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• Ricky Berwick is a social media icon born in Ontario, Canada on April 23, 199•
• He was born with Beals-Hecht syndrome, a physical disability that limited his movement until he started using a motorized wheelchair.
• He rose to fame through his viral YouTube posts.
• He is a comedian, and earns money through his YouTube videos, social media posts and his t-shirt clothing line.
• His estimated net worth is $19 million.

He lives his life by sticking out his tongue, rolling on the floor, and doing (apparently) funny things to amuse his audience. His life isn’t the everyday celebrity you know, but Ricky Berwick is a unique human being, and many of his fans want to know more about his personal life. You can best describe him as a visionary, a consistent believer in what he does, a man who doesn’t give up because of his state of health. If you are curious and want to know who Ricky is, this information will tell you the not so well-known facts about Mr. Berwick, the self-made comedian and social media superstar! If you are looking for a man with the spirit to succeed, and who never lets his disability take away his ability, Ricky is the man to watch. So how did he get here? What really is his disability, and is there any cure for such an ailment? How did he rise to prominence, and what exactly did he do? These and other questions we will throw more light on in this exciting article about the Canadian-born social media icon.

Who Is Ricky Berwick?

He was born deformed, on 23 April 1992, in Ontario, Canada, the son of Canadian parents Barbara and Devon Berwick. Not much was known about him until he rose into the limelight through his viral YouTube posts. As a result, nothing is known about his childhood, his family or education! However, we do know that Ricky was born with a physical disability medically known as the Beals-Hecht syndrome, which means that his movement was very limited, and until he started using a motorized wheelchair, he was almost completely immobile!

Early life

As said of his disability, Ricky’s childhood was robbed by his state of health, and there is no information regarding how he lived his early life beyond being confined to a location until he had aid to move around. However, he may be born physically challenged, but his intellect is sharp and functional like everyone.

At an early age, he started recording videos and posting them on YouTube, a feat for intelligent kids, which he is despite his challenge. While he published his videos, Ricky was watching the reactions that followed.

Ricky Berwick

What really is his disability?

Although he seems to have overcome it, as he was quoted as saying he is now comfortable with the disorder, the truth is his disability is not life-threatening.  Beals-Hecht, is a genetic birth problem, the cause of which is believed to be a mutation in the FBN2 gene causing his arm span to be greater in comparison to his height, with long toes and fingers.

He continues to depend on his motorized wheelchair for movement, but his condition does not in any way affect his ability to think or perform his act as a comedian, and sustain his businesses.


Well, for Ricky it might not be intended as a career beyond wanting a positive reaction from the public. But as it turned out, his efforts paid-off, and gave him a lifeline which makes him even more popular than people with a fully functioning body.

What can be regarded as the breakthrough in his YouTube video business was his comeback to regular posting of videos in 2016, when he began creating comic jokes to give himself a life in his lifestyle of comparative boredom, and it booms!

2016 Darude video

His return to regular YouTube video posting entitled “Darude – Sandstorm” went viral that year, and gained him popularity, or rather, he got the response he had always wanted.

2016 Randy Newman’s Song

In the same year, he did a song entitled “I Wouldn’t Have Nothing If I Didn’t Have You “ with fellow YouTuber by the name Keemstar on 6 September 2016. This song sealed the deal for his popularity, as his work continued to go viral, and gain him a massive following.

After his breakthrough with YouTube, he tried other social media, and since then has become the king of social media with a large following on his chosen social channels. He has over a million subscribers on his Facebook Page, and continues to be accepted by more followers on the various channels he uses.

The beautiful thing about Ricky is his intellect, as he continues to plan and innovate his passion by delivering quality content. His area of work includes recording and posting funny stuff about himself, being controversial and determined at the same time.

Personal life

One thing about Ricky is sticking with what makes him happy. At 26 years of age, he has no girlfriend, and there is no talk about him having an affair with anyone, but of course, he tweeted on 13 April asking people to unfollow his girlfriend. Such tweet coming from an unrepentant comic fellow like Ricky cannot be taken seriously, as such, we can conclude that he is single and not dating anyone.

He loves comics and games, and in his free time he’s into these things just for fun. Other favorites are his cats. In one of his videos entitled “I’m dead,” he laughed over the miscalculation of a cat trying to jump and falling on ice, laughing and rolling on the table until he feigns being dea, with. as what seems to be his spirit leaving his body, and rising from lifeless body saying: “I’m Dead!”

His Net Worth

Apart from his regular social media post which is earning him a substantial amount every month and annually, Ricky also has a t-shirt clothing line located on fanfiber.com, which is making an equally significant amount of income for the social media star boy!

Authoritative sources put his monthly income at between $3,900 and $62,000. As a result of his foresight and successful business, Ricky is comfortable financially as reliable sources put his net worth at $19 million.

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