Paeka The Rising Star Who Balances TikTok, YouTube, and Acting

Paeka Campos, simply known as Paeka, is an American TikTok content creator, actress and social media star, probably best known for her appearances in the movies “Divine Access” and “Harbinger.”

Early life, family, education

Born on 1 May 2002, in Austin, Texas, Paeka Campos harbored dreams of becoming a professional dancer and actress from a very young age. Her passion for showcasing her dance skills led her to explore social media, with TikTok becoming a platform of choice.

Her father, only known as Mr. Campos, is reportedly a businessman, while her mom is a housewife. Aside from that, Paeka has remained private about them and her siblings.

Paeka matriculated from a local high school, but hasn’t talked about whether or not she is enrolled in a college. However, reports suggest that she isn’t attending college at the moment, in favor of focusing on her career.


Paeka Campos embarked on her acting journey at the young age of ten in 2012, which marked the beginning of what would later evolve into a promising career. Her initial foray into the film industry was with a minor role in the drama movie “The Girl,” showcasing her early talent as a little girl who is crossing the Mexico-USA border. Despite the small amount of screen time, this opportunity allowed her to get acquainted with the world of cinema and the people behind moviemaking.

In 2014, she took on a pivotal role in the thriller “Hidden in the Woods,” which allowed her to exhibit her versatility in acting, and a wide range of emotions she can invoke. However, it was in 2015 that Paeka Campos experienced her breakthrough moment with the fantasy horror thriller “Harbinger,” directed by Cody Duckworth. Cast as Mira Gonzaga, she delivered a standout performance, solidifying her presence in the industry. The movie revolves around a young girl plagued by nightmares, who undergoes a harrowing experience after relocating with her parents to a ranch in the Texas hill-country. The narrative takes a dark turn as the unsettling transformation unfolds, driven by the ominous consequences of nearby fracking operations.

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Continuing her momentum, Paeka expanded her repertoire in 2015 by participating in short films such as “Middle Witch” and “Extra Credit from Hell”; in both films she had a major role, which further boosted her acting status.

“Middle Witch” was directed by Amanda Gotera, and follows the teen-witch Tasha, portrayed by Paeka, whose little sister gets taken by a giant bird. The search for her sister takes her across a large mystical wasteland.

On the other hand, “Extra Credit from Hell” was directed by Phillip C. Lee, and centers around seven high school kids who unknowingly summon Satan, while attempting to pass a chemistry class. Ther open hatred toward each other serves as a base for this comedy-horror film.

The year 2018 saw Paeka Campos take on another challenging role in the short film “Goodbye Sirena,” directed by Melissa Dalley, which added a new layer to her acting portfolio. The film follows a character called Molly, as she says goodbye to her mother on her last day. The two women spend many heartwarming moments together, reminiscing their favorite memories.

Fast forward to 2021, and she secured a role in the drama film “The Place in Between,” directed by Laura Perez. In this latest venture, Paeka portrayed the character Lyra, further affirming her commitment to the craft and her ability to contribute to a variety of genres.

Aside from her career in acting, Paeka has built a vibrant career on her TikTok account, on which she has nearly two million followers and over 250 million likes. She began her journey on TikTok in August 2019, initially sharing lip-sync and dance videos. However, it was a collaboration with a TikTok star Payton King in January 2020 that catapulted her into the spotlight, leading to an exponential surge in followers, and likes on her account over the ensuing months.


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Her content on TikTok is mostly centered on fashion and makeup products and tutorials. She also occasionally posts dances and popular TikTok trends. Her most popular video features her on Times Square, New York, as she briefly poses for the camera in a stylish outfit. The video reached over 5.5 million views, with many of her followers expressing their surprise that she went to New York.

As her TikTok stardom solidified, she seamlessly expanded her influence across other social media platforms, leveraging her growing popularity on YouTube and Instagram. Teaming up with her then-boyfriend Gero Hanirias proved instrumental in propelling her status as a social media sensation, prompting the duo to establish the joint YouTube venture “Gero & Paeka,” on which they provided their audience with engaging content such as challenges and pranks. Simultaneously, she launched her individual YouTube channel, which has since amassed an impressive following of over 220,000 subscribers. However, she doesn’t appear to be active on the platform anymore, as her channel only features a music video entitled “PAEKA – “WASSUP” (VISUALIZER).” It remains unclear why she didn’t post more videos on the platform,andr whether or not she’ll ever return.

Paeka is also fairly popular on Instagram, on which she has a following of over 570,000. Her profile mostly features her posing in various fashionable outfits, and highlights from her daily life. She also uses the platform to promote her partnerships with brands such as Shein and Forever21. Her profile is dedicated to sharing positivity, and has the words “Self love is the best love” in her bio


She was romantically involved with Gero Hanirias, a fellow TikTok personality, from 2017, and together they rose to prominence as one of the most celebrated Internet couples. However, their relationship came to an end in 2021, and although they initially remained tight-lipped about the reasons for their breakup, she later disclosed in a YouTube video that it was attributed to infidelity, revealing that Hanirias had been unfaithful. Following their breakup, their joint YouTube channel has been deleted.


Paeka Campos stands at a height of 5ft 4ins (1.63m) and weighs around 100lbs (45kg). She has long brown hair and light brown eyes. She is very slim and likes to keep her body fit by frequently going to the gym.

Paeka loves wearing dresses and high heels, which highlight her figure and sense of style. She is also frequently seen wearing jeans and comfortable sweaters and shirts. She loves tattoos and has one on her stomach which says “Of the earth.”

Hobbies and interests

Beyond her success in the digital realm, she showcases a multifaceted personality with a passion for dance, demonstrating proficiency in diverse styles such as jazz, contemporary, and hip-hop. Her artistic flair extends to a love for photography, as she enjoys capturing moments through her lens with a keen eye for detail.

Apart from her creative pursuits, she also shares a fascination for cars, showcasing an interest that goes beyond the virtual stage.

Net Worth

As of 2023, Paeka Campos’ net worth has been estimated at close to $1 million, coming primarily from her successful social media and acting careers. This success has provided her with opportunities to collaborate with various brands as a model, most notably Fashion Nova, which she frequently promotes on her TikTok account.

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