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• Molly Eskam is an American model and YouTube star born in 1998.
• She has a YouTube channel which was launched in 2010 and has over 500,000 followers.
• Molly is 5ft 8ins tall with vital statistics 35-26-35 and a bra size 32C.
• Her net worth is estimated to be around $150,000 and her boyfriend FaZe Rug has a net worth of $2 million.
• Molly follows Christianity, her zodiac sign is Libra, she's an excellent swimmer, and her dad was featured in DNCE's 'Cake by the Ocean'.

Who is Molly Eskam?

Molly is an American model and a YouTube star, born in Scottsbluff, Nebraska USA on 29 September 1998. She has two older brothers and her parents are Laurie and Kent Eskam. She is currently residing in California with her family. As far as we know, her parents are very supportive of her modelling career, and her mum is also featured in some of her videos on her YouTube channel. She is believed to have completed her elementary school and matriculated from one of the high schools in California, but she hasn’t attended any university yet.

Online career

Her YouTube channel was launched on 12 May 2010, and the first video she uploaded was called “Q & A plastic Surgery”, in which she answered fans’ questions about herself and about plastic surgery. She didn’t become popular until 2017 after uploading videos with her boyfriend Faze Rug. She also collaborated with a few others well known YouTube personalities, as she was featured in their videos while they were featured in hers. Her videos are basically focused on random funny things, and are good to watch if you are having a bad day, because they will likely make you at least smile if not laugh! Some of her most viewed videos include “How To Get Free Starbucks (Not clickbait)”, “Gold Digger Prank (Asking Faze Rug For 20K)” and “Pool Day With My Dogs”. As of right now, her channel has accumulated over 500,000 followers.

Appearance and her modelling career

Molly works as a swimsuit/lingerie model, which she enjoys since she loves showing-off her body. She is a noted model, and has walked the catwalk on a number of occasions, including at the Courtney Allegra Runway Show.

She is 5ft 8ins (172cm) tall, weighs around 125 pounds (57kgs), and her vital statistics are 35-26-35; she wears a bra size of 32C. She has hazel colored eyes and blonde colored hair.

Molly Eskam

Molly’s relationship

Since the summer of 2015, Molly’s been dating Brian Awadis who is two years older than her, one of two sons of Iraqi immigrants, and also a YouTube vlogger known online as FaZe Rug (oRugrat before that). He mostly uploads prank videos and has about 11.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. The two of them are still very young, so it is unknown if they are going to settle together although they have never spoken about it in front of the camera. Brian has, however, met both of Molly’s parents.

Snapchat hacked

In the second part of 2017, Molly’s Snapchat account was hacked by the GucciGang. Her nude pictures were leaked and although one would think that Molly and FaZe would have a hard time because of it, they didn’t worry much about it, simply explaining that her account was hacked and that’s it. Molly already has a bunch of provocative pictures on her Instagram account, but she never uploaded any nudes, although there are some rumors that Molly leaked her nude pictures herself to boost her career, and of course she attracted many more followers and subscribers after this incident with Snapchat.

Online fans and net worth

Molly has over 180 videos on her YouTube channel, and has gathered a stunning number of 29.5 million views on them. She mostly pranks her brothers and her boyfriend in her videos.

This model tries to post at least one picture every day on her Instagram account, totaling over 550 posts so far, having accumulated 1.2 million followers. She stopped using her Twitter account in the summer of 2017, but it still has around 9,000 followers.

According to authoritative sources, Molly’s net worth is estimated to be around $150,000, mostly earned from the views and ads on her YouTube channel (about $50,000 per year) but also from her modelling career and the fashion shows she goes to. Her boyfriend FaZe’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.


Molly follows Christianity religion, her zodiac sign is Libra, and she is an excellent swimmer.

She was mentioned in a NewYorkFashionTimes’s post on Twitter as they said how ‘model Molly Eskam looks amazing in CourtneyAllegra swimwear’.

Her dad was featured in DNCE’s “Cake by the ocean”. Molly’s manager called her for a casting opportunity to be in this music video to which she brought her father, and since the cast was one person short and Molly’s dad was around, they decided to hire him and put him in the video.

Her brother Chance is a bodybuilder, and in one of Molly’s videos you can see her putting make-up on Chance’s face, which he obviously isn’t enjoying at all.

At the time when she wasn’t as popular as now, Molly collaborated with a YouTube superstar RiceGum.

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