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• Ryan Higa is a YouTuber, comedian, and actor
• He is the 37th most subscribed channel on YouTube with over 21 million subscribers
• His net worth is estimated to be over $10 million
• He has created his own company, the Ryan Higa Production Company, and the K-pop band BgA
• He was in a relationship with fellow YouTuber and nigahiga founder Tarynn Nago from 2004 to 2009

Who is Ryan Higa?

Ryan Higa was born on 6 June 1990, in Hilo, Hawaii USA, and is a YouTuber, comedian and actor, best known for the success of his comedy video channel on YouTube entitled nigahiga. His videos on the website have been viewed over three billion times, and previously held the title of most subscribed channel of YouTube from 2009 to 2011. He is now the second longest to hold that title behind PewDiePie, and is currently the 37th most subscribed channel on YouTube with over 21 million subscribers.

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The Riches of Ryan Higa

How rich is Ryan Higa? As of late-2018, sources estimate a net worth that is over $10 million, earned largely through a successful career on YouTube. His exposure from the website has led him to numerous other opportunities which have helped in building his riches, and as he continues his career, it is expected that his wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and YouTube Beginnings

Ryan is of Japanese, descent with his parents hailing from the island of Okinawa. He grew up with an older brother, and attended Walakea High School, where he also competed in judo and earned a black belt rank at a young age. During high school, he met and befriended Sean Fujiyoshi, and the two to tried their hand at posting YouTube videos of themselves lip syncing to songs. This quickly expanded to more comedic content, with their friends making occasional guest appearances in their videos. After matriculating from high school in 2008, he started focusing more on his YouTube channel, but encountered a few problems with copyright violations on two of his most popular videos, and his account was suspended until he removed the videos in question, most of his lip-syncing ones. He’s since decided to start composing music himself, and to start working on other types of content. He moved to Las Vegas to enroll at the University of Nevada, to study nuclear medicine, but managed his channel, and often collaborated with other YouTubers since he had to do a lot of the work solo.

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Other Channels and Projects

In 2012, he created his own company called the Ryan Higa Production Company (RHPC), which included Fujiyoshi. According to Higa, his channel name is derived from a combination of the word Niga – which means rant in Japanese – and his last name. His channel initially featured him along with four friends, known collectively as the Yabo Crew. Nigahiga became the first channel to reach 3 million subscribers on YouTube, and he decided to create a second channel called HigaTV, which features behind the scenes videos and video blogs. It proved highly successful once more, attracting over five million subscribers, and he then helped form the YOMYOMF Network, which hosts the competition “Internet Icon”, which is an online video-making talent competition, and on which he is a judge, alongside Christine Lakin and Timothy DeLaGhetto.

In 2016, he created the K-pop band called BgA – or Boys Generally Asian – featuring himself alongside Jun Sung Ahn, Justin Chon and David Choi. They released their first song entitled “Dong Saya Dae” which earned over 13 million views on YouTube, followed by another single in 2017 entitled “Who’s It Gonna Be”.

Film Work

His YouTube career has also allowed him to delve into filmmaking efforts, with his first film project with producer Richard Van Vleet entitled “Ryan and Sean’s Not So Excellent Adventure”, debuting in theatres in Hawaii and California. The story-line features Michael Buckley playing a movie producer who is trying to make a hit movie in 30 days or else get fired; he hires Higa and Fujiyoshi after discovering the popularity of their YouTube videos. Ryan really enjoyed making films, and subsequently decided to do more of these types of projects.

He created “Ninja Melk”, a short film about ninjas following the story of a ninja master and his student, and also collaborated with Wong Fu productions to create the independent film entitled “Agents of Secret Stuff”. The film was uploaded onto his YouTube channel, featuring various YouTubers and Aki Aleong. The story is about a teenage Agent of Secret Stuff (ASS) who goes undercover at a high school to protect one of its students.

His next projects would involve a guest appearance in an episode of “Supah Ninjas”, in which he plays a villain, and he also appeared in the horror film entitled “Tell Me How I Die”. In 2018, it was announced that Fujiyoshi has decided to leave his company to pursue other interests.

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Personal Life

For his personal life, it is known that Higa was in a relationship with fellow YouTuber and nigahiga founder Tarynn Nago from 2004 to 2009 – the reasons for their separation haven’t been disclosed. In 2010 it was then reported that he was dating Andrea Thi, which proved to be short lived. There are no reports regarding current relationships, so he is believed to still be single. Ryan is known to be managed by his mother. As a child, he was diagnosed with ADHD. and he also mentioned that he is a big fan of the anime series “Naruto” which is evident in several of his videos. He’s also had a few problems while filming and has even been rushed to the hospital due to accidents while creating videos.

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