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The Canadian media personality Stromedy – birth name Kyle Godfrey – was born in October 1998, and is popular thanks to his online feature films and short skits, which have garnered him almost eight million followers on YouTube alone. Kyle, a creative individual who enjoys directing, editing, and producing his own content, once dreamt of an acting career, until his first time behind the camera.

Kyle, who currently resides in Los Angeles for business and networking purposes, has had an active social media presence since 2012, but knew that he’d become a YouTuber from a young age. Despite enrolling in college, Kyle was aware that his diploma would have no effect on his future career. He also had numerous run-ins with his college professors when he was caught vlogging in class, skipping classes to film, and generally slacking in his studies.

After a while, Kyle dropped out of college and devoted himself to YouTube full-time, despite his parents disapproval. However, their skepticism turned to encouragement when they realized their son’s potential.

In February 2022, Kyle debuted in the YouTube boxing scene after being inspired by Jake Paul. He competed against fellow influencer Austrin Sprinz at the OVO Arena Wembley, after training for months at a Los Angeles gym with help from professionals.

Since 2018, Kyle has also owned his own social media incubator and production company, Prime Capitol. Based in Los Angeles, Prime Capitol boasts a talented roster and generates over a hundred million views per month. One of Prime Capitol’s content creators, Jana Soss, was in a committed relationship with Kyle in 2021 and 2022, although they are since believed to have broken up.

Jana’s content is centered around viral internet challenges, Q&A videos, and commentary uploads; although her popularity pales in comparison to Kyle’s, she has almost 450,000 Instagram followers as of November 2023. Since breaking up from Jana, Kyle has yet to be linked romantically to anyone else.

As for Kyle’s YouTube content, he’s uploaded a number of full-length horror and suspense films such as “The Mannequin Man” and “Crated”. His newest videos are centered around clowns, with the video “when you see this school bus filled with CLOWNS, do not pass it!!” garnering over 24 million views in just a year. In 2021, Kyle also released the single “Clown Around”, which has been seen 18 million times and counting.

Prime Capitol

Despite being similar to other content collectives, Prime Capitol stands out thanks to the sheer amount of publicity it’s received over the years. In early 2022, Prime Capitol featured in Forbes magazine as Kyle shared its origin story, and his goals to turn it into a ‘Hollywood-caliber production studio’.

Before the collective took off, Kyle studied at the Toronto Academy of Acting for Film & Television, and joined forces with YouTuber Andreas Eskander, who also dreamed of becoming an internet celebrity.

Comparing Prime Capitol to Space X and its Falcon 9 rocket, Kyle previously said: ‘Our dreams are all in outer space… Prime Capitol is the rocket that will get us there, and hopefully allow us to beat the major studios and everything when it comes to key metrics.’

Mark Ricci, Kyle’s business partner, added that not all the collective members live under the same roof, and that it was natural for certain inner groups to form within the larger group. Jana also participated in the interview, thanking her fellow collective members for their support, and saying: ‘The biggest strength in our team is that we do have that individuality… There are a lot of niches.’

It’s worth noting that there have been no updates on the Prime Capitol Instagram page since May 2022, when the collective released “The Mannequin Man”. However, Kyle updates the collective’s Instagram profile sparingly, as he prefers to use his official account for promotional purposes.

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Prime Capitol Members

Although Jana’s YouTube channel has been active since 2015, her public profile has benefited enormously thanks to her association with the Prime Capitol collective. The blonde, born on 22nd December 2000, has followed Kyle’s lead by uploading a mix of horror and comedy content which is mostly based around clowns, masked men, and other spooky figures.

Jana appears not to have a public Instagram profile, although there are various fan pages dedicated to uploading the influencer’s newest content. As her YouTube channel is dedicated entirely to Prime Capitol videos, we have no information regarding Jana’s dating life or other personal details. However, we can confirm that Jana has a background in acting and attended a film school in her home country of Canada.

As for Andreas Eskander, he moved to Canada from Egypt at just 10 years old, and launched his company, Wav Entertainment, eight years later. After hosting a number of hip-hop personalities such as A-Boogie, The Weeknd, and Drake, Andreas accumulated thousands of followers, and began uploading weekly content on his successful YouTube channel.

Keanu Bertrand studied acting in Canada, and began writing and starring in plays during his high school days. After joining Humber College’s Acting for Film and Television program, Keanu was introduced to Andreas and Kyle by mutual friends, and soon joined the up-and-coming collective.

Meanwhile, DK Money differs from the rest of the group, as he grew up in New York City, and was a promising football player prior to becoming an online personality. When his football career was cut short after an injury and surgery, DK turned to social media, and grew a large fanbase.

According to DK, he was inspired to join TikTok and YouTube by his friends. In less than six months, the native New Yorker was verified on both platforms, and had a combined 1.5 million followers.

In late 2021, the Prime Capitol members celebrated their arrival to Los Angeles with a welcome party attended by dozens of young influencers and content creators from Canada and the US. Kyle and Jana, who were still together at the time, spoke to reporters at the scene, and expressed their delight about how well the welcome party was going.

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