Sara Saffari: The Fitness Influencer Inspiring a Healthy Lifestyle

Fitness trainer, model, and influencer Sara Saffari has emerged as a source of inspiration through her engaging workout routines and health-focused content. Her prominence on various social media platforms originated from her sculpted six-pack abs and toned physique, accomplishments that she achieved while overcoming personal struggles with unhappiness and despondency. Sara’s compelling journey has motivated countless individuals to transform their lifestyles in pursuit of a similar balance of physical well-being and mental wellness.

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Early Life, Education, and Family

Sara Saffari was born on 28 February 2001, in Kentucky. Raised primarily by her single mother alongside her younger brother, Sara faced an early challenge when her father passed away from a heart attack when she was just five years old. At the time of the tragic event, Sara and her mother were abroad, visiting her Aunt in Germany. Unfortunately, her father, a college professor caught in the midst of the academic year, couldn’t join them.

The family later relocated to Los Angeles, California, where Sara enrolled at Adolfo Camarillo High School and matriculated in 2019. Demonstrating her academic prowess, Sara earned a scholarship from the Rotary Club of Camarillo, providing crucial support for her college ambitions. Initially, she went to the University of Berkeley, but then a week later, she called her mother to pick her up as she couldn’t deal with homesickness. She ultimately graduated from California Lutheran University in 2023 with a bachelor’s degree. Fueled by her aspirations, Sara’s commitment to education persisted, leading her to pursue a Master’s degree in Business at the same university. Through these academic endeavors, Sara laid the foundation for the remarkable journey that awaited her in the realms of fitness and influencing.


Sara Saffari’s meteoric rise into the million-follower club left even social media experts in awe, considering her journey from a minimum-wage job just four months before launching her YouTube channel.

Humble Beginnings

In the tradition of many ordinary American teenagers, Sara juggled work and studies to meet her financial needs. Initially employed at an Italian restaurant, her life took a significant turn when the Brand Manager of Raw Gear, a prominent clothing brand, reached out and offered her a position as one of their athlete models. Eager to pursue this exciting opportunity, Sara promptly bid farewell to her waitressing job.

First Steps – When Sara Met Brad

In the early stages of her social media venture, with a modest following of around 1,300, consisting mainly of friends, schoolmates, and family, Sara’s path intersected with a post from Bradley Martyn. The owner and CEO of the renowned gym Zoo Culture and the clothing brand Raw Gear, Bradley expressed a desire for a workout partner after witnessing a couple exercising together.

Responding with an application and showcasing her workout prowess through photos, Sara couldn’t afford the steep fee for Brad’s gym classes at the time. Resourceful and determined, she opted for a direct approach, sliding into his DMs on Instagram—a move that surprised Brad, accustomed to messages from male followers.

Their meeting exceeded Brad’s expectations; he saw immense potential in Sara, not just from her social media posts but also in her vibrant personality. Brad, recognizing her raw talent, provided valuable guidance and encouragement, while Sara, initially hesitant due to fear of judgment, found Brad’s advice transformative. She began to commit herself wholeheartedly to her social media presence, a decision that would shape the trajectory of her burgeoning career.

Many people, including those adept in the dynamics of how to grow a following in social media, were impressed by how quickly she ascended into the million followers club. It was indeed remarkable to think that four months prior to her YouTube channel, she was still working in a minimum wage job.

Further success

The transformation of Sara Saffari from a fitness enthusiast to a recognized influencer and model is a narrative she could hardly have foreseen. With the guidance of the right mentors, Sara warmly embraced the social media universe, carefully selecting platforms through which she could genuinely connect with her audience. In a remarkably brief span of 12 to 13 months, she evolved into one of the most prominent figures in fitness-related content across various social media platforms.

As her influence expanded, Sara’s endorsement portfolio flourished. She became the face and model for fitness-related products, affiliating with renowned brands such as Raw Gear, Gym Shark, Gym Weed Energy Drinks, and RYSE Supplements.

