Rick Lagina Wiki: brother Marty Lagina, Wife, Married, Oak Island, Lyme Disease, Net Worth

Rick Lagina:
• Born on 25 January 1952 in Kingsford Dickinson County, Michigan
• US Postal Services worker before becoming a TV star
• Star and producer of the History Channel TV series “The Curse of Oak Island”
• Estimated net worth of $2 million in 2018
• Suffered Lyme disease after being bitten by a tick in 2017

Who is Rick Lagina?

Richard George Lagina is an American actor and producer, born on 25 January 1952, in Kingsford Dickinson County, Michigan, and who is best known for his participation in the History Channel TV series “The Curse of Oak Island”. Ever since he was little, he was fascinated by the story of Oak Island, located south of Nova Scotia. Before becoming popular as a TV persona, Rick was a postal worker for the US Postal Services. Nowadays his main occupation is to star in and produce the successful “The Curse of Oak Island” along with his brother Marty. The Lagina brothers are becoming increasingly popular after five seasons of the hit reality show, and their fan base is expanding rapidly.

Marty Lagina

Marty Lagina is Rick’s brother, with whom he created and participated in the aforementioned TV show; together they explored Oak Island in the search of hidden treasure. Before becoming a TV star, Marty was an oil engineer and had a successful business in the petroleum sphere. Nowadays, he is the owner of a company called Heritage Sustainable, which has the goal of creating 60 sustainable energy wind turbines. While he is developing this side business, Marty has an essential role in both the production and the execution of “The Curse of Oak Island”, and it remains his main source of income for the time being. Of course, there is no harm in using his engineering background to start eco-friendly businesses like Heritage Sustainable. Much like his brother Rick, Marty is a very private person, and very few details about his personal life have been disclosed.

Rick Lagina’s Wife

Both Lagina brothers are extremely private, and they try to abstain from releasing personal information to the media. There have been no official reports on whether Rick has a wife or a girlfriend, and he prefers it that way. Many of his fans have tried to connect with him via social networks but to no success. In fact, there is information that Rick does not even have social media accounts, so the same might be true for his brother Marty as well. There have been rumours about Rick’s love life; however, none of them were confirmed. Because of the secrecy both brothers stick to, their personal lives remain a mystery just as big as that of Oak Island itself.

Oak Island

The reason Rick and Marty Lagina rose to fame is “The Curse of Oak Island”. The TV show became an instant hit on the History Channel, and the best part is that Rick was actually fulfilling his childhood dream by participating and producing it. The show became successful because the brothers were very dedicated, recruiting professional experts to help them in their exploration of the island. Throughout the series, the brothers tell the tale of the island, the mysteries surrounding the treasure, and of course mark possible places where the treasure could be hidden. The Lagina brothers have already completed five full seasons of the show, and as of late 2018, fans are awaiting the announcement of a sixth one.

The Curse

There are numerous theories on what the actual curse on the island is, and if there is such a thing at all. However, during the filming of the show, there was an incident that might lead the public to believe the curse is actually true. One of the famous locations on the island is the Money Pit, which was one of the places where the treasure could be. While filming one of the episodes of the show, Rick was mysteriously poisoned by a strange gas inside the Money Pit, and four crewmembers died while rescuing him from the scene. Thus, there is a reason to believe that “The Curse of Oak Island” is actually true.

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Rick and Lyme disease

In December 2017, an episode of the show revealed that a Lyme disease-carrying tick had bitten Rick Lagina. While Rick has an avid disliking for doctors, Marty managed to convince him that he needed treatment after spotting one of the typical Lyme disease symptoms on Rick’s back, a “bulls-eye” rash, and immediately realized that this was not just a tick bite, but also the first stage of Lyme disease. Thankfully, Rick’s condition was caught at the earliest possible stage, and there were no complications following the bite. Lyme disease is extremely dangerous and if not caught in time it is usually untreatable; symptoms for the disease vary from fatigue to inflammation of the brain and nervous system.

Rick Lagina’s Net Worth

Considering the fact that Nova Scotia Business Inc. provided over $1.2 in film funding for the production of the 4th season of the reality show, you can guess that Rick is not living small. With his rise to fame, Rick started building up a small fortune. While once again there are scarce records of his financial status, much like his personal life, there are estimates by authoritative sources that Rick Lagina had a net worth of over $2 million in 2018, quite an improvement from a postal worker’s salary. The tremendous success of “The Curse of Oak Island” guaranteed both brothers not only the chance to explore their childhood fantasy, but also to get rich in the process.

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  1. Part of your story is wrong, the part where you talked about one of the brothers being poisoned and four people died trying to rescue him is totally wrong. This happened many years ago to people who were looking for the treasure! It had nothing to do with the Laguna brothers.

    1. It is two island type clumps of earth thought to have been merged together to create the swampt and as happens often there is a small pennisula created by surf that protrudes out if one area. Nature did the trunk, not man.

  2. Rick has no children, and he’s never been married. I used to live on the same road as he does. Know many in his family.

  3. I know I will never get an answer from this but have to put it out there anyway. The man with the metal detector he always has someone else do the digging for him. He even get the boss’s to do the digging. They are multi mills and they dig? Not this kid. And the narrator kinda drives me nuts as well ” A nail! could this be….? ” He narrates other shows but doesn’t do that. Don’t miss understand me please. The show is one of my favs and I record to fast forward. I certainly hope they hit it with out another tragedy. :0)

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