Sava Schultz: The Naked Truth Behind Her Social Media Empire

Sava Schultz is a 22-year-old American social media personality and model, best known for her TikTok account, @savaschulz, on which she’s amassed almost three million followers and over 36.2 million likes.

Early life

Savannah “Sava” Schultz was born on 23 November 2001, in California USA. She moved frequently in childhood, and stayed with her godparents and relatives in the Bay Area of California. As a kid, Sava rarely spoke to strangers and ‘just barked at people until she turned seven.’ She also collected rocks as a child, and had a pet lizard in her youth. Sava said that she inherited her mother’s beauty and charisma from her father.

Sava told Daily Star UK that she had a troubled pre-adolescence. Her mother was frequently away, working, while her father couldn’t or didn’t want to find a job for years, forcing her and her brother to rely on food banks and charities. Sava’s brother joined ‘a hateful Christian sect growing up,’ and she later renounced religion.

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Early education, source of career

Online sources claim that Sava attended Windsor High School in California, but she seemingly removed this information when her career took off. However, she revealed to OK Magazine that her Grade Point Average (GPA) was 4.0 before she moved to Utah to study nursing. According to the US Sun, Sava quit school before graduating to focus on content creation. She plans to return to university or college to study business when the time is right, knowing that her OnlyFans account’s popularity will only last for a while. In late 2023, Sava added ‘DSU’ to her Instagram bio, and shared pictures from her first day at school; that suggests that she enrolled at Delaware State University in Dover, Delaware.


Sava Schultz started her career in March 2020 by creating her Instagram account, sava.schultz, on which she’s accrued over 1.6 million followers. She initially posted life updates and GRWM (get ready with me) videos, and shared her love for fitness and dancing. In early 2021, she began posting provocative photos and videos with attention-grabbing captions that prompted her followers to respond. Sava then included cosplays from Japanese anime series such as “Tokyo Ghoul,” “Dragon Ball,” “Naruto,” and “My Hero Academia.” She also dressed as characters from movies such as “Minions” “and “Space Jam.”


Sava Schultz created her TikTok account in April 2020. However, she deleted her first post as early as one year after she posted it. According to Sava’s profile on, it contained a caption that read, ‘Who knows, this might go crazy and get two likes.’ In February 2021, Sava uploaded a video captioned ‘First post,’ which showed her setting up the phone in baggy clothes before it transitioned to a scene of a dark room lit by bright red lights with her curvy silhouette in the distance.

Sava followed that by posting videos related to fitness, dancing, lip-synching, or posing her physique to songs from creators such as Prince Kurushimi, Kayla Nicole, A$AP Ferg, and Nicki Minaj. She also fulfilled fans’ requests, which often involved twerking, belly dancing, and, what became a frequent appeal, sitting on her phone’s camera as it records.

On 22 February 2022, Sava announced that her account hit a million followers, which she celebrated by painting some of her favorite things on the canvas. Those included a long-haired cat with a top hat, SpongeBob Billionaire, a version of the cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants from an episode in which he becomes wealthy, and Rick Sanchez from the cartoon TV series “Rick and Morty.’

Sava continued to upload videos in which she wore tight-fitting clothing, showing her voluptuous physique, or videos in which she answered fans’ questions. Furthermore, Sava revealed that TikTok’s disabled her account a few times, allegedly for false reports that she is under 21. Perhaps for that reason, Sava created another TikTok account, @dancetotheb, which has accumulated over 435,000 followers and more than four million likes. She dubbed its content ‘Dance Trends with Sava Schultz,’ as it exclusively consists of dancing and fitness-related videos.

Creating her OnlyFans account

According to her US Sun interview, Sava started modeling at 19, but treated it as a hobby, then a side hustle. Everything changed when the photographer, who took regular modeling shots of her, exploited her trust. Sava said that he convinced her to take pictures with her chest visible, promising that no one would see them. However, when her TikTok and Instagram accounts grew in following, the photographer created a fake OnlyFans account,t and began selling the images. OnlyFans is a subscription-based platform on which most users sell lewd content. Sava did not sign a contract that would prevent him from doing so, so she felt powerless.

