“Swamp People” Cast: Glenn Guist’s Wiki, Age, Death, Net Worth, House, Brother Mitchell Guist

• Glenn and Mitchell Guist are brothers from Gonzales, Louisiana, who hunt alligators and are featured in the television series “Swamp People”.
• They hunt various animals other than alligators, such as rabbits, gar, and boars.
• Glenn and Mitchell have an unbreakable bond and a deep connection to their community.
• Mitchell passed away in 2012, leaving Glenn as the only surviving sibling.
• Glenn has an estimated net worth of over $200,000.

Glenn Guist’s Wiki

The life of two brothers in the “Swamp People” television series is exciting yet very intriguing for fans, who wondered how two people would choose to make time out with one of the world’s most dangerous predators, alligators! Glenn and Mitchell Guist are everyday people in the bayous, a community in Louisiana hunting alligators and who have chosen to work with the History Channel to bring their daily ‘gator hunting life to a reality TV show, so you can watch them do what they know how best to do and ask questions. What is the motivation to make such a dangerous activity a hobby? Is this a game for everyone in their community, or it’s just Glenn and Mitchell who choose to be different from their flock? How did Mitchell die, and why has Glenn not been married despite not getting any younger? What was life like for Glenn after Mitchell passed? And you definitely want to know what Glenn Guist’s net worth is from this rare game he has made his favorite? In this informative piece on Glenn Guist, the star cast member of the swamp people on History Channel, we tried to answer most mind-bogling questions you might ask. After you are through reading this piece, you should be happy that you have finally satisfied your curiosity about these intriguing brothers, Glenn and Mitchell Guist!

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About Glenn and Mitchell Guist

Glenn and Mitchell Guist are brothers who were born and bred by their father; it was the father who taught them the art of gator hunting on Conway Bayou community with lots of alligators and other wildlife. The brothers spent their lives together having fun with other members of their community hunting different animals especially alligators. It is this gator hunting skill that got them a prime spot on History Channel reality series, Swamp People, a seasonal television series that films everyday life of alligator hunters following the over 300 years old alligator hunting tradition on the Atchafalaya River Basin located in Louisiana.

Glenn-Mitchell, as the people of the community chose to them, had an exceptional bond that could ever exist between brothers. They are master hunters who found fun hunting beyond gators, as far as they are concerned any animal in their radar is huntable and they show this on the Swam People reality show that makes viewers take particular interest in them among all the casts in the series. The Guist brothers have been shown hunting rabbit, fishing for gar, and are usually in the habit of having fun, laughing and creating happy moments anytime they are aired to the admiration of all their viewers on the History Channel.

Glenn’s early life and family history

Hubert Guist and Bonnie Albritton gave birth to Glenn and his siblings Hubert Guist Jr., Mitchell, Tonya, and Daniel Guist in Gonzales, Louisiana, but they relocated to Conway Bayou Louisiana where they settled. Among the siblings, Glenn and Mitchell developed an unbroken bond between them, and learned the art of alligator hunting from their father. From their early days, both Glenn and Mitchell chose a lifestyle of living off the land from their father, developing the rare art of survival in the wild, and are wont to hunt or fish to fend for the family, by killing animals such as boars, nutrias, squirrels and anything for dinner!

Aside from living in the wild, Glenn had a salubrious childhood living with his parents in an Ascension parish in Louisiana before leaving with Mitchell to Conway Bayou to make it a permanent home. The brothers at Bayou spent time together hunting alligator without minding other aspects of life, including settling to have a family of their own or move out of the community like most young people do to find a better life elsewhere through learning new skills, or build a new career that could sustain them for a normal living.

It is their alligator hunting skills that got them attracted to the History Channel historical reality series, “Swamp People”, making them celebrities known across the US, and other places where the History Channel is viewed.

