Mountain Monsters Wiki: Cast, Fake, Cancelled, Salary, Renewed

• “Mountain Monsters” is a TV series that follows six native West Virginia trappers and hunters in their research of paranormal creatures in the Appalachian Mountains.
• The team uses cryptology techniques to try to prove or disprove the existence of creatures such as Bigfoot, Werewolves, Mothman, Hellhounds, and Lizard Man.
• The cast has varied salaries depending on their roles and the number of times they appear in the show.
• John Tice has a net worth of $800,000, while Jacob Lowe and Joseph Lott have net worths of $1 million and $500,000, respectively.
• It is unclear if the show will be renewed for a sixth season.

What is “Mountain Monsters”?

“Mountain Monsters” is a TV series on the Destination America channel which premiered on the 22nd June 2013, with its fifth season airing from April 2017. The plot follows six native West Virginia trappers and hunters of the Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings (AIMS) team as they carry out research and come up with evidence of supposedly unknown creatures inhabiting the Appalachian Mountains.

Mountain Monsters” Plot

Throughout the team’s researches, they gather evidence of paranormal creatures, and try to hunt them down in the rugged mountains system in the eastern US. There are many mysteries and legends in the mountains, not all old myths, as some have come from recent campers and hikers as well as from Native Americans or other long-term residents. There have been varied accounts of unusual activity and ‘monsters’ reported from various places in the mountain range. Abandoned homes, villages, reports of missing individuals, and puzzling deaths date back to the 1700s. Most people believe that the monsters and ghosts they see in the area belong to the spirits of people who lost their lives in those mountains many years ago. Originally, the AIMS team was started by Jeff Headlee, John “Trapper” Tice, and Willy McQuillian, later joined by three more survivalists and trappers. The team uses their own cryptology techniques and research brand in order to prove or disprove the existence of creatures such as Bigfoot, Werewolves, Mothman, Hellhounds, and Lizard Man.

At the start of each episode, the team discusses the exact creature they are going to hunt as they make their way to where it was spotted, including questioning a number of eyewitnesses so that they know where best to start with their investigation. After the initial hunt, the team sets up traps as they continue to gather more evidence, and by the second day they are able to get videos, photos, or supposed sounds of the creature’s existence. Sometimes they use traps to capture the creature, but what mostly emerges are just some vague, indistinct images of what the team claims to be the creature they have been hunting, apparently including the Black Wolf, the Shadow Creature, and the Grassman. They have also had encounters with other teams who were spying on them, and trying to sabotage their efforts.

Mountain Monsters Cast Salaries and Net Worth

The cast has varied salaries depending on their roles and the number of times they appear in the show. Their salaries are as shown.

John Tice

John Tice has appeared in over 50 episodes of “Mountain Monsters” since it premiered in 2013, and has therefore made a fortune from the show, with his net worth being estimated by authoritative sources to be $800,000 as of late 2018, accumulated through hard work and dedication to the show, being paid $20,000 per episode. His wealth will likely increase from more episodes, any other roles he might land in the future, and his basic work in the field.

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Jacob Lowe

Jacob Lowe has also been in the show since 2013, and his critical role has ensured considerable funding from both the US and abroad. He displays a daring, fearless, daredevil attitude in the show, but otherwise is a secretive person who hates having his life made the center of public scrutiny. However, since he appeared in the “Murder in the Park” in 2013, he has significantly increased his bank balance so his net worth is estimated by sources to be close to $1 million, in no small part from his salary per episode of $18,000.

Joseph Lott

Known as Joe, he is one of the leading and most liked of the cast of “Mountain Monsters”, appearing in virtually all the episodes since it premiered in 2013. This has helped him acquire considerable wealth, as his net salary from the show stands at $16,000 per episode, with other income being from a number of other television shows and movies. According to authoritative sources he has managed to accumulate a net worth of over $500,000, as of late 2018.

