Nora Arnezeder (Zoo and Origin star) Wiki Bio, net worth, body, dating

• Nora Arnezeder is a French actress and singer known for her roles in “Zoo” and “Origin” series.
• She is of mixed descent • her father is from Austria and her mother is of Egyptian and Sephardic-Jewish descent.
• She has a Lumieres Award and an Etoile d’Or Award.
• She is currently shooting the lead role of Evelyn Rey in the “Origin” horror science-fiction web TV series.
• Her current net worth is estimated to be over $2 million.

Who is Nora Arnezeder?

Nora was born in Paris, France on 8 May 1989, so under the zodiac sign of Taurus and holding French nationality. She is mostly known for her acting career, especially for her roles in “Zoo” and “Origin” series, while she is also a singer.

Early life and education

Nora is of mixed descent, since her father Wolfgang is from Austria and is Catholic while her mother Piera is of Egyptian- and Sephardic-Jewish descent. Though she was born in Paris, she was raised in Aix-en-Provence together with her younger sister Lea Arnezeder. She claims how her strongest memory from her childhood is listening to Asian, jazz, classical and Indian music, as her parents were listening to these genres all the time. She became interested in acting when she was a small girl – she went to live in Bali in Indonesia for a year when she was 14, and after she came back to France, she moved to Paris to attend high school, and then decided to start practicing acting and singing at the Cours Florent drama school.

First modelling offer

Nora told one of her interviewers that she was once sitting in a restaurant with her parents when she was 14, and some people came to her and asked her if she wanted to be a model. She went to see them afterwards, and they told her that she had to lose seven kilos to which she replied that she’d rather eat French fries.

Nora Arnezeder


Nora landed her first role in 2007 when she played Lyri in “Les deux mondes” movie. She won her first significant role the next year in “Paris 36” (originally “Faubourg 36) – she performed so well that she won the Lumieres Award and the Etoile d’Or Award. She also sang a song called “Loin de Paname” in the movie, and it was later nominated for Best Original Song during the 82nd Academy Awards.

She took a break from 2008 to 2011 when she voiced Katia in the “Louis la Chance” movie, and played Chloe in “La Croisiere” film. In 2012, she landed four roles – the major role of Emilie in “What the Day Owes the Night” romantic drama film, which is based on the novel by the same name written by Yasmina Khadra; appeared in “The Words” and “Maniac” movies, and then landed the role of Ana Moreau in the “Safe House” action thriller film in which she played alongside famous actors Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington.

In 2013, Nora won her first lead role in the costume historic romantic movie entitled “Angelique” and after that in 2014, she played Sandra in the “Fiston” movie, and was cast in her first recurring role, of Anna Maria in the “Mozart in the Jungle” TV series, which went on to win two Golden Globes. In 2015, Nora won the first of two roles for which she is famous today – she played Chloe Tousignant in the first and the second seasons of the “Zoo” TV drama series based on a novel of the same name written by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge.

She appeared as Nadia in the “Riviera” Irish TV drama in 2017, and landed three roles in 2018: she was Z in “In the Cloud” science fiction movie, she had a lead role of Juliet in “Le Musk” reality film. The second role for which she is famous for is the lead role of Evelyn Rey in the “Origin” horror science-fiction web TV series, for which she is currently shooting.

Deaths on TV

Only one of her characters died – Nadia from “Riviera” in 2017 died after being shot in the head in a plaza full of people after her deal went wrong. The scene of her death is not shown, you only get to see her body afterwards.

Personal life and likes

Nora never talked openly about her ex-boyfriends, but although she tries to keep these things to herself, it is known that she dated actor Cristophe Barratier for about a year before they separated in 2009. She then dated Gad Elmaneh, but there is nothing known about their relationship except for the facts that they dated and later split. In 2014, it came to public attention that Nora might be in a romantic relationship with a famous Pirates of the Caribbean actor Orlando Bloom. She was seen with him on the beach in Formentera as well as at “The Roger Room” bar located in Los Angeles, in January 2014. Neither one of them admitted that they were in a relationship, and if they were, they aren’t anymore as Nora began dating Guy Burnet in 2015, but they broke up soon afterwards. She appears to be single at the moment, has never married, and doesn’t have any kids.

Two of the people Nora admires the most from the film industry are the actor and director Woody Allen, and the film producer and musician Quincy Jones. She is a big fan of Walt Disney movies and used to be in love with Aladdin, she had a plan to meet him when she was little, and was very disappointed when she realized that was never going to happen. She also claims how she would love to voice an animated character as she hasn’t had a chance to do that yet. She is currently busy playing the guitar and writing her own songs, as she plans to release her first album sometime soon. If she hadn’t ended- up being an actress, she said how she would have become a sports coach, psychologist, or would have turned into a psycho.

What would the Devil say?

When Nora was asked what she thinks the Devil would tell her if she went to hell, she said how he would probably tell her that they don’t have any more room there and that they have to move her somewhere else.

Appearance and net worth

Nora is currently 29 years old, has long blonde hair, blue eyes, is 5ft 7ins (1.7m) tall, weighs around 123lbs (56kg), and her vital characteristics are 35-24-34 – she wears shoes size 9.5 and dress size four. She has her younger sister’s name tattooed on her right arm.

According to authoritative sources, Nora’s current net worth is estimated to be over $2 million as of early 2019, which is likely to rise since Nora is still very active. One of the biggest grossing movies which she appeared in was “Safe House”, as it has earned $208 million worldwide while it was made on an $85 million budget.

Social media presence

Nora is not as active on social media platforms as one would have thought – there is an Instagram account with over 7,500 followers and 20 pictures, but it is not certain that this is her official account. She doesn’t have a Twitter or Facebook accounts, although there is a Facebook page of her which is followed by nearly 5,000 people.

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