Glenn Guist Professional career

Glenn and Mitchell hunted alligators their entire lives since they learned the skill from their dad at a very early age. For them, hunting is a way of life to put food on the table. As far as they are concerned, they must hunt and kill to survive, and it wasn’t anything like a career until the coming of the History Channel’s “Swamp People” reality series.

The reality show needs people like Glenn and Mitchell to show viewers the art of hunting in the wild, primarily to teach people how to capture the dangerous alligators, and it’s such an exciting show to have two people native to the art of hunting feature on the program. Thus in 2011, Glenn and Mitchell Guist made their debut and were featured as skilled hunters in Season 2 of the “Swamp People” series on the History Channel, their debut entitled “Two Captains, One Family”. This episode of their lives began the timeline of Glenn and Mitchell’s reality television career’s, but unfortunately, Mitchell Guist didn’t go far into the celebrity career path before the cold hands of death took him somewhat mysteriously in 2012.

Death of Mitchell Guist

On 14 May 2012, Mitchell Guist bade the world goodbye! When his death was announced, it was shocking to many, especially their fans! According to the History Channel announcement, the sad incidence of his death occurred while doing what he knew best, actually building a houseboat near Pierre Part on the Belle River, officially from natural causes, most probably a heart attack. The medical report on his death said he had a seizure which resulted in him falling off the boathouse. After a 911 call was placed, a responder reported at the scene of the incident but all efforts to resuscitate him failed, and the local hospital pronounced Mitchell dead. He was born on 18 May 1964, and died at the age of 47, four days away from clocking-up 48. His body was committed to mother earth in Lusk Cemetery in Gonzales on 19 May 2012. His death has left Glenn and Tonya as the only surviving members of the siblings.

How is life for Glenn Guist after Mitchell Passed?

When the news of Mitchell’s demise was announced, many fans wondered if Glenn would continue with the “Swamp People” series, given the strong bonds that existed between the two brothers. Although the shock of his brother’s death left him devastated, the role played by “Swamp People’s” fans, has have continued to help Glenn find his strength. There was an outpouring of support, especially on his Facebook page where tons of messages of encouragement continue to flood in. Glenn still features in the ninth season of the “Swamp People” series, that started on 1 January 2018.

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What is Glenn Guist Net Worth?

Glenn Guist’s early career before his appearance” Swamp People” is vague, apart from hunting alligators, but that is only a 60-day season; he is believed to have worked as an employee of Alexander Concretes. His hunting adventures saw him recruited onto the History Channel’s “Swamp People” series, and primarily with that income, sources estimate that his net worth is over $200,000 as of late 2018.

He continues to live ‘on the bayou’.

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  1. I really love watching the”swamp people” I miss seeing Glen,Troy,and the rest of the crew especially Liz ,the one episode that Liz a b d her family gave Glen the picture of her family and the puppy, I cried ,it was a touching time for him and for me. I miss the show please bring it back. Please epress my love to all of the “Swamp People”.

  2. I am an avid watcher of swamp people and miss Glenn. It’s been awhile since I have seen him on there. Mitchell was and Glenn were awesome to watch together and their lives as gator catchers, very sorry to hear of his loss , love the show and not seeing glenn on it is sad

    1. I love this show too it is the best show on tv. I also like the Serpent Invasion series too. I could watch these shows 24 / 7 every day. I love them.

      1. Do you know how Glenn is doing? Mitchell died the same week as my brother. It would be nice to see that he is doing well. Thank

  3. I love Swamp people but I really loved Glen and Mitchell Gust. They always made me laugh in a very good way. I loved how they were always so close leaving as younger men to move into their grandparents home after they passed. I’ll miss them on swamp people. After all this time I’m sure Glen is doing much better. He’s supposed to be in the 2018 9th series. I think that was his last time on the show. They will both be missed, they were my favorite one’s on the show. I loved Liz ‘the gator queen’s to. Something happened with the filming crew and she left the show, I think. You can look her up online for more info. Hello to all the Swamp People mega fans.

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