Sara’s popularity not only earned her a place among fitness aficionados, but also garnered invitations to collaborate with fellow social media personalities, further amplifying her reach and building a robust audience. Beyond her individual exploits on YouTube, she ventured into a joint channel with her mentor Bradley Martyn, aptly named “Mommy Daddy Talk.” This is a direct nod to their roles as “Muscle Mommy and Daddy,” showcasing their commitment to powerlifting and bodybuilding.

Expanding her digital footprint, Sara joined Solin, an online marketplace, catering to fitness enthusiasts seeking tailored workout programs and challenges. With the introduction of the Saffari Club, a subscription-based platform, she offers members access to curated fitness programs, engaging challenges, live sessions, and exclusive merchandise drops. Sara’s journey not only reflects personal triumph but also underscores her commitment to fostering a supportive and engaged fitness community.

Her social media metrics

Sara Saffari’s rapid ascent to the summit of fitness content creators in the vast landscape of social media, is a testament to her unparalleled journey. What makes her trajectory even more impressive is that she wasn’t a public figure, or associated with any popular persona before entering the digital realm. Let’s delve into her remarkable social media metrics:

Instagram Influence

Sara embarked on her digital odyssey on Instagram in 2013, but it wasn’t until January 2022 that she began sharing her fitness journey with the world. In the span of just over a year, her account underwent a meteoric rise, and by March 2023, Sara’s profile earned the coveted blue verification badge, a symbol of her authenticity. Come November, her Instagram following soared to an astounding two million, all achieved through a modest 300 posts.

YouTube Impact

Under the guidance of Bradley Martyn, who astutely recognized her potential, Sara expanded her horizons on YouTube. Armed with a new vlogging camera, she debuted her first video in May 2022; the Raw Gear family, a constant source of support, played a significant role in her content creation. While her initial video may have had its awkward moments, Sara persevered and steadily improved. By November 2023, she’d garnered close to 1.5 million subscribers, showcasing her dedication through nearly 600 videos on her channel. Recognizing the importance of consistency in the social media landscape, Sara ensured frequent postings each month. Her diligence paid off, transforming her channel into a popular hub, and solidifying her standing as a prominent social media influencer.

TikTok Power

In tandem with her triumphs on other digital platforms, Sara seamlessly translated her success to her TikTok account, @sarrrrrr68. Committed to heeding her mentor’s guidance on audience growth, she conscientiously shared content each week. In a swift and entertaining turn of events, Sara rapidly surpassed the one-million-follower milestone on TikTok, and with a total of 42 million likes.

In a humorous nod to her journey, one of Sara’s early TikTok posts playfully pondered, ‘I’ll never understand why I’m not famous on this app smh.’ A glance at the comments section reveals a delightful irony, as followers gleefully note how the post has aged like fine wine. It’s on this platform that fans witnessed the transformative journey of her physique, observing the visible progression before and after her dedicated hours in the gym. TikTok not only became a space for her comedic reflections but also a canvas for showcasing the tangible results of her fitness dedication.

A Background on Why She Started Working Out

In a pivotal chapter of Sara Saffari’s life, she found herself navigating a period of unhealthy eating habits and emotional distress. Unable to pinpoint the exact onset of her troubles, Sara recognized a persistent sense of unhappiness and desolation. Even in the company of friends, a profound loneliness persisted, casting a shadow over her interactions with those around her. The situation took a darker turn when, in the dead of night, Sara would drive to a nearby fast-food chain, purchase a burger and soda, retreat to her room, shroud herself in darkness, and consume her solitary meal. This ritual became her sustenance, repeated for months, resulting in her weight plummeting to around 100 lbs. Her mental well-being mirrored the decline, with dark thoughts creeping into her consciousness—a perilous consequence of her erratic eating habits.

The cycle endured until Sara observed a stark contrast in her brother’s lifestyle. While she continued her unhealthy routine, her brother not only frequented the gym, but also made conscious choices at Costco, opting for nutritious foods to uphold a healthier diet. Initially resentful of his seemingly happier existence, Sara had an epiphany—she could embark on a similar journey. Determined to make a positive change, she began incorporating salmon, rice, and other nutritious foods into her diet. With her mother’s support in preparing these meals, Sara embarked on a journey to wellness.

