Some facts about Fox News’ Sean Hannity’s daughter Merri Kelly Hannity. Her Wiki, bio, birthday, net worth, tennis, school

• Merri Kelly Hannity is a promising tennis player and student
• She is the daughter of Sean Hannity, a well-known political commentator
• She is the author of three best-selling books on politics and anti-Obama message
• Merri Kelly does not have a social media profile under her real name
• Her parents are trying to protect her privacy and keep her away from the spotlight.

The pressure of having famous parents is often too difficult for little kids, and they sometimes end up with a bunch of psychological and social issues. Luckily for Sean Hannity, a well-known TV host and political commentator, his daughter Merri Kelly Hannity seems to be on the right track – she is a promising tennis player, as well as doing well in school. However, there is a lot more to the young Merri Kelly, and if you continue reading – you will get the chance the learn all about her bio, net worth, education, and so on.

Childhood years

Merri Kelly was born in 2002 – the specific date and place of her birth aren’t known to the media. It seems that her parents, Sean and Jill, are doing their best to protect the privacy of their children. Merri Kelly has an older brother Patrick, who was born in 1999.

Merri Kelly has been playing tennis since her early childhood, and all of the couches she has worked with over the years have complimented her tenacious attitude and mental toughness. Since she is very diligent and works hard in training, Merri Kelly is able to give energetic performances when she steps out onto the court. For instance, she managed to get to the tennis finals in Nassau back in October 2016, at the time when she was in 9th grade, and representing team Cold Spring Harbor. It remains to be seen if her talents will get her among the professional WTA players in the years to come.

Merri Kelly Hannity

Who is Jill Rhodes, Merri Kelly’s mother?

Jill was born on 27th August 1962 in Alabama, and was studying journalism and theology when she met her future husband. According to her words, back in 1992, Jill Rhodes met a handsome young man by the name of Sean Hannity, and they were instantly attracted to each other, so that only a year later they married.

Sean was yet to become a popular TV personality, but Jill was infatuated by his eloquence and energy right off the bat. It seems that their love has been powerful enough to survive through all these years, even overcoming the potential dangers of Sean’s increasing popularity.

Sean Hannity, Merri Kelly’s father

Sean Patrick Hannity is Merri Kelly’s father, born on 30th December 1961 in New York City. After working on some smaller radio and TV stations as an intern, Sean landed a job at Fox News Channel back in 1996. Nowadays, he is a renowned political commentator, and also the host of the radio talk show called “The Sean Hannity Show”. Additionally, he has worked as a TV anchor and a journalist – it is well-known that his political views are conservative, evidenced by his being a fan of conspiracy theories, and a vocal supporter of Donald Trump.

What is Merri Kelly’s net worth?

Since Merry Kelly is still a minor, her parents are in charge of her finances, which includes all the prize money she earns from winning her tennis matches. According to authoritative sources, such as “Forbes”, the Hannity’s have an annual income of $36 million. Of course, the majority of those funds come from Sean’s work in the media industry. However, he is not only a political commentator and a TV personality; writing is one of his passions as well, and Sean is the author of three best-selling books on politics, the topics of which center around liberalism, anti-terrorism campaigns, with all containing a strong anti-Obama message.

Merri Kelly’s hobbies and interests

When it comes to hobbies and interests, it seems that Merri Kelly is fully focused on her tennis career; searches for other activities only result in a bunch of photos of her playing her favorite sport. Evidently, her parents are trying to keep her daughter away from the spotlight. The Hannity family nowadays resides in Long Island, New York, leading a relatively peaceful and harmonious lifestyle, although admittedly Sean frequently experiences verbal attacks from people who have opposing political opinions, but he hasn’t reported any serious threats to his or his family’s health and well being.

Social media presence

As unusual as it may be, Merri Kelly does not have a social media profile under her real name. As we all know, social media channels have infiltrated every pore of our society, and it is becoming a challenge to find a person that does not use these platform, but it seems that Merri doesn’t want to share any details about her life with strangers, although she may have a profile on Twitter or Instagram registered under an alias.

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