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• Murda Beatz (Shane Lee Lindstrom) born in 1994 in Ontario, Canada, is a record producer, songwriter, and musician.
• He is a self-taught musician and taught himself to use FruityLoops to make beats.
• He has worked with high profile artists such as Drake, French Montana, 6ix9ine, PartyNextDoor, and Gucci Mane.
• He has an estimated net worth of $3 million and makes money from music sales, shows, and merchandise.
• He is very religious and donates to charity, and takes good care of his online image with 1.4 million Instagram followers, 165,000 Twitter followers, and 40,000 YouTube subscribers.

Who is Murda Beatz?

Born as Shane Lee Lindstrom on 11 February, 1994 in Niagara Falls area, Ontario, Canada, known as Murda Beatz, he is a record producer and songwriter, also known as Young Murda or just Murda.

Murda Beatz

Family and private life

It seems like Murda is trying to keep fans and interviewers away from his personal life. He doesn’t talk about his parents or his girlfriends, but we do know that his father can play the guitar and that he is a big fan of rock music, because of which, and never really having had an opportunity to make a career out of it himself, he is very proud of his son and does whatever he can to support him. His uncle is also a guitar player, and both of them wanted Murda to play the guitar as well, but he went for drums, and played on his uncle’s kit until he got enough money to buy his own equipment.

Murda is now 25, apparently a sensitive age for relationships and affairs, but Murda doesn’t seem to have any such problems. He is strictly focused on his career, and is either really good at hiding his girlfriend from the media, or he simply doesn’t have one. He claims that he spends so much of his time working on his beat, that sometimes his friends get mad at him for not partying with them.


His professional name speaks for itself – Murda Beatz is really making murder beats. He started producing at the age of 17 when he was in high school, but was slowly giving up on school and beginning to focus more on his music. He didn’t even want to finish his last year of school, but his mother insisted. He learned all the music that he knows on his own – he used a program called FruityLoops and made his beats with it; the first were made strictly for his friend who was a freestyler. He wanted to go to a music college, but concluded that it was better for him to study and learn by himself, which gave him the opportunity to meet new people and work with them.

Murda chased his own career, it did not come just like that. It was not easy at all but he was determined and knew exactly what he wanted to do. Firstly he sold his drums and bought a keyboard and good speakers, then instead of searching for work in Toronto, he decided to go to Chicago and Atlanta and find himself artists there, ending-up working with the band “Migos”, living and travelling with them through 2012 and 2013; they all remained friends until today. The biggest song they wrote together is considered to be “Pipe It Up” which was made while they were sitting in their house, drinking Hennessy Cognac, a really rare occasion since none of them drank that kind of alcohol. Murda dropped a beat, Quavo (one of the three members of Migos) liked it and just sang along – ‘pipe it up, pipe it up…’ They recorded it and just a couple of days after that, the song was completed; they all knew it was going to be a hit.

After Migos, Murda managed to draw the attention of some really famous people – he worked on “Nice for What” with Drake along with two other producers, and produced “No Shopping” for the rapper French Montana. He also worked with 6ix9ine, PartyNextDoor and Gucci Mane. Other than co-producing with other people, Murda has also made some mixtapes of his own; his first – “Keep God First” on 10 December 2016, the second “Bless Yo Trap” featured Smokepurpp and was released on 13 April 2018, and “Keep God First 2” was finished at the beginning of 2019.

Appearance and net worth

Murda is 5ft 10 inches (178cm) tall and has brown hair which is just long enough to cover his ears. According to authoritative sources, his net worth is estimated to be over $3 million. He makes money from various endeavours, primarily from music sales, but sold beats when he was younger for $200-$2,000 a time. He also earns from shows, and from selling his own merchandise such as shirts and hoodies.


Murda is a very religious person, and says how God plays a big role in his life. He always tweets to ‘Keep God First’ and prays every day. On one occasion, Murda donated $20,000 to charity. He has the title of Canadian King of Trap Music. His mother’s favorite Migos song is either “New Atlanta” or “Fight Night” – she loves both.        The largest influence on his type of sound was Lex Luger. He was following his work online, listening to his interviews and his studio tapes. One of the things he is really proud of is the chance he got to meet Lex, and to work with him in Atlanta. ‘Lex Luger is a legend!’ he said.

Murda is taking good care of his online image. as he believes it to be the most important thing for someone who is in the music industry. He has about 1,800 posts on his Instagram account and 1.4 million followers. Murda has tweeted about 36,000 times and has 165,000 fans on Twitter. His YouTube channel “MurdaBeatzProduction” has 40,000 subscribers.

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