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• Robert Carradine is an American actor born in Hollywood, California in 1954
• He has a net worth of $300,000 and is of Caucasian ethnicity with brown eyes and grey hair
• He has been married twice and has four children
• He has worked on many movies and television series since 1971, including "Bonanza", "Kung Fu", "The Cowboys", "Cannonball!", "ORca", "Tag: The Assassination Game", "Revenge of the Nerds", and "Django Unchained"
• His most recent projects are "Specter", "Solitary Confinement", "Bill Tilghman and the Outlaws", "Nearly Departed", "A Very Odd Christmas" and "Specter".

Robert Carradine Wiki, Bio

Robert Reed Carradine was born on 24 March 1954, in Hollywood, California, USA, which means that he is 64 years old, his zodiac sign is Aries, and his nationality is American. He is best known as the actor who worked on projects such as “Bonanza”, and “Kung Fu” in which he acted alongside his brother David.

Net Worth

So just how rich is Robert Carradine as of early 2019? According to authoritative sources, this actor has a net worth of $300,000, accumulated from his over four decades-long career in the previously mentioned field. However, he hasn’t shared any information regarding his assets such as houses and vehicles, but considering the fact that he has been in the business for a long time, and is a hardworking and an established actor, he’s seemingly able to financially support himself.

Ethnicity and Background

Speaking about Carradine’s ethnicity, he is Caucasian and has brown eyes and grey hair. He was born into a family of well-known actors, being the son of the actor John Carradine and artist Sonia Sirel. His brothers are Christopher, Keith, Bruce, David and he has a maternal half-brother named Michael. The actor was raised by his stepmother, Doris Grimshaw, whom he believed to be his mother until the age of 14. When he was young, he was interested in race car driving and music, and performed alongside his brother David in small clubs in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Judging from the photos available on the internet, the actor has a fit figure and is tall.

Robert Carradine

Relationship Status

Robert has been married two times, and from his first marriage with Susan Snyder, he has a daughter named Ever Carradine, born in 1974. In 1990, Carradine married Edie Mani and went on to have two children with her – a daughter named Marica Reed Carradine and a son named Ian Alexander Carradine. It seems as if he’s living a happy and prosperous life alongside his family.

Social Media

Being in the entertainment field, Robert is naturally active on social media, and uses his accounts to promote his work as well as to communicate with his fans and let them take a closer look at what’s going on behind the scenes. He is active on Twitter and is followed by 7,000 people, who seem to enjoy his content. Some of his latest tweets include a quote of John Lennon that he retweeted, reading “”I think our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think that’s what I sussed when I was twelve. I expressed it differently all through my life. It’s the same thing I’m expressing all the time. We’re being run by maniacs for maniacal means, ends, you know.” Besides that, he has also promoted the movie entitled “Justice”.


Robert made his acting debut in 1971, when he joined the cast of the popular TV western series “Bonanza”. The followed year he had multiple film projects, portraying Slim Honeycutt in “The Cowboys”, working on “Footsteps”, and then “Kung Fu”, with the latter being the renowned adventure drama movie which helped his brother David rise to fame. As of 1974, Carradine appeared in 12 episodes of the TV adaptation of “The Cowboys”, and in 1975 played the role of Bob Hatfield in “The Hatfields and the McCoys”. Continuing to work at a rapid pace, Robert played Jim Cranndell in “Cannonball!” in 1976, and Ken in “ORca” in the following year.

When it comes to his career in the ‘80s, the actor remained busy. and worked on “Tag: The Assassination Game”, “Revenge of the Nerds”, “The Twilight Zone”, “Number One with a Bullet” and “Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise” – working on the latter allowed him to collaborate with people such as Ted McGinley, Curtis Armstrong, Julia Montgomery and Gregg Binkley. As of 2010, Robert worked on the movie entitled “The Terror Experiment”, and in 2012 played the role of Tracker in “Django Unchained”, written and directed by Quentin Tarantino which ended up receiving two Oscars and achieving vast success among critics and the audience. As of the same year, Carradine portrayed Arthur Gallery in ” Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt” and also worked on the short movie entitled “The Collector”. In 2014, the actor joined the cast of “Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda”.

Latest Projects

Speaking about Robert’s most recent appearances, in 2018 he worked on “Specter” and also on “Solitary Confinement”, then in 2019 in “Bill Tilghman and the Outlaws”. Some of his future projects include “Nearly Departed”, “A Very Odd Christmas” and “Specter”. Overall, Robert has had 131 acting gigs which allowed him to make a name for himself in the acting world.

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