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William Neff

William Neff has made several other appearances on the Discovery Channel, as well as in “Mountain Monsters”. William was born with comedy in is blood, and has a high sense of humor which has helped add a touch of lightheartedness to the show. He has managed to accumulate a net worth estimated by sources at over $500,000, including from earning not less than $17,000 from episodes of “Mountain Monsters”.

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Jeff Headlee

Jeff plays a very important part in “Mountain Monsters”, as he has a very unique role being the guy behind the technology equipment. Jeff is also tasked with carrying out initial research for the show, as he has a vast knowledge of histories and mountain stories that he applies on screen. His net worth is estimated by sources at well over $700,000, which would seem bound to increase with time, especially as his salary is also higher than most of his co-actors in the series, reflecting his importance, at $28,000 for each episode.

Has the Show Been Cancelled or Renewed?

Fans all over the world are wondering whether “Mountain Monsters” will return for the sixth season. The last episode of season five was aired on 3 June 2017, and fans have been relentlessly demanding a renewal. Destination America is yet to release a statement as to whether the show has been canceled or when it will be renewed. For all lovers of the series, all they can do is wait to wait in hope.

Is “Mountain Monsters” Show a Fake?

Some people have argued that this show has many indications of a false or fake filming about monsters and unknown creatures. Some of the reasons they give include:

    1. No One Ever Fires – despite the fact that these hunters always carry guns on their expeditions, they never fire the weapons in defense, even though they are supposedly close enough to some of these creatures – of course the purpose isn’t to kill them!
    2. Cameraman – the cameraman usually captures the hunters’ expressions whenever they find something. However, whenever he turns to take a snap of the monster, he is always late to the party. This shows that his timing is always wrong, leaving viewers frustrated at not getting even a glimpse of what is being hunted.
    3. Computer Graphics – every time the crew captures something on video, it appears entirely computerized. The creators should use more realistic graphics, though it is understandable that CGI is costly.

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    1. Oh lighten up ! Never was meant to be real , look at the credits , all shows are filmed in studio , in I think , West Virginia . Like it when they talk to the eye witness, so dedicated!!!

    2. My son loves this show these guys are pretty good actors and entertaining as far as I’m concerned they kick but there always keeping us on our toes and once in awhile scaring the crap out of me too so you can change the channel if you don’t like it your opinion wont be missed rip John tice aka trapper

      1. Yes, very entertaining to watch. They have caught a large pig and pack of dogs … so they have caught something even tho not what would be expected still fun!! Love the guys & enjoy watching the episodes over & over again. Congrats to Buck on tremendous weight loss!
        So sorry when Trapper passed, RIP John Tice, you are missed.

      1. You don’t e that its fake or not. Just like the ghosts stories you don’t know if they are true or not stupid

      2. Awe poor baby jealous these men have more balls than you do it’ll be okay there there now don’t cry oh or maybe its that they are so good they are worth at least a half million dollars. 😉 Put your big boy pants on and stop being a bitch cause season 8 is proving to be Great too @

    3. You don’t know what you’re talking about. They have caught a few creatures including The Wolves of Wee Virginia so go cry on mommies shoulder and that may ease your pain.I watch reruns of all the ghost shows a d everyone is in limbo right now so grow up.

  1. I’m in to shows about cryptic monsters such as big foot where there’s credible evidence of their existence, but this show is a joke. I watch it on occasion and usually laugh at the predictable scripted scenarios. Anyone with half a brain can tell it’s fake and not worth one’s time for other than comic relief.

    Tim Fertig

  2. Why do they air this FAKE SHIT ….seriously? Growing up myself in the upper APPALACHIANS of N.E PA I’ve never heard of most of what they’re “hunting” not to mention you never see these “creatures” and yes if they’re truly hunting these creatures then why haven’t they ever fired a shot at them …not necessary killing it just wounding it for PROOF….i laugh my ass off watching it sure its entertainment but totally without a doubt fake ….prove me wrong..