Taking her brother’s lead, Sara visited the gym, initiating a transformative process for her body and mind. Through consistent dedication and healthy choices, she not only achieved a physical appearance she admired, but also experienced a significant improvement in her mental health. This personal evolution stands as a testament to Sara’s resilience and determination to break free from a challenging period, emerging stronger and healthier on the other side.

Personal Life

Similar to the scrutiny faced by many social media figures, Sara’s fans meticulously analyzed each video and photo on her pages, eagerly seeking clues about her dating life. The persistent romantic linkages between Sara and Bradley Martyn, evident through their collaborative appearances on each other’s social media, fueled speculation among hopeful fans. The duo’s vibrant banter, often misconstrued as intense sexual tension, prompted widespread speculation. However, Sara has unequivocally clarified that their connection is rooted in friendship and business.

Another figure in Sara’s social orbit that stirred the rumor mill was Bryce Hall, a fellow fitness influencer. Playfully teasing each other on their respective pages sparked conjecture among fans, but when questioned, Sara promptly dismissed any romantic notions with laughter, emphatically stating, ‘No!’

Sara found herself entangled in dating rumors once again, this time with Sneako, a popular live video streamer. Despite Sneako introducing his girlfriend online, persistent fans speculated about a potential connection with Sara. This assumption was corrected when Sara addressed the matter on Bradley Martyn’s podcast. Some fans even speculated that Bradley Martyn might harbor jealousy towards Sneako, prompting him to inquire about their relationship on several occasions, seeking a denial from Sara.

Acknowledging the curiosity surrounding her dating status, Sara candidly shared, ‘Being single right now is perfect for me.’ She emphasized that having a boyfriend wasn’t a priority, given her current focus on achieving numerous goals. In a playful tone, she added that she would remain single until she found her future husband, swiftly dismissing any time for casual relationships with a resolute, ‘I don’t have time to fuck around.’ When she was asked about her dream partner, she said that he just has to be nice as she doesn’t have high standards. However, she also said that it would be best if he could also be consistent, reassuring, and goal-oriented.

Hobbies, favorites, rumors, and interesting facts

OnlyFans Perspective

When confronted with the prospect of establishing an OnlyFans account, Sara swiftly declined, citing that it didn’t align with her personality. Despite acknowledging the lucrative potential of the platform, she expressed discomfort in revealing more skin to the public.

Relationship Deal-Breaker

Sara disclosed that she couldn’t envision being in a relationship with an individual who had a past in the adult industry. Her reluctance stemmed not from the exposure of private parts, but from a misalignment in mindset, emphasizing the importance of mental compatibility.

Insecurity Confession

Sara’s biggest insecurity centers around her smile. Despite receiving compliments, she openly admitted a dislike for her teeth, making positive remarks about her smile incredibly uplifting.

Gaming Past

In her pre-social media days, Sara enjoyed playing video games, with Modern Warfare ranking as her favorite. However, with the rise of social media, gaming took a backseat, and she no longer finds time for it.

Active Childhood

Although not initially drawn to muscle or bodybuilding, Sara led an active childhood, engaging in sports such as basketball, and participating in track and field events.

Fitness Supplement Choice

As a fitness enthusiast, Sara clarified that she hasn’t used steroids to sculpt her body. She does, however, incorporate creatine hydrochloride, a somewhat controversial supplement in the fitness world, into her routine.

Dream Car Aspirations

Sara’s dream car choices include the Nissan GT-R, Porsche 911 GT3 RS, or any coupe-like vehicle renowned for its speed on the road.

Noteworthy Achievements

On the materialistic front, Sara considers purchasing her own car at the age of 17 as a significant achievement, driven by her disbelief in her own capability at the time. Academic success is another source of pride for her, having graduated college with an impressive 3.96 GPA.


Sara Saffari stands at a height of 5ft 5ins (165cms). maintains a balanced weight of 132lbs (60kgs), with vital statistics of 33-24-35 evidence of her well-proportioned physique. Wearing a shoe size of 7.5, Sara completes her look with dark brown hair that frames her Persian features, and matches her captivating dark brown eyes.

Net Worth

According to authoritative sources, Sara has an estimated net worth of over $600,000, as of November 2023.

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