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• Real name is Charlie White, born on 2 August 1994 in the US.
• Started YouTube channel in 2007, now has 909 million views and 3.1 million subscribers.
• Also an actor, director and member of "The Official Podcast" group.
• Net worth estimated to be around $2 million.
• Has a Twitter account with 300,000 followers and a Twitch account with 156,000 followers.

Who is Penguinz0?

Penguinz0 might be the funniest game commentator on YouTube, or at least that’s how he refers to himself, and he did rank as number one on “Top-ten” website in the “Funniest YouTube Commentators” category. His real name is Charlie White and he was born in the US on 2 August 1994, under the zodiac sign of Leo. He doesn’t share his personal information with his fans, but even if he did, you wouldn’t know whether or not to believe him, because he is joking most of the time. It is speculated that he graduated from Tampa College in 2016.


He never wanted to make money on YouTube, he just wanted to make people laugh. He wasn’t a generally happy person, so he found his refuge on YouTube. He claims to have also struggled with OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), but learned how to manage it.

He started his YouTube channel on 7 May 2007. when he was just 12, and so far has garnished a whopping 909 million views of his videos, and has over 3.1 million subscribers. His videos are mostly about the glitches that he found in video games, along with his comments about them. His humor is characterized as “dry”, and he constantly uses words like “nipple” and “titties”. He is also one of four members of “The Official Podcast” group, Jackson, Andrew and Kaya as well as Charlie, who just talk about random things including celebrities, bad dating stories, African wildlife and so on. They opened an account on the Patreon website, and have reached their goal of gathering $10,000.


Some of the games which Penguin0 has played in his videos include Battlefield, Call of Duty, Halo 3, Gears of War and Bioshock, but it seems that the video which helped him the most in gaining a lot of fans was “The Most Difficult Game Ever Created Gameplay and Commentary”. He was commentating on a game called “QWOP”, and thought how it was the most difficult game ever. In this game you are supposed to control an athlete in order to produce a running stance. He was really poor at the game, and kept joking during the entire video, failed in the end and cursed at the game.

Did you know that he is an actor as well? You can check him out on IMDb. He appeared in “Vanished” as DMCC Radio Host in 2014, in a short movie called “Uncle Gareth” in 2016, voiced the Zero Mask character in the video game “Anima: Gate of Memories”, he appeared in “Team 6” TV mini-series as the mail man, and in “Hellsing Ultimate Abridged” TV series in 2018, while he has another movie announced for 2019 called “The Sinnermen”. He is also the director of two TV series – “Penguinz0” in 2007, and “Moist Meter” in 2017.

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Personal life

He is one of those internet celebrities who do not like to talk about their personal life. There is no info about his parents nor his siblings. All that we know is that this YouTuber is currently living in Florida, and that he has been dating a girl named Tiana Tracy for more than a year now; you can sometimes see her during his streams on Twitch, but you are unlikely to hear anything about her because she doesn’t want to be known.

Appearance and net worth

Charlie has short black hair, black eyes and a short beard. He is around 5ft 6ins (1.68m) tall and weighs around 154lbs (70kg). He earns most of his money from his YouTube channel (about $500,000 per year) but also gives away most of it to charities. He also earns a nice sum on his Twitch account. There are some rumors that he shares a partnership in an unknown company but it is not confirmed, and Charlie also denies it. According to authoritative sources, his net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.


His first uploaded video was called “gears of war jetpack glitch (NO Standbye or lag switch) AP”. He got almost no attention at all, but it didn’t stop him continuing to upload. His first video which actually gained some attention was “Aliens vs Predator Let Rock Achievement Guide”, which was ‘liked’ because of his ‘deep voice and seriousness’.

He once starred in a “Funhaus” gameplay, after he was signed to Disney’s Maker Studios. His favorite bird is penguin, therefore his nickname – Penguinz0. He also goes by the pseudonym Cr1TiKaL. His friend Ray William Johnson can be credited for his rise in popularity, as he helped him gain more fans. When he was 19, he accidentally urinated in his girlfriend’s mouth while he was getting fellatio, but apparently it didn’t affect their relationship as they continued to date.

His favorite single player game – Psychonauts. His favorite online game – City of Heros. He has medium size tattoos on both of his arms. He has a Husky breed dog. He has a Twitter account – “MoistCr1TiKaL” – with nearly 2,000 posts and over 300,000 followers, and a Twitch account of the same name with 156,000 followers. Charlie is responsible for making Huggbees big – he wasn’t nearly as popular as when Charlie featured him in the “Drank Mario Party” stream, and later collaborated with him on some of his own videos.

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