Sava said that the pictures were then leaked onto the Reddit online forum, and eventually reached her grandfather. He informed the entire family, and soon her hometown learned about them. Although Sava never sought to be sexualized, she felt that she needed to do something. Consequently, Sava created her OnlyFans account, @savaschultz, and began selling suggestive and nude photos and videos because ‘she felt that she might as well take control, make a profit, and make the photographers’ photos redundant.’ She also relied on standard modeling for income by then, so she found it easier to embrace the situation.


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Modeling, family, charity

Sava grew up in a ‘super-religious and conservative family,’ who disowned her for a month after she began posting on OnlyFans, so she left home. Although they resumed contact, their relationship remains strained. Contrastingly, Sava’s brother stopped talking to her and doesn’t plan on working on their relationship.

Sava said that her OnlyFans career made her ‘feel freedom and liberty and allowed her to help friends who supported her.’ Moreover, she is committed to supporting the charity, Mariposa DR, in the Dominican Republic, focusing on aiding exploited women. Sava no longer acknowledges other people’s judgment and does what she thinks is best for her. As part of that determination, she wants to ensure that women worldwide don’t have to struggle for fundamental rights to their bodies and lives, online and elsewhere.

Her fans know that not all her work is sexual; on 20 September 2023, Sava modeled the Krissy King swimwear on the catwalk.

Rumored boyfriend, Timothy Kennedy

Sava reportedly dated social media star Timothy Kennedy, whose career began on the Vine platform before he created his TikTok account, @timothykennedy. In October 2020, Timothy’s father, Page, posted a TikTok video to his account, @pagekennedy, in which Sava burst into the room and began twerking and doing push-ups while he and Page cheered her on. Timothy then did push-ups while Sava counted, after which Sava then appeared in Page’s comedy sketches regarding women who love serial killers, in which Timothy attempts to charm her dressed as Michael Myers, a fictional character from the “Halloween” slasher movie franchise.

Sava also appeared in other comedy sketches and cosplay-related video transitions on Page’s TikTok account, making the rumors seem more believable. However, the two never officially confirmed their relationship, despite posting a few photos from a picnic photoshoot for Valentine’s Day 2022. Moreover, Sava confessed that ‘people scare her, so she ignores everyone who hits her up.’

Interesting facts, favorite things

Physical characteristics

Sava Schultz has light brown hair, often dyed blonde, and dark brown eyes. She’s 5ft 7ins (1.7m) tall and weighs about 147lbs (67kgs) and roughly 156lbs (71kgs) when she is bulking, i.e., eating extra food to gain muscle mass and fuel intense workouts. Sava has an athletic physique with a muscular lower body and vital statistics of 37-24-41, which increase to 37-26-42 when bulking.

She broke her gym record on 27 July 2023 by performing one repetition of the barbell hip thrust exercise with a weight of 600lbs (272kgs). Although she didn’t show proof of the feat, Sava previously uploaded a video in which she performed four sets of 12 repetitions with about 264lbs (120kgs). Sava told Daily Star UK that ‘working out helped her remain grounded, and she would recommend it to everyone who wants to keep their body and mind aligned.’


Sava has a back tattoo of a red rose grasped by a snake or a dragon between her shoulder blades. She has two other tattoos, but has yet to reveal where.

Net worth

Sava has a net worth of $3 million. She charges $17 monthly for access to her OnlyFans account, which contains over 150 posts, 240 photos, and 20 videos. In June 2023, she made about £5,000 or around US$6,300 per day, according to her interview with the US Sun. Another figure of £160,000 or about US$200,000 monthly, which translates to £1.92 million or about US$2.42 million per year, was mentioned in the report. That means that Sava earned approximately $3 to $4 million from OnlyFans since 2021. Besides education, Sava’s said that she would invest in real estate, starting with buying her first house.

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