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• Navraj Singh Goraya is a hip-hop music producer and recording artist born in 1989 in Toronto, Canada.
• He was bullied in school and had difficulty with academics, but his supportive family encouraged his passion for music.
• Nav co-produced “Back to Back” with Drake, which was a major step in his career.
• His first mixtape was released in 2017 and he won "Breakthrough Artist of the Year" in 2018.
• He is a very private person and enjoys staying home rather than going out.

Who is Nav?

Navraj Singh Goraya is a hip-hop music producer and a recording artist, born on 3 November 1989, in Toronto, Ontario Canada, to where both of his parents, born in the Punjab, India, had moved. He is the youngest of three children, having two older sisters. His parents are both considered to be more or less successful in what they do – his father works as a forklift driver in Ontario while his mother is a computer engineer. Nav is of average build – he is 5 foot 8 inches (172cm) tall, has short black hair and a short beard.

Navraj Singh Goraya

Early life and education

It was not too easy for Nav growing up in Toronto. While they were living in a multi-racial part of Toronto, things were okay for Nav. However, once they moved to Rexdale, Nav was bullied in his school, just as most of the other non-white kids were. He was also pretty poor at that point of his life, although it’s very important to say that Nav has a very supportive family. He had problems at school: studying didn’t interest him anymore, so he started failing his tests, especially math, but he was getting better at music at the same time which his parents noticed, and didn’t stop him from chasing his dreams but rather helped him and even gifted him a boom box when he was in third grade.

While in high school, he saw other kids making mixtapes and thought how he could do the same, using Sony’s “ACID Pro” software for the first beats of his own. He gave his first performance in front of a crowd in 2015, performing his own rap song, and the experience made him more confident about himself, and gave him the courage to continue working on his music career.


His parents were not the only ones to support him – his uncle had been a popular singer in the Punjab, and he brought Nav to the studio for the first time. As with most artists who are a part of today’s music industry, Nav started his career by uploading his songs on his SoundCloud account – one of his first songs named “Take Me Simple” was listened to more than 10 million times, during the second half of 2016, and really confirmed the beginning of his career. In the same year, Nav co-produced “Back to Back” with Drake, who had heard about Nav and decided to let him make the beat for this song, a major step for his progress in the music industry. A year after that, he worked with Travis Scott, a well-known rapper from Houston, Texas USA, and together they wrote a song which would hit number 90 on the Billboard Hot 100 – “Beibs in the Trap”.

The album on which both of them then worked together sold an amazing number of over a million copies, working with producer Metro Boomin, as well as Drake and Travis. His first mixtape on which he worked all alone was “The Introduction”, released by “Republic Records” at the beginning of 2017 and allowing him to gain a wider base of listeners. Nav launched two more mixtapes after that – the first was “Some Way” on which he worked together with The Weeknd and the second “Perfect Timing”, on which he collaborated with Metro Boomin. This album scored better than anything else he had worked on before, hitting spot 13 on the Billboard 200. In 2018 Nav won his first and only reward so far – “Breakthrough Artist of the Year”.

Personal life

Nav doesn’t like to talk about his relationships, although he stated during his last interview that he is not seeing anyone at the moment. He is a very chill person, and stresses only for one reason: he feels as he is representing the men of India as he is one of the most visible people of Indian descent in North America. A lot of his songs are about sex, drugs and depression, and these are topics that you usually do not talk about in Indian homes. He admits to be using drugs as a recreational thing, but claims to never abuse them. He is careful not to do anything stupid or in any way inappropriate, because he does not want to represent his people in a bad way.

His parents are old-fashioned people – they say that they don’t understand his music but they are happy as long as he is healthy and not getting into trouble. Nav has never married, has no kids and says that he doesn’t plan on marrying anytime soon. The only time he has received negative criticism was due to him constantly using the “N” word. Nav described the use of the “N” word as something that was quite normal back at the place where he lived at – in that multi-racial part of the city everybody was using the “N” word but he promised to try and put it out of his vocabulary after he received these critiques. According to authoritative sources, Nav’s net worth is estimated to be over $500,000.


His first live performance after becoming famous on SoundCloud was while he was on a tour with The Weeknd, in front of 20,000 people at the O2 Arena in London. He started his career in 2015 and he already has five of his songs in SoundCloud’s Top 50. Back when he was not yet famous, he would crave for attention, and go out walking, hoping that somebody would recognize him. After he became popular and got the attention which he desired, he no longer liked it, and now simply enjoys staying home alone more than going out.

Nav says that his favorite artists and rappers are Nas, Jay Z and Belly. Nav cares about his social media profile – his Twitter account has over 500,000 followers. One funny thing about his Instagram account is that he has 1.4 million fans, but hasn’t posted a single thing on it since he opened his account.

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