduation there.


Nicolas burst onto the TikTok scene in 2020 with a distinctive concept—taste-testing various food items. As audiences found his videos “flavourful,” he swiftly rose to TikTok stardom. However, Nicolas’s content repertoire expanded beyond food reviews, encompassing lip-syncs, dance performances, and comedic Point of View videos to diversify his creative portfolio. He now has more than six million followers.

So why settle for one Nicolas Sturniolo when you can have three? The trio has amassed a considerable following on social media, captivating audiences with engaging dance routines, lip-sync performances, humorous skits, and entertaining challenge videos.

Nicolas further extends his digital presence through his self-titled YouTube channel, launched in late 2021. While it’s relatively new, it’s already garnered substantial support from a growing subscriber base, surpassing 150,000, and on which he exclusively shares insights into his life.

Beyond the collective ventures, Nicolas maintains a personal Instagram account with over a million followers and counting, on which he shares a blend of personal and professionally captured photos, showcasing his skills as a photographer, and has successfully built a dedicated community.

The Sturniolo Triplets also showcase their merchandise through a collective Instagram account, featuring an array of hoodies and shirts for their enthusiastic fanbase.

Interesting Facts

Nicholas holds a deep admiration for musical artists such as Billie Eilish, Doja Cat and Ariana Grande, who top his list of favourites.

In a pivotal moment in April 2020, Nicholas publicly came out as gay, making the announcement on Instagram. Subsequently, he shared his coming-out story in a video on the ‘Sturniolo Triplets’ YouTube channel, elaborating further in a dedicated video entitled “Coming Out Story Time.”

In this candid recounting, he disclosed that he began grappling with his attraction to guys in eighth grade, navigating uncertainties before eventually embracing his identity.

The support and understanding he found within his brothers played a crucial role in bolstering his confidence to share his journey with the wider public. According to Nicholas, the revelation lifted a significant weight off his shoulders, empowering him to approach various aspects of his life with newfound confidence.

Nicholas finds delight in indulging in spaghetti and meatballs, with pesto rigatoni also earning a spot on his list of favoured dishes. When it comes to movies, ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ holds the esteemed title of his all-time favourite.

Interestingly, despite his social media prowess, Nicholas harbours a fear of birds, adding a unique dimension to his personality.

Later Personal Life

Nicholas is currently believed to be single, as he hasn’t revealed any details about his dating status.

Physical Characteristics

Nicolas has a height of 5ft 8ins (173cms, weighs around 150lbs (67kgs) and has dark brown hair that complements his bright blue eyes.

Net Worth

Nicolas works hard to create awesome interesting social media content, so it comes as no surprise that his estimated net worth is $1.5 million, as of late 2023.

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