Paige Wyatt – where is she now? Wiki: Net Worth, American Guns, Measurements, Modeling, Boyfriend

• Paige Wyatt is a model, actress and upcoming TV personality
• She is a member of the Wyatt family who star in the reality show ‘American Guns’ on the Discovery Channel
• She is completing her studies before dedicating her time to acting and modeling
• Paige runs her own clothing line and has a net worth of $1 million
• She has beautiful long blond hair and gorgeous hazel eyes, and a slim, curvy body

Who is Paige Wyatt?

Paige Wyatt is a model and an upcoming TV personality, one of Wyatt family members who are famous for their reality show “American Guns”, which airs on the Discovery Channel, and covers the Wyatt family and their gun store business. This show has helped Paige gain popularity, and she seems to be on the road to success.

Paige is also a minor Hollywood actress, who is fast rising to fame all thanks to the role she plays in the reality TV series. She has managed to attract a multitude of fans, who never miss an episode featuring her. Paige is also focused on growing her professional modeling career.

Early Life and Family

Paige was born under the Zodiac sign of Scorpio, on 30 October 1994 in Colorado, USA and so is of American nationality. From a young age, she has lived with Rich, her step-father who is a well-known gunsmith owns the gun store, Gunsmoke, and her mother Renee Wyatt, who works as a business manager at the Gunsmoke store. Paige also has a brother, Kurt who works at the same store as a sales assistant and firearms instructor. Currently, Paige is said to be completing her studies, before dedicating her time in her acting and modeling career. Paige’s mother shares two kids with Rich, namely Brooke, who was born in 2006 and Ginger, born in 2009.

Her family had a thriving business selling guns until 11 February 2016, when her step-father was arrested and charged with tax fraud, and handling illegal firearms which he was not licensed to do so. The arrest led to the store’s closure as well as bringing an end to their family show.

Professional Life

Paige was always fascinated by her family’s business and thus started learning everything about guns at an early age. Once she was old enough, her family let her join the team in the store where she worked as a sales associate for some time. However, she soon became involved with the store’s other operations. Paige began her career in 2011 just when her family’s business was doing well and had been picked by Discovery Channel for it to be the subject of a reality TV series. She made her debut on the series that premiered on 10 October 2011, and which became a hit, with over a million viewers for every episode.

Paige also appeared in the show’s second season which achieved a higher rating, and which helped Paige make a name for herself. However, when the second season came to an end, the show was canceled as her dad lost his license and could no longer run the store.

Paige also runs her own clothing line through an organization called Hughwear, dealing with women’s tanks and men’s T-shirts. She loves getting dolled up and thus running this business. Paige also collects autographed clothing and pictures, and selling them via, a website that she owns. However, Paige still aspires to become a model and actress in the near future.

Personal Life and Boyfriend

Paige is an unmarried woman, and there are no rumors of her being involved with any boyfriend. Up to date, she hasn’t been linked with anyone romantically and has neither made any official announcement regarding anyone she might be dating. It is possible that Paige is single and pursuing her dream career of modeling and acting, or spending her time at her family’s store. Paige is an animal lover and owns a dog named Malibu, always seen with it. Paige is a daddy’s girl as she is very close to her step-father. She loves guns and even owns her own collection .

Paige Wyatt Net Worth

Even at a youngage, Paige Wyatt has managed to accumulate a small fortune. As of this year, reputable sources indicate that she makes an annual salary of $250,000 as an actress, including from her Hughwear clothing line. According to reputable sources, Paige Wyatt’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million., including her first vehicle, a 4WD Jeep.

Paige Wyatt Body Measurements and Features

Paige is 5ft7in tall with a slim, curvy body. She is reputed to have beautiful long blond hair and gorgeous hazel eyes, that complete her sexy looks. She seems to have the perfect body for a modern model.

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