Sarah Houchens: How She Became a Model and Social Media Star

Sarah Houchens

From fitness fanatic to entrepreneur and social media sensation, Sarah Lynn Houchens’s journey has been an inspiration to her millions of followers. The blonde was reportedly born on 16th January 1995, in Maryland, USA, and comes from humble beginnings as she was raised on a farm in a rural community, which helped her develop her love for physical activity and the outdoors.

Despite initially pursuing a kinesiology degree at the University of Maryland, Sarah opted for becoming a fitness model after graduation – which, although some may consider to be the easy way out, was anything but. After numerous rejections and suffering from self-doubt, Sarah continued to grow her platform organically by inspiring others to adopt a healthier lifestyle, while pursuing their passions.

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Growing up on the family farm, Sarah’s days were spent helping her parents work the land and tend to the animals, which helped forge her admirable work ethic. From a young age, the blue-eyed Instagram model was interested in health and fitness, and spent her free time watching workout videos online and reading fitness magazines.

Although Sarah’s parents supported her interests, they also encouraged her to pursue a more traditional career path. However, she refused to give up on her dreams, and studying at college only reinforced her belief that she could one day become a successful fitness model. Despite it being a challenging and competitive industry, her hard work paid off, as she eventually became a Fitness Gurl Magazine cover, and was also featured in prominent publications in which she discussed her trajectory as an influencer.

Overall, Sarah’s mission is to inspire her followers to make the necessary changes and embark on their own health journeys. These days, her Instagram feed is full of bikini and lingerie snaps instead of the workout clips she used to upload; even so, she continues to produce fitness content on her TikTok, which boasts hundreds of thousands of followers and almost four million likes.

With that said, it would be counterproductive of Sarah to give away too many tips, as she has her own fitness app (Work It Out by Sarah) which provides its users with personalized yoga routines and workouts. Sarah’s programs are designed to help build muscle, lose weight, and improve mobility and flexibility, and the certified yoga instructor also does personal coaching sessions, and allows users of her app to send her direct messages and questions.

Obviously, as Sarah’s followership grows, she’s been engaging in partnerships and paid collaborations with more and more online brands, some of which are NVGTN, Hitech Pharma, and One One Swim – the blonde advertises just about everything, from swimwear and evening dresses to fitness supplements and workout gear.

It’s important to note that some of Sarah’s longtime followers are disillusioned with the direction that her brand has taken after going viral online for some of her more risqué photos and videos. The Maryland native became especially popular after her ‘Get Ready With Me’ videos, as she would film herself in underwear (and even topless) getting dressed for a night out or a brunch excursion.

These videos led to Sarah’s account being flagged for inappropriate content and almost banned from Instagram on several occasions; however, she has a back-up account ready just in case. Similarly, her TikTok account was previously banned for violating community guidelines.

Sarah is currently signed to Dysrpt, an influencer agency with a roster of young talents such as Hope Beel, Marli Alexa, and Tess Homann. Although some of the agency’s clients, such as creative director and photographer Olivia Davis, have careers outside of the adult entertainment industry, the vast majority appear to be using Dysrpt to manage their OnlyFans accounts.

This brings us to Sarah’s next business venture: OnlyFans. Although we can’t confirm how many subscribers the Maryland native has, or how much money she is making from sharing exclusive content, she’s been active on the platform for quite some time. Despite also creating a YouTube channel, it is currently inactive and has no videos at time of writing.

Personal Life

Like many influencers and social media personalities, Sarah loves to travel. Some of the locations she has visited in the last few years include Bali, Miami, and Ibiza. In 2023, the blonde went on a mega-vacation, visiting countries such as Greece and France.

As far as we’re aware, Sarah is single and focusing on her career. If she does have a significant other, the relationship is a well-kept secret. In fact, most of the fitness influencer’s posts are of herself, as she even avoids posting her close friends or family members.

However, this isn’t the case when it comes to fellow influencer and model Ariana, with whom she uploaded various videos and photos on her Instagram story while traveling Europe earlier in the year. Ariana’s content is similar to Sarah’s, as most of her Instagram feed is comprised of photoshoots and vacation snaps, with the odd fitness video; however, she has 5.2 million followers at time of writing and works with a host of well-known brands, from Fashion Nova and Pretty Little Thing to JAXXON and Hitech Pharma.

At a glance, Ariana doesn’t reveal much information about herself on social media either. However, she frequently drops hints at her personal life via her Instagram captions and by responding to fan comments. When one follower jokingly asked in late 2023 if she had become single, she confirmed in a reply that she was still in a relationship. The last photo she posted with her boyfriend was on New Year’s Day 2023, which she captioned: ‘Happy anniversary my love. Since day one and forever’.

As far as we can tell, Sarah has yet to undergo any plastic surgery procedures, whereas Ariana is no stranger to filler and physical enhancements, and has also been called out for excessively filtering and editing her photos. As for Ariana’s nationality, she is believed to be Colombian and often references Bogota in her posts. For those who are wondering how Sarah and Ariana met, they are signed to the same influencer agency, which regularly hosts events and getaways for its clients, so it’s possible that they started off as work acquaintances before developing a close bond.

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