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• Jimmy Donaldson (Mr Beast) was born in Greenville, NC in 1998.
• He earns money from his YouTube channel “MrBeast” by posting videos of donating money to charity, giving out money to homeless people, and doing weird and funny things.
• He has been accused of faking his videos, using clickbait and organizing fake giveaways.
• He has 2.2 million followers on Instagram and 15 million subscribers on YouTube.
• He once organized a game in which the winner was to get $100,000, but the four remaining contestants split it for $25,000 each.

Who is Mr Beast?

Jimmy Donaldson was born in Greenville, North Carolina US on 7 May 1998, and spent his childhood with his brother, raised by their mother. Jim loves his mom and has a video in which he is giving her $100,000 dollars. Whether it was for real or not, nobody can say but he is known to be a philanthropist, donating to charities and homeless people, so it is probably true. He earns most of his money from his YouTube channel “MrBeast”.

Jimmy Donaldson

YouTube Career

Making a career around your YouTube channel can be a huge thing if you know how to do it – well, let’s just say that Jim knows how to do it. Most of his videos are about donating money to charity, giving out money to homeless people, or simply doing some weird and funny stuff. He has another account named “Mr.Beast” which is run by his brother. He posts videos of life hacks there, while Jim and his friends comment on them.

Becoming popular

The beginning is always the hardest, they say, but Jim didn’t have much trouble with it. His “Worst Intros On YouTube” series counted more than 70 videos, and the people on the internet just loved them. In these videos he generally mocks some of the most awful YouTube intros, and jokes about other, random things. After becoming more popular and moving on to make other videos, Jim made all of the videos from this series private. Nobody really knows why he did it, but there is some speculation that they weren’t that funny anymore so he decided to hide them.

New videos

Nowadays Jim makes videos which he is not really proud of – he considers them to be stupid, but he does it anyway because fans seem to like them. He shoots some real life videos in which he does some pretty random things, including creative, experimental, breaking world records and challenge videos. Some of the weirdest stuff he has made include reading the entire Dictionary, and spinning a fidget spinner for an entire day. Some fans say that he is just bored of life, and does whatever comes to his mind to entertain himself and keep himself busy. Of course, these people still watch his videos, and love what he does.

Did we mention how he asks his fans to do some crazy things and take selfies of themselves while doing them? A lot of people actually do that, like scream his name in a public place. If he likes it, he later features them in some of his videos.

Jim as a philanthropist

Whether it is because he doesn’t know what to do with the money he has or is really compassionate and just wants to help, Jim gives most of his money away. Because he doesn’t want any of his donations to go unseen, he makes a video of the donation and posts it on his YouTube channel. In one video you can see him tipping a pizza delivery guy $10,000, and in another giving away $30,000 to a Twitch streamer who is playing Fortnite, mostly to female Fortnite players. He’s also donated a lot of money to Ninja (famous Fortnite player and streamer on Twitch) to help St. Judes Cancer Research Charity, and the Suicide Prevention Center.

Appearance and personal life

Jim’s 6ft 3 inches (191cm) tall and has short brown hair. He is considered to be single as he never mentions a girlfriend or marriage. According to authoritative sources, Jim’s current net worth is estimated to be around $2 million, mostly made from his YouTube channel, but he also sells his own merchandise online –items such as hoodies and hats.


PewDiePie is Jim’s friend who is also a YouTuber, who also makes videos of himself playing games, and simple comedy videos as well. At the end of 2018, PewDiePie was racing T-Series to see who could attract the most YouTube subscribers, and Jim helped his friend in a rather unusual way: he bought every single billboard in his city and advertised PewDiePie on them. He made a video about it, and put additional ads online which would take you to PewDiePie’s channel when you clicked on them. He also made a video of himself saying “PewDiePie” 100,000 times. Although all of that had really helped PewDiePie gather a lot of subscribers, it couldn’t stop T-Series from progressing, and he eventually surrendered the race.


Just like most of the other celebrities, there are some controversies around Jim. He was accused of insulting gay people in his videos by calling them “fags”, but claimed that he never insulted or tried to insult anyone in any of his videos. He was also accused of faking his videos and of having a lot of employees who make them for him. His fans are defending him, but the people who actually worked for Jim claim that he does indeed fake a lot of his videos. Jim also uses something which is called clickbait – a bait in the form of a text or thumbnail which takes you to Jim’s channel. He also started a few fake gift card giveaways just to attract additional subscribers and more views. He doesn’t seem to be ashamed of this ploy, since he still sometimes does these kinds of things.


Jim loves to play Minecraft even though he tried to make fun of it in two of his videos. He played it until one of the bad guys in the game destroyed the house which he made, then became so mad that he deleted the game. Jim claims to have Crohn’s disease.

He once organized a game for ten people in which you were only allowed to stand (not sit or lie down) in a circle while wearing a vest on which he would add 2 pounds of weight every hour. The winner was supposed to win $100,000, however, the four remaining contestants decided to split the money, so each ended-up winning $25,000. Jim has 2.2 million followers on his Instagram account, while his Twitter account is followed by 901,000 people. His YouTube channel “MrBeast” has the whooping number of 15 million subscribers.

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  1. I hate to burst your bubble but the majority of youtubers use click bait lol it’s kind of how you get people to click your videos. david dobrik has proven that, I think clickbait is the least of your issues when you have clickbait in this, you put girlfriend i don’t see anything about a gf.

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