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• Susan Elizabeth Rice is a diplomat from Washington D.C.
• She was born to parents Emmett J. Rice and Lois Dickson Fitt and graduated with honors from Stanford University and Oxford University.
• She worked with Bill Clinton and Barack Obama as part of National Security Council, and later became the US ambassador to the UN.
• She has a net worth of around $50 million and played an important role in the civil war in Libya.
• She has a son John David Rice-Cameron who is a proud supporter of President Trump.

Who is Susan Rice?

Susan Elizabeth Rice is a diplomat from Washington D.C. She was born on 17 November 1964 to parents Emmett J. Rice and Lois Dickson Fitt. Both were respected and admired for their work and their role in the society – her father was a professor of economy at Cornell University. and her mother an education policy researcher; they separated when Susan was 10. Susan worked for Bill Clinton, then for Barack Obama as part of National Security Council and later becoming the US ambassador to the UN.

Susan Rice

Personal life and appearance

Susan met her future husband, Ian Cameron, while attending Stanford University in California – they exchanged their vows on 12 September 1992. Ian worked for ABC News as their executive producer. The two have a son named John and a daughter, Maris. According to authoritative sources, Susan’s current net worth is estimated to be around $50 million. She has an annual salary of about $170,000. Her net worth includes her own earnings as well as the money that she inherited from her parents, who also have a significant yearly income. Susan is 54 years old, she is 5ft 4 inches (163cm) tall and has a brown medium length hair.

Early life and education

All the credit for Susan’s interest in politics go to her parents who often talked to her about politics. During dinner, she would regularly listen to her parents talking about foreign policies, and so her passion for these things grew. Susan was a teenager every parent would love to have: while she was attending National Cathedral School in Washington D.C, she was the best of her class, but interested in sports as well as in politics, very good at athletics and basketball while president of the student council.

After her high school in Washington, Susan moved to California to study at Stanford University. She continued her remarkable success from high school and tried even harder at university, earning Departmental Honors and eventually winning a Rhodes scholarship. She met her husband during this period. In 1986 after finishing her BA in history, Susan attended Oxford University, England on a Rhodes scholarship – the dissertation paper which she wrote about Rhodesia’s transition from white rule won two prestige awards. She graduated with an MA in ’88, and was granted a PhD in 1990.

Susan Rice


Susan’s first job was in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, working as an international management consultant for McKinsey & Co until 1993, when she went to work for President Clinton in the National Security Council. A big impact on her career was her visit to Rwanda. At the time when she was visiting Africa, there was a genocide in Rwanda, which she didn’t observe, but saw the aftermath – thousands of corpses lying everywhere. Because her determination was stronger than that of her colleagues and even her peers, in 1997 Susan became an Assistant Secretary for African Affairs. The people she worked with were affronted because of her age, mostly older politicians who disagreed with this and thought that she could not handle the job. However, Susan soon proved them all wrong, and is believed to have worked better than anyone else in that position.

People tend to confuse Susan Rice with Condoleezza Rice who worked as the Secretary of State while George W. Bush was the president, the first black woman to work in that position as well as the first black woman to be the US National Security Adviser; actually Susan and Condoleezza are not connected or related in any way.

Susan’s next big success was her job for Barack Obama as his foreign policy adviser. After Obama became the president of the United States, Susan was nominated and later on became America’s Ambassador to the United Nations on 22 January 2009. This was her biggest life achievement, especially as she was the first African-American woman to work at this position.

In June 2013, Susan went back to work for President Obama as his national security adviser, and played a big role in the battles against ISIS, and on the war in Syria. As with all politicians and more or less famous people, there are some controversies regarding Susan’s actions and her connections. Current US President Donald Trump accused her of helping leak the info of Americans regarding the “wiretapping” incident. Susan was never confirmed to have anything to do with this incident, however, she stated that doing something like that was completely within her jurisdiction and therefore had every right to do so.

In March 2018 Susan joined the board of directors of Netflix. It seems as if she is following her old boss, Obama, who is likely to have a production partnership with Netflix, and a series of his and his wife’s Michelle’s shows on Netflix.

Civil War in Libya

Susan also played an important role when it comes to the war in Libya – she and the National Security Council imposed a no-fly zone over Libya. While Lebanon, France and the UK shared her beliefs and voted for Susan’s proposal, India, Brazil and Germany stood on the other side with China and Russia. Susan stated how any actions upon Libya including military actions such as bombing, would be justified by the need to protect the civilians of Libya, to stop the killing and put additional pressure on the rule of Gaddafi, actually assassinated on 20 October 2011.

Susan’s son John

John David Rice-Cameron seems to be following his mother’s footsteps. He studies at the very same Stanford University which his mom attended, and also has a major passion for politics just as his mother. Even though it seems that he is just like his mom, John has taken a way that differs from his mother’s – he is a conservative and the head of Stanford College Republicans. He is also President Trump’s proud supporter, and claims that this is not an act of rebellion against his parents, that it is simply who he is.

Even though his mother stands for completely different beliefs than her son, she still supports him. “I love him very much and I’m very proud of him”, she said in an interview with Stanford Politics. They still agree on the thought that America is the greatest nation in the world, and that it is a great force for justice and liberty.


Susan is pretty much in shape – she plays various sports and is very good at tennis – she plays it almost every weekend. In her high school, Susan had a nickname Spo (Sportin’) because she played three sports and was a valedictorian.

She is of part-Jamaican descent – her mother’s parents were from Jamaica. She has been inducted into the Stanford University’s Black Alumni Hall of Fame.

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