Pro Boxer Charlie Zelenoff: Wiki, Net Worth, Boxrec, Record, Wife, Documentary, MMA

• Charlie Zelenoff is a self-proclaimed ‘unbeatable’ boxer of all time
• He was born in Los Angeles, California with American nationality and Russian-American ethnicity
• Zelenoff considers himself a professional boxer who began his career in boxing in 2008
• His net worth is estimated to be less than $200,000
• He is married to his wife Daria Zelenoff and lives in California USA

Who is Charlie Zelenoff?

Charlie Zelenoff is a self-proclaimed ‘unbeatable’ boxer of all time, although no one agrees with him. Zelenoff is said to go around in gyms where he challenges people to a fight, and even offers them money for the same. He also claims to have a 240-0 unbeaten record, and plans on winning boxing titles and then combining the wins to become the only boxing champion worldwide. He is best known as the biggest boxing bully in the entire world.

Zelenoff Early Life and Education Background

He was born Charles Peter Zelenoff on 27 July 1988, in Los Angeles, California USA under the Leo zodiac making him 30-years-old; his parents are from Russia, and moved to the USA before his birth, so he is of American nationality and Russian-American ethnicity.  He matriculated from Fairfax High School in California. Since he was a small boy, Zelenoff was fascinated by boxing and wanted to be a professional boxer, something his parents supported him in. Although most people refer to him as Charlie, he is also known by his unique nickname Z-Money.

Charlie Zelenoff Career

Zelenoff considers himself a professional boxer who began his career in boxing in 2008 .although his claims have led to numerous controversies within the boxing fraternity. Charlie has engaged in various physical fights according to his commentary with boxers such as Deontay Welder and Crazy Tempo. In 2017, Zelenoff challenged Floyd Mayweather to a fight and ended up trying to defend himself in the ring throughout the fight.

Most of Zelenoff’s followers consider him to be a delusional person with mental problems, however, he never shies away from trash talking his opponents and other boxers openly on social media especially Instagram and Twitter. He also has a personal YouTube channel with more than 20,000 subscribers, who are apparently eager to see his posts of challenges and fights, and his videos have attracted millions of views. Zelenoff was once thrashed by a 16-year-old African-American boy after he challenged him to a fight – the video of him getting beaten-up by the young boy got many replies from viewers some claiming that he deserved it. Regardless, Zelenoff seems to be trying hard to make a career out of boxing whether people like him or not.

Charlie Zelenoff

Charlie Zelenoff BoxRec

Although Charlie always claims to be the greatest boxer of all time as well as a champion, the same is not reflected on his boxing record. According to, Zelenoff holds a boxing record of 0-1 since he was disqualified in his debut bout in the welterweight division which was against Andrew Hartley.

Zelenoff is considered one of the greatest internet boxing celebrities, although it might be for the wrong reasons. Although disqualified in his only professional boxing match for repeatedly spitting out his gum shield, he still considers himself to be the greatest of all time (GOAT).

He often boasts of knocking out many heavyweights, using his 4500 psi punches that apparently carry as much power as a meteorite. Charlie once hit the headlines when he got knocked around in response by Deontay Wilder after he threatened him. Also, his sparring session with Floyd Mayweather, Sr. made him famous. The session did not last long, and at the end he had to crawl out of the ring after trying to punch a man more than twice his age.

This did not deter him from trashing opponents, or change his attitude towards boxing. He still claims to be undefeated, and the whole boxing fraternity doesn’t know how to react towards his antics and instead chose to ignore him entirely. Actually, they think of him as a person with delusions of grandeur, with some of his viewers categorizing him as ‘a Muppet clown serving Illuminati’.

Charlie Zelenoff Documentary

Some people have taken this boxer seriously enough to come up with a documentary entitled “Troll Champion: The Charlie Zelenoff Story, UBF Champion, 147-0”, which explores Charlie’s life including footage of him branding himself as the best boxer worldwide with an exceptional record of 147 wins without any losses. Also in the documentary, Charlie is shown thrashing non-boxers and amateurs whom he pays for the fights. He often goes to Los Angeles gyms where he gives money to strangers so that they can have a match with him. Often opponents give up after he punches them mercilessly.

Charlie Zelenoff Personal Life, Wife, Married

Charlie is a married guy who tied the knot with his wife, Daria Zelenoff after they dated for several years, though there is no information regarding how the two met, and he has managed to keep his personal life private from the media, and hardly speaks about it. The couple lives in California USA. There is no information regarding Charlie’s past relationships or affairs.

If there is one person who supports Zelenoff in his journey to becoming legitimate in his boxing career, it is his wife Daria. Zelenoff and his wife often celebrate his “wins” together.

Charlie Zelenoff Net Worth

If you are wondering how much Zelenoff is worth, you will be glad to know that trusted sites estimate his net worth to stand at less than $200,000; most of this money is from his YouTube channel. This self-proclaimed UBF champion has no record of owning a home or vehicles. but his net worth should be expected to increase as his self-professed successful career continues.

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