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• Ryan Simpkins is an American actress.
• She was born in 1998 in New York City and currently lives in Los Angeles, California.
• She began her acting career at age 5 and has since appeared in many movies.
• She is an animal lover and a supporter of the LGBTQ community.
• Her net worth is estimated to be around $850,000.

Who is Ryan Simpkins?

Ryan Simpkins is an American actress, who has starred in many movies. She was born under the zodiac sign of Aries on 25 March 1998. in Manhattan, New York City, USA, so her nationality is American She was named after a baseball player called Nolan Ryan, as he was her dad’s favorite player, but perhaps inevitably she is also known as Ry, adopted by her family and friends. She is currently living in Los Angeles, California. According to her Twitter account, she is a social justice loser.

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Family and friends

She was raised in a middle class family by her father Stephen and mother Monique. She has a younger brother called Ty, who is (still) a child actor. Because of her love and passion for acting, Ty looked up to her and she has taught him everything she knows about acting. When she was younger, her family moved several times, so she changed a lot of schools.

Early life and beginnings

When she was just a little kid in 2006, the family moved to California, where she continues to live to this day. This was a really good decision from her parents as she got her first roles from auditions in Hollywood. She was really successful when she was younger, even appearing on Broadway when she was only seven. Her first acting steps were at her school, where she played in “Peter Pan”.

Ryan Simpkins


She began her acting career very early, at the age of five, at first a part of various commercials and music videos. Her first movie was called “Fallen Angel” and she played the character Katherine Young. From then her acting career accelerated, and she took part in lots of movies. One of her best movies was “Sherrybaby”, in which she played a lead role opposite Maggie Gyllenhaal. In 2010, she directed, wrote and acted in the short movie called “Sitter Street”.  In the last few years she appeared in the horror film “Anguish”, and in 2017 was a part of two really successful movies –  “Brigsby Bear” and “The House”.

Private Life

Ryan is an animal lover. She loves all kinds of animals and even has two dogs and cats. She shares them with her brother Ty. One of her dogs name is Rufus and the other is called Chapin, who was adopted in Pittsburg in 2009. Besides the cats and dogs she has, in future she said that she would like to own a goat, and is a huge goat fan. When she was acting in “Sherrybaby” unfortunately she had an accident and lost four of her teeth which were replaced by ceramic ones. She is a big LGBTQ community supporter and often talks about this on her social media. She likes to travel and besides her acting talent, she loves to paint and take amazing photos.

Love life

She has had a few boyfriends in her life, but today she is in a long term relationship with rising star Ethan Harris-Riggs, who she met on the set of a movie, Some sources say that these two have been dating for four years, but nobody except them knows for sure. They keep their lives very secretive and don’t give the media much information about them. They recently went to the “Star Wars” premiere and apparently had a blast.

Social media

Her Instagram account has over 13,000 followers and her Twitter profile isn’t far behind with 12,000. She likes to take pictures and post them on both accounts.


Ryan is an all natural blond – she used to have long blond hair, but early in 2019 she had it cut; in her younger days, she dyed it red for the show “Pride and Glory”. She has blue eyes and blue eyebrows, is about 5 ft 6 ins (1.67 m) tall and weighs around 105 lbs (48 kgs). She likes to be different from other people, and that is why some people say that she is weird, but she just dresses in a different way and likes to do a variety of things that most people don’t. She isn’t a big fan of tattoos, but has three on her body – her most recent one is a little dog face that she had tattooed on her forearm. She also wears glasses so her eyesight doesn’t get worse than it currently is. Her shoe size is six.

Net Worth

According to sources her Net Worth is around $850,000 accumulated from her acting career since she was five years-old. With her being just 21, she is certainly going to improve this number and make a lot more money than she is making at this moment.

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