Shawn Pomrenke from “Bering Sea Gold” Bio: Net Worth, Back Surgery, Wife, Age, Married, Drugs

• Shawn Pomrenke is an American gold miner and TV personality, known for appearing in the reality TV show “Bering Sea Gold.”
• He and his father built the Christine Rose, a high-line dredge and one of the biggest in Alaska.
• Pomrenke became famous after appearing in the series “Bering Sea Gold” in 201•
• His net worth is estimated to be over $5 million.
• Pomrenke has been involved in a couple of altercations, and was also arrested for driving under the influence.

Who is Shawn Pomrenke?

Shawn Pomrenke, born on the 26th March 1975, is an American gold miner and television personality, who became famous through appearing in the reality TV show “Bering Sea Gold” on the “Discovery Channel.” He is known as the co-owner of Christine Rose, a high-line dredge that is one of the biggest in the show.

Pomrenke also made an unwanted name for himself after being involved in a couple of altercations, and for being arrested.

Shawn Pomrenke’s Early Life

Pomrenke was born and raised in Nome, Alaska. His family has always been involved in gold digging, so it wasn’t a surprise that he also joined the family business at such an early age – when he was 14, he joined his father, Steve, and became a gold digger.

Pomrenke still also attended Nome Beltz High School in his hometown during his younger years, but not much else is known about his family life, or if he pursued further education.

Shawn Pomrenke’s Career

After joining his father as a gold digger, Pomrenke never looked back. He and his father built the Christine Rose, a high-line dredge and one of the biggest in Alaska. Many are used to seeing gold diggers on land, but Pomrenke and his father dig for gold on the sea floor. Their successful family business has certainly helped increase their net worth.

In 2012, Pomrenke’s life changed forever when he became part of the new reality TV series “Bering Sea Gold”, aired on the Discovery Channel, made by the creators of the equally successful show, “Deadliest Catch.” The show follows various boats equipped for high-level gold mining, with Pomrenke’s team along with other gold diggers followed through harsh conditions while they search for gold in a variety of locations, including shallows and oceans in the northern latitudes of Alaska. The show became a huge hit that helped catapult Pomrenke to fame, and a small fortune.

Originally the show was called “Bering Sea Gold” during the summer dredging season and aired in the spring, and changed to “Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice” during the spring dredging season and aired in the fall. Finally, the show’s title was permanently changed to “Bering Sea Gold.” The success of the show ultimately helped increase Pomrenke’s wealth tremendously, and likely to increase further as he is still part of the series which is now in its tenth season.

Shawn Pomrenke and the Christine Rose Crew

Aside from Pomrenke, a lot of people are also involved in making the Christine Rose work. Pomrenke co-owns the Christine Rose with his father Steve, and they have crew members including Cody Moen, Jesse Virnig, Doug Grahams and Jacob Musich who also appear in the TV series.

The Christine Rose also made a name for itself for being the largest dredge featured in the show during the first three seasons, but was eventually dethroned when Anchor Management, a suction dredge, became the largest one.

Shawn Pomrenke’s Body Measurement

In terms of his body measurement, Pomrenke is 5ft 11ins (1.80m) tall, and reputedly weighs 175lbs (79kgs) He also has a fit physique thanks to the rigorous physical activity that his profession as a gold digger requires.

Shawn Pomrenke’s Net Worth

As of late 2018 and based on authoritative sources, Pomrenke’s net worth is reported to be over $5 million, acquired from his years working as a gold digger as well as from the successful series “Bering Sea Gold.”

Shawn Pomrenke’s Personal Life

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In terms of his personal life, Pomrenke is apparently still single, although there were rumours that he is married, and that he has a teenage son named Dylan. However, Shawn insisted in an interview with that he has no wife, but this remains unclear, as he prefers to keep his personal life private.

Pomrenke has been involved in a couple of altercations: in 2012 he was stabbed in the back while in a pub, and was hospitalized for several days. The following year, he was arrested after backing out of a parking lot and striking a pedestrian. Instead of apologizing and assisting the person, who was carrying groceries, he just smirked, gave a thumbs up and took off. The police eventually caught Pomrenke, and he was arrested and breathalyzed, registering a blood alcohol level of .125, twice the legal limit, plus he didn’t have car insurance. Pomrenke was charged with driving under the influence, failing to return to the scene of an accident, driving without insurance, and an assault in the third degree. The result is not public knowledge.

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