    1. I agree. I enjoy the show and the actors. As with ghost stories, they hear things and see things that never get caught by the camera. I resign myself to understanding that all reality shows are doctored to add drama, otherwise, we would go to sleep.

  3. Of course it’s fake but info they use is real. It’s a good light hearted fun loving show. It beats paranormal shows where they have all their equipment but we never see or feel what they claim. I’ll watch this one any day. They are a great mix of personality

  4. Scripted. Totally fake. Unbelievable. Waste of time. For true believers. Others—change the channel. Plays to WV stereotypes.. I am from WV and never heard of these creatures. So many, in every county, if there were breeding populations they would be forming unions, opening convenience stores, and holding annual conventions at Jackson’s Mill. My favorite episode as a rare casual watcher ( I think it was Mountain Monsters or maybe another cryptid program. They are all the same.) portrayed a lone “hunter” as he “tracked” a suspected Bigfoot creature and cornered it in a tree. Before he could photograph the creature, it peed in his face and beat a hasty retreat. Opportunity lost. These guys are laughing all the way to the bank.

  5. We love Mountain Monsters and hope there will be new episodes,even though John Trice (Trapper)has died.Is there going to be a new series?.

    1. There is they go back to Tygert valley to investigate a possible bigfoot, but it’s one of the monsters they encountered in Season 2.

  6. shapeshitfers or skinwalkers can chage right into wovlfes or even owls or even crows or even ravens mountain monsters known as the aims team

  7. So what if it’s fake? I enjoy watching the show and who really knows whats prowling the deep hollows and ravines in the Appalachian Mountains!

  8. These clowns are a disgrace to real country folks These clams couldn’t find their AS$ in the backwoods of West Virginia

  9. Real or not, it was the most entertaining show I’ve watched on T>V> in years! My late husband and I always watched the show. Even when he was getting too sick to stay up to watch, the very next week they’d re-play the week’s episode before hour earlier and he’d watch. I really miss my husband and those shows were great for both of us to watch together. So, as with any show on TV, switch the channel, but don’t take it off because some don’t like it.

    1. It’s not real it’s a tv show .I think it’s funny.They are funny .Reminds me of Trailer Park Boys but no jail and no weed!

  10. The traps they build and the associated antics are reasons enough to watch the show. The guys never hurt any thing or each other and they are true friends. I’d much rather watch a bunch of crazy ass hillbillies looking for creatures than a bunch of pimped out housewives yakkiing or some doctor popping pimples. The Monsters team members are real folk and we love to see Appalachian country.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. This show fits the description of being “so bad… it’s good”! It’s a shame that if there are such things as a Big Foot, and “smoke wolf”, they can’t watch the Program to see what a bunch of 400 pound buffoons they have tracking them. I think the real star of the Show is that poor abused ATV. With having to transport five of those sleek “buff” 400 pounders around the mountains of WV, it’s a wonder it doesn’t just break down or run itself off a cliff just to get away from these “warriors “.

      In any event, if the Show continues, I feel that the chances are greater of these guys capturing a mountain monster by making it laughing itself into submission by watching their antics, than by anything the “Meal Team” does or doesn’t do!

  11. Please keep.making us new episodes I know its hard without your leader but you have a guy already leading you I think trapper wouldn’t want it any other way you guys are great people and my late mother loved your show and my kids and I love this show you guys are awesome and we appriciate you talk g time out of your lives to make us smile and keep us on the edge of our seats godbless you all and rip John trapper tice

  12. Total waste of time show. All fake scripted predicted scenes. The one with em sitting around the fire recapping their adventures and showing ingredients their belly buttons did it for me I almost threw up watching fat hillbilly white folk show their fat belly fireside.
    The show in 2021 is a symbol of systemic racism, why no black people ? Why no native Americans ? Well all know those boys are Klan members. Yes sir.

    1. Hey mr. John Lonewolf You should change your first name to Neutered lonewolf those boys are part native Americans . I guess you’re sitting aroundAll by your lonesome at 3:03
      a.m.With nothing better to do.I guess you’re awoke socialistic DemocratHave a good lonely night

    2. stupid stupid,ive never seen such fake shit in my life ,how do u stupid people keep fooling people,stuipid mfers

    3. Take your Democrat horse crap back to the safe space aka senile Joe’s basement you race baiting clown. I am so sick of this PC crap where racism has to be looked for everywhere even when there is none to be found. What a tool.

  13. I just discovered the delight of this show. It’s actually quite funny real or not. You can’t help but laugh at the antics Bill gets up to and the great sense of friendship among the men whether real or not. I don’t really care about the monster hunting it’s not why I watch it I just love watching them tease each other and the many creative way they go about things.

  14. All The Creatures The Go After They Say The Been See In 1700.Or Whatever Year By The Navtive Americans Navtive Americans Don’t Lie & One Episode I Watch & A Witness See One If Tge Creatures They Was Going After Was A Nactive American He Wouldn’t Lie No Matter What

  15. Whether or not the show is real, some of the monsters they are “tracking” are very much real. There are Bigfoot , the Grafton monster, Mothman, Grassman of Ohio, werewolves, etc that have been documented across the United States. I find the show very entertaining and they say and do things that make me laugh. Everybody needs a good laugh every once in a while. Congrats to Jacob, aka Buck for losing a ton of weight. When I thought they cancelled it last season, I wrote to Travel Channel and put in my 2 cents worth. Lo and behold, they renewed it. I hope that when they do cancel it, they actually give us an ending, let them actually capture something they’re chasing ( CGI it if you have to but do us that courtesy). So many shows have left us hanging and never resolved. Very frustrating to the dedicated viewer. I have watched the show from the git go and will continue to do so until it goes away. And for the commenter above who said they have never fired their guns, take a look at the episode that deals with The Bear Beast, you will see them actually shoot at something.

  16. I DONT care if this show is fake or not, Me and my wife absolutely LOVE THIS SHOW and we want it to return to the Travel Channel…. there is so much that they have not wrapped up that they need to. From the past episodes to the present….. There are so many cliffhangers and unanswered questions as well as Blue House Mysteries questions of it’s Origins that have not been solved or figured out by anyone in the team. This even goes for the family members that was killed inside that house, NON of the family members have idenified or how they died has been solved. Who was the mother of the house and why have they not named the mother which was Green/PFost family along with the Woman of the Woods mystery that hasn’t been wrapped up or solved by anyone within the Mountain Monsters Team members. The Cherokee Devil case was never solved, The Thunder Brothers mystery was never solved along with WHERE IS THE AXE Buried at and why havent they ever solved or wrapped that case up either. So much stuff is failing of making any sense or the truth about it being released. SOLVE THESE CASES PLEASE !!!!!!!

  17. Bring them back !!! We Love us some real men from the Mountains !!! Some of the truth is mixed in with the fake, but it’s better than those dumb ghost stories told over and over again . (Gets Old ) we just want y’all to stop stopping and starting them . Let’s Go ………

  18. What brand of ATVs (side by side) do they use in the filming of Mountain Monsters – keep them coming – we all need a bit of humor now days – I might have to go out and make me a monster show

  19. Aww if ya don’t like it then find another show! Don’t take the show serious and don’t take someone else’s enjoyment away! Old saying, if ya don’t have anything good to say then keep ya mouth shut, sourpuss!
    Keep the show coming! I can laugh at so much they do! Someone is always falling and just as funny as can be! Love Mountain Monsters!

  20. I am half Native American and I am a veteran of the Army disabled at that plus I am female and it is hard for me to believe that vulgar mouth William Neff was ever a Marine and if he was he probably got fellow soldiers killed. I could whip his ass.

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