“Swamp People” star Troy Landry’s Wiki: Net Worth, Son Dies, Age, Wife Bernita Landry, Family Business, Height

• Troy Landry is a fierce alligator hunter who has become a star thanks to the reality TV show “Swamp People” on the History Channel
• He has been an alligator hunter for more than 25 years and harvests and distributes crawfish
• Troy and his family were selected for the reality series “Swamp People” in 2010, which has seen nine seasons
• Troy is married to Bernita Landry, and they have two sons, Jacob and Chase, who are also featured in the show
• Troy's net worth is estimated at $2 million, while his sons Jacob and Chase have net worths of $650,000 and $220,000 respectively.

Who is Troy Landry?

Is your first reaction to flee, when you see an alligator? Well, that isn’t the case with this fearsome man, Troy Landry. He is a fierce alligator hunter, but is not doing it for fun, but to pay the bills, and it pays quite well. Troy has become a star in recent years thanks to the reality TV show “Swamp People”, which airs on the History Channel. Troy Landry was born on the 9th June 1961, in Pierre Part, Louisiana USA, and since 2010 has been a part of the “Swamp People” reality series, but has been an alligator hunter for more than 25 years, and steadily increasing his business.Do you want to learn more about Troy, his interesting life, career, read about his children, and most recent career endeavors? If yes, then stay with us for a while and we will bring you closer to this prominent alligator hunter.

Troy Landry Wiki: Early Life and Parents

Troy is the son of Duffy and Myrtle Landry, and with his brother Bubba Landry, grew up in a family of crocodile hunters, shrimpers, trappers, lumberjacks, and moss peddlers; he is the fifth generation to have a business in alligator hunting. From an early age, Troy was taught how to hunt and it was only natural to have continued the family business.


Alligator season in the swamps of the Atchafalaya River basin lasts only for 30 days, but that is enough for Troy and his business to thrive. In addition to alligator hunting, Troy also harvests and distributes crawfish, which has also contributed to his wealth. According to sources, he pulls in around 5,000,000-6,000,000 pounds of crawfish a year. However, over the years, Troy has become one of the deadliest alligator hunters and has been named King of the Swamp, thanks to his experience and success in alligator hunting. His knowledge allows him to hunt alligators in the east and west zone of the swamp, which makes his alligator season last 60 days, instead of just 30, which potentially doubles his income.

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“Swamp People”

It was in 2010 that Troy and his family, among other alligator-hunting families, were selected for the new History Channel series “Swamp People”, which would showcase their actions during the alligator season in the swamps of Louisiana. The series premiered on the 22nd August 2010 and since then has seen nine seasons, with Troy the one with the most appearances, now totalling 107 episodes in which he has starred. His appearance in the series launched him to prominence, while also increasing his wealth to a large degree.

Troy Landry Wife, Bernita Landry

Troy is a married man; he has been married to Bernita Landry since the 26th September 1981, and have welcomed their two sons. Also, Troy is the stepfather to Brandon, who is a product of Bernita’s past relationship. His wife, Bernita went to Patterson High School and was a teller at Patterson State Bank from 1975-198. She also worked as a schoolteacher and also a publicist for the History Channel. She and Troy live in a wooden house they have built on their own and made it their dream house.

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Brandon Landry Death

There was a rumor that Brandon Landry died during one of the family adventures, but that wasn’t the case. It was just a big misunderstanding, as there is an obituary with the same name and the man was also born in Louisiana. Luckily, it isn’t Bernita and Troy’s Brandon.

Troy Landry Internet Popularity

Over the years, Troy has become extremely popular on social media platforms, especially Twitter and Instagram, which he has used to share his most recent career endeavors. Anyways, his official Twitter account has close to 70,000 followers, while on Instagram, Troy is followed by over 48,000 followers. So, if you aren’t already a fan of this prominent alligator hunter and television personality, then this is a perfect opportunity for you to become one, just skip over to his official pages.

Troy Landry Height and Weight

To battle alligators, being fearless is the key, but in addition you have to be strong and tall. So, do you know how tall Troy is, and how much he weighs? Well, Troy stands at 5ft 7ins, (1.77m), while he weighs around 195lbs (88kgs) so he is quite sturdy.

Troy Landry Net Worth

Do you know how rich Troy Landry is? His professional endeavors must have made him a millionaire, what do you think? Well, according to authoritative sources, Troy’s net worth is estimated at $2 million, while his salary per episode is around $25,000. Pretty impressive don’t you think? Troy’s sons Jacob and Chase are also featured in the show.

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Jacob Landry

Jacob Landry was born on the 27th December 1983, in Pierre Part, Louisiana USA and is the son of Troy and Bernita Landry. He has appeared in more than 50 episodes of the show, and has recently become the captain of the second ship of the Landry family. In addition to alligator hunting, Jacob is also interested in filmmaking and has worked as an assistant director on the horror drama film “Paranormal Extremes: Text Messages from the Dead”. His net worth is estimated at $650,000. Jacob is married to Lyndsi with whom he has two children.

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Chase Landry

Chase, the younger of the two, was born on the 25th April 1989 in Perre Part, and has also been involved in the family business. Since the start of the series, Chase has featured in more than 50 episodes, and unlike his brother is solely focused on his career as an alligator hunter.

In regards to his personal life, Chase is also a married man and has one child, but the identity of his wife remains unknown to the media. Chase’s net worth is currently estimated at $220,000, and undoubtedly will increase in the upcoming years assuming that he successfully continues his career.

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  1. When hunting snakes, why doesn’t put a nerf football on a pole, the snake would strike and it’s teeth would get stuck long enough for him to grab it safely!

  2. Hi to Troy and family! My husband and I have been huge fans! We are so very intrigued by that whole alligator hunting experience! My husband is a good hunter and fisherman. He is a man that is good at most any thing he does. His one dream is to hunt gators and do it from an airboat with you!!! I want to go too!! We would gladly pay for an all time high of experiencing an adventure with you!!! We do have friends from Lafayette, the Longlininase family. True Cajun friends. We are from Georgia and Jerome worked with my husband for NRCS.

    Y’all stay safe and we would love to hear from you! God Bless!!!

  3. I am happy to be part of the group that support Troy and his boys, you all are awesome hunters. Born and raised in Florida, those gators are part of the norm as a kid growing up around them. Nothing better than gator tail.


  5. I am from Canada. Far from alligator country. I have been a fan of the show since it first started and still love it today. I like the addition of Pickles. I love their interactions. Troy may have met his match.

    1. I agree that Troy has his hands full with Pickle but the two of them know just how to make things work out,Altho she is a cute young Lady she still knows how to cath her share of Alligators.I hope that Troy see fit to keep her with him for i thinks shes his good luck charm and she desirves a spot on their with him.I would like to see then use more of the stainless steel firearms than what they areusing know especially one of them should always have a good revolver hand for their are time that a good hand gun works better than the rifle.I hope that you all agree with me that she needs to be kept with Troy for she is his good luck chrm.I remain HW in Florida

  6. I love the show and have deep respect for Troy and family, I’m amazed at their family bond and knowledge of gatoring. Moving to Louisiana after graduation and will definitely hit up Landry’s restaurant and hopefully get to do some hunting of my own, I love gator,crayfish,shrimp and crab!!!! Nothing beats fresh outta the water.

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