Paris Roxanne victims of catfish scheme Wiki: Age, Chris Birdman, Parents, Measurements, Real Name

• Paris Roxanne is an American supermodel and social media icon
• She became known for the catfish scandal with NBA player, Chris Anderson
• Paris started her modeling career at the age of 17 using social media platforms
• She is currently dating 72 year old music icon, Don McLean
• Paris' net worth is estimated to be less than $100,000, while her boyfriend's is $6 million

Paris Roxanne Wiki Bio

Paris Roxanne is any man’s dream of a woman; her curvy body and the general sexy endowment is a head spinner to cause any man going with his girlfriend to look back for a second look at her fascinating, sexy look. She’s a beautiful woman, full of energy and living life on her own terms; she’s an American supermodel and social media icon, who rose to stardom through her shows on the internet. Beyond what is on the media for the public, I am sure you want to know more about Miss Paris, who has had her controversies, and living her life now with her 72 years old music icon, Donald McLean! We dug into her past and present and have some sizzling stories for you; please read on.

Who is Paris Roxanne?

Paris is an American Instagram teen model by origin from a white ethnic background. She rose to fame from her work on websites. Paris Roxanne is an unrepentant pet lover; she has a dog she is so fond of being with. She became known for the catfish scandal with Chris Anderson, the NBA player, who she dated on a false age claim of being 21 when she was in fact only 17 at the time.

Early life and Body measurements

She was born on 24 February 1994 and then raised in Riverside, California, where she had her early education, and started dreaming of becoming a supermodel, a dream that has brought her into the national limelight as a budding supermodel at a young age. Not so much is known about Miss Paris’ early life, as she never shares such information with anyone; we do not have a clue about any siblings, the school she attended and her childhood life. However, we know she is a fitness freak; she loves working out, and she is an avid pet lover who loves to cuddle her dog when at home. Therefore, we dwell more on her career as a rising star supermodel.

Modeling Career

Paris began her modeling career at the early age of 17 using the social media platforms Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to launch herself to stardom. She attracted followers by sharing stunning photos that got a lot of attention and in a short time, attracted a massive following, more than 423,000 followers on Instagram alone. This boost in popularity got her the opportunity to freelance as a model for modeling agencies including Palm Desert, California, among others.

She built a website entitled Paris Dylan, on which she posts stunning pictures including nude shots regularly, for lingerie and for entertainment and websites. Besides modeling, Paris has featured on MTV’s “Catfish” and several television shows including ABC’s “20/20” and “The Millionaire Matchmaker”.

Paris Roxanne Controversy

There was a time young Paris Roxanne had a big controversy that broke the internet. She was involved in a Catfish Scandal with the famous NBA star Chris Andersen. Paris started having a feelings for the basketball player at the age of 17, that she had to lie to him about her age and claimed to be 21-years old, interacting through social media.

The two exchanged several adult content messages, including with nude photos and sensual content, decided where to meet each other, but before that could happen, Paris received a message from Tom Taylor, threatening to rape and murder her. This incident became an issue involving the police and was widely reported in the media, thus putting an end to her affair with Anderson.

Paris has since moved on with another love, this time a much older boyfriend of 72 years of age; he is an American music star Don Mclean. In 2016 Paris and Don announced their intention on her Instagram page to engage. Roxanne continues her love affair with her boyfriend to date.

What’re Paris Roxanne Interests?

Paris loves music of the 60’s and 70’s, but she is also a bit of a geek, as she loves to go to Comic Cons, all dressed up as her favorite characters such as Wonder Woman and Loki. She’s apparently a jolly good fellow to be with most times!

Paris Roxanne’s boyfriends and Relationships

Paris’ current boyfriend is Don Mclean; he is 72 years old American songwriter and singer who received the 2012 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards Lifetime Achievement Award. Don has lots of songs to his credit, including the famous “American Pie” voted in the top five on the list of the 365 songs in America in 2001.

Don is a two-time divorcee, a father of two children. Although the age gap between Paris and Don is over forty years, they seem to be very much in love with each other. Paris often shares their romantic moments on her official page. There was a time she had a picture of her and Don with a ring on the finger, but Don made it clear that they are not (yet?) engaged. Paris and Don go to his music shows and on tours together; Paris shares everything for the world to see.

Income, lifestyle, Net worth

Paris Roxanne is a leading social media personality; with over 430,000 followers on Instagram, more than 28,000 on Twitter, and a hyperactive life displayed on Facebook, Paris qualifies as a social media queen of the modern cyber age.

Paris’s net worth is estimated by authoritative sources at less than $100,000, but she currently lives a lavish lifestyle with her boyfriend, who is estimated to have a net worth of over $6 million. Her boyfriend is fond of classic cars, so it is not surprising why you will see Paris in an exotic car. She loves to wear branded outfits, and travel to various places around